Guide to Women and Men’s Necklace Lengths. Other really good and more compehensive guides to women’s necklace lengths go here:


Choose a necklace that represents your personal style, not always one that goes with the outfit. The more personal the piece the more confident you will feel when wearing it. Just the same, the more original (non mainstream) the necklace/ jewelry, the more comments one may receive from wearing it. If you are out being social, having that one of a kind necklace will be a great conversation starter.

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Guys and necklaces. Walking around without a shirt has to be one of the most sexier attributes for a guy with a great physique. The most common is a mid sized necklace (as presented with celebrity Zac Efron) however, those who are able to pull off the closer to the neck styles (cokers) have a certain edge to their look/style. We currently offer the first necklace with the cross in our SHOP.

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Sometimes it seems to be shocking that men also like to wear necklaces. Fashion trends are changing very fast and so is the tastes and preferences of people. Whether it is men or women, everyone is looking for something unique to add style and grace to their personality. One will have to look for their design and shopping list. Everyone is spending a part of their earning and savings when they are buying some jewelry. They cannot just buy anything at any price. So, they take due time to decide that which jewelry will suit their requirements and their budget.

The market is overloaded with new jewelry designs and one does not feel any difficulty in finding out the right designs of their choice. When you are looking for jewelry, you can look at the various online stores as here you can get a wide range to select from. There are number of options available for mens necklaces which can perfectly fit in their requirements. Men’s choices are very much different from that of women so, companies also have to come up with something different and unique every time.

As the competition in the field of jewelry is very high therefore, every store wants to introduce something new to cater to the changing demands of the market. As far as Womens jewelry is concerned, no store is lacking behind. You can even give them the order to make customized pieces and rock in the party. Customized jewelry pieces are hard to find but they guarantee that you will never find a second such piece around you. However, if you are buying the same designs offered by the stores then, there are chances that the store would have offered the same design o some other customer. Well, this totally depends on your choice and preference.


When wearing a necklace with no shirt, stay away from shorter necklaces 14-16". Instead go for a mid-length where it falls at the center of your chest at about 18-20". The pendant should not be over bearing but simple and possibly about less than an 1" in size with a thickness of less and .50". This will accent your chest more buy drawing the eye to that area. Most prefer a leather cord with a silver/brass/metal pendant. One of the more popular necklaces would be the ball chain necklace usually worn with tank tops.