How the world became obsessed with 'emo night'
It's more than just a phase.

It’s a Friday night in Brooklyn, New York, and the crowd inside the Bell House is losing it. Deep inside the venue, women are wearing black garb from emo holdovers Panic! at the Disco and the Academy Is; men sporting Deftones-emblazoned caps and Alternative Press magazine merch jump and air-punch wildly. Long Island-bred emo band Brand New plays from the stage—it’s “Seventy Times 7,” a clear crowd favorite tinged with angsty overtones of hatred and betrayal.

When the instrumentals cut out the audience continues to scream along with the sacred words of frontman Jesse Lacey: “I hope there’s ice on all the roads. And you can think of me when you forget your seatbelt…” Friends grab and shake each other by the shoulders as the audience presses against the barrier, overtaken by the power of nostalgia—the feeling of being 15, angry, and wanting the world to know.

When a pair of men onstage start playing Blink-182’s “Bored to Death” from the DJ stand, the magic momentarily falters, the crowd snapping awake from their mindless trance. But only seconds into the next song the crowd again buys into the faux performance. The magic takes hold of the venue again.

These New Yorkers are here to listen to their favorite bands. But Blink, Brand New, Saves the Day, Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, the list of the emo music genre’s most poignant acts goes on and on—they aren’t headlining. Instead the audience is gathered for Emo Night Brooklyn, a monthly evening dedicated to partying hard with fellow “emo kids” to emo-classified hits from the last two decades.


Black college football player has a powerful message for the cops who mistook him for a bank robber

Today was the first time that I’ve ever truly feared for my life, and I have the media to thank for that.  

Today I was surrounded and searched by approximately five Iowa City Police Officers. My pockets were checked, my backpack was opened up and searched carefully, and I was asked to lift up my shirt while they searched my waistband. Not once did they identify themselves to me as Iowa City Police officers, but with four gun barrels staring me in the face, I wouldn’t dare question the authority of the men and woman in front of me. This is what happened from my point of view. 

From the police officers point of view, all they knew was that a bank had just been robbed less than ten minutes ago. The suspect was a large black male, wearing all black, with something on top of his head and the suspect is armed.  As they drive past an Iowa City park that was less than 3 minutes away from the bank that was just robbed, they notice a large black man, dressed in all black, with black goggles on his head. They quickly move to action and identify themselves as the Iowa City police and ask me to turn around and place my hands up. I do not comply, they ask again, and again no response from me. So they all draw their guns and begin to slowly approach the suspect. 

In this situation, what the media would fail to let people know is that the suspect had his headphones in the entire time the Police Officers approached him initially. The suspect had actually just pulled up to the park because he was playing a newly popular Game called Pokémon Go. The suspect didn’t realize that there were four cops behind him because his music was blaring in his ears. The suspect had reached into his pockets, for something which was his phone, but for all the cops could have known, he was reaching for a gun. The suspect could very well become another statistic on this day.  I am not one to usually rant on Facebook or anywhere else, but with all of the crazy things that have been happening in our world these past couple of weeks it is hard to stay silent. I am thankful to be alive, and I do now realize, that it very well could have been me, a friend of mine, my brother, your cousin, your nephew etc. Misunderstandings happen all the time and just like that things can go south very quickly. It is extremely sad that our society has brainwashed us all to the point where we can’t feel safe being approached by the police officers in our respective communities. Not all police officers are out to get you, but at the same time, not all people who fit a criminal profile are criminals.  

So with that, I would like the thank the Iowa City Police department for handling a sensitive situation very professionally. I would also urge people to be more aware of their surroundings because clearly I wasn’t. Lastly, I would urge us all to at least to attempt to unlearn some of the prejudices that we have learned about each other and now plague our minds and our society. I am convinced that in the same way that we learned these prejudices, we can also unlearn them.  

Glad he’s alive and the police didn’t hurt him. #Love it!

destroy the idea that Women Playing On Men’s Sports Teams is revolutionary. women have their own teams. women have their own leagues. support women’s sports teams. support WOMEN. support women even when they aren’t associated with your precious men. stop sleeping on talented, world class, decorated athletes just because they aren’t men

let women have their own narratives.


Just One Of The Lads

Keegan Hirst Is A Hero…Because He Is An Openly Gay Athlete. Hirst Is An Inspiration To Many Because He Refuses To Hide Who He Is.

Keegan Is New To The Dating Scene (Well, The Gay Dating Scene…He Was, After All, Married To A Woman!). So, He’s Going On A Date With A Guy Who Calls Himself A Personal Trainer. Perhaps, I’m Just Jealous, But The Guy Should Call Himself A Narcissist. Check Out His Twitter…Over 6,000 Pictures And Videos…The Vast Majority Of Which Are Selfies!

Meanwhile, Keegan Hirst Remains Self-Efacing, Humble, Altruistic, And Just One Of The Lads!

Is There No One In Britain Who Can Set Keegan Up With Another Lad Just Like Him…Like Me, Maybe?

Oh, Well…

Woof, Baby!


The Boys Of Summer

The Beaches Abound With Such Sights In Summer.

Woof, Baby!


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Sports Illustrated Writer: "Women's Sports Aren't Worth Watching"

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Something tells me this won’t end well.

There’s one thing that people always think, but never actually have the balls to say out loud: women’s sports just aren’t as entertaining as men’s sports. Well, some sports.

For example, women’s tennis: awesome. Women’s Soccer: pretty good. Women’s basketball: hell no. You get the idea. But like I said, nobody actually says these things out loud in an…

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