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I edit the look of my blog whenever you edit my feelings.

There no reason I’ve really done this I’m close to 1,000 follows and every single one of you have been so supportive so I thought I would give you a Christmas giveaway because I love you all so much.

Rules of this giveaway are;
YOU MUST BE FOLLOWING ME. I will be checking. New followers are more then welcome. My blog URL is

No giveaway blogs.

If you send me hate about this giveaway I will not include your URL in the selection questions are welcome though, I don’t bite;).

This giveaway consist of;
1). A pair of My Chemical Romance hand painted Lee Cooper converse. (Not hand painted by me).
2). A squidgy of mice and men necklace.
3). Of mice and men ‘&’ sign neckless.
4). Attack Attack t-shirt.
5). A day to remember t-shirt.
6). Of mice and men ‘&’ sign t-shirt.
7). The devil were parader t-shirt
8). There’s two other t-shirts but I can’t remember/know the bands of them as I ordered them by mistake.
9). Two of mice and men squidgy t-shirts
10). One printed writing of mice and men t-shirts.
11). My chemical romance t-shirt.
12). Bring me the horizon zombie girl t-shirt.
13). Signed album by bring me the horizon.

90% of the clothing in this giveaway is unisex and if someone wins this and thinks something is to girly i will happily replace it with something of your wish. I ship anywhere in the world. No payment is required. THIS GIVE AWAY ENDS ON 10 DECEMBER 2013. I will message the winner and give then 24hours to reply and then post on my blog who won. Likes don’t count. Reblog a much as you want. I will be choosing the winer by a website that randomly selects the URL, of corse reblogging it more I will put you URL in more allowing you to have a higher chance.
If you have any question about this giveaway drop it in my ask.
Sizes are a medium in most of the tops. The shoes size is down to the winners as I will order them when the giveaway has finished. If I forgot in include anything let me know it was late at night when I posted this.

Remember you must be following me;
And this ends on
10 December 2013 

Happy reblogging