Trans Montparnasse

19th Century Trans Man Montparnasse. My favourite Head canon- and it could be canon. 

  • ‘Effeminate’ and ‘graceful’? Really come one 
  • ‘Slender waist, hips like a woman’- ‘pretty face, cherry-lips, glossy dark hair’  Do I need to say more 
  • Born Female and therefore unable to do most jobs, their parents abandoned them in Montparnasse.
  • He can only scavenge boys clothes, until he is lifted by Patron Minette, who are enchanted by his wit and fierce nature.
  • They clothe him, teach him how to pick locks, steal, flirt, sleight of hand. All of the trade.
  • They rename him Montparnasse, where he was found.  
  • It’s safer on the streets to be male.
  • The bigger your name is, the less likely people are wanting to give you a hard time, so he built himself up to be a monster. 
  • ‘Men can wear corsets too Babet Lord above shut your face and lace me’
  • He quickly found out that nothing in life was fair, and to get what you deserve you have to take it, fight for it. Which is why he cannot quite hate people like Enjolras. 
  • As much as he loathed to be considered a weak female, his physical state meant that he could do a lot more undercover work.
  • Another reason he would sympathize with Eponine, and admire her, safeguard her.

I could go on. And on. Trans Montparnasse is extremely possible, alongside his mirror of Trans Enjolras. 

fteijlers-blog  asked:

I want to start tight lacing as male though i know its done by male and female i can hardly find any information about it. Do you know or have any place where i can find information about it. I would apreciate it greetings Feike

Hello! There aren’t a lot of places that have info on it. But there are a good amount of corsetieres who have made men’s corsets.

  1. Innova Corsetry
  2. Dark Garden
  3. Anachronism in Action
  4. Orchid Corsetry
  5. Tyler’s Chalk on Etsy
  6. Contour Corsets
  7. Puimond
  8. House of Canney
  9. Bizarre Design

More makers mentioned on Lucy Corsetry’s website.

The only information I know to find is from Lucy’s Videos and website.

On Men and Corsets

More Men and corsets!

A tumblr user egaptesroc is a male who wear’s corsets, so maybe he can provide more sources if you ask him. :) Or just ask lucy-corsetry if she has more sources than I provided.

If anyone else can provide sources, that would be great. :)

Secret Desires

I haven’t written anything in a while so I thought I’d try to get back into it with some MysMe smut.

Basically MC is married to Jumin and requests a 3some with Jumin and Zen. Jumin agrees and smut follows. There is very little actual plot.

Warnings: Smut, threesome, humiliation, submissive Jumin, dominant MC, YAOI, STRONG M-18 rating

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Downton Abbey: Sybil Crawley – INFP

See also this post about Sybil, as well as my other Downton Abbey typings (so far).

Fi: The first impressions we get of Sybil are of her kindness and empathy (She defends Edith’s crying after Patrick’s funeral, tries to reassure Mary (“I know you’re sad about Patrick. Whatever you say, I know it.”), and she makes it her mission to help Gwen find a job as a secretary.). We also get to see her valuing morals early on, first through gentle remonstrations to her sisters (Mary: “I was only going to marry him if nothing better turned up.”, Sybil: “Mary, what a horrid thing to say.”, “You shouldn’t laugh, that’s so unkind.” (about Mary and Edith likening Matthew to a sea monster)), but then also by giving her opinion freely and being perfectly honest about things (“Of course it is [worth it], because of the people who will live in them.” (about Robert and Matthew restoring houses in the village), “I know this is hard for you to grasp, but I’m not there to go out to dinner. I’m there to learn.”, “He is a person. He can discuss other things.”, “I’m nor eloping like a thief in the night. I might have once, but Mary and Edith talked me out of it.”). She has a deep interest in helping others and doing good (“Because it’s the gloomy things that need our help. If everything in the garden’s sunny, why meddle?”), and she is passionately immersed in her causes (“Papa, I’m sorry I disobeyed you, but I’m interested. I’m political. I have opinions.”, “Blame me.”, “I will not give him up!”). Others often mention her gentleness when describing her (Isobel: “Her innocence will protect her.”, Mrs Hughes: “The sweetest spirit under this roof has gone.”, Thomas: “In my life I can tell you not many have been kind to me. She was one of the few.”, Mrs Hughes: “She was a sweet, kind person. And a real beauty. Inside and out.”, Gwen: “Her kindness changed my life.”), but also her single-mindedness (Matthew: “I admire Sybil’s passion, though.”, O’Brien: “So, Lady Sybil got off all right in the end. I’m afraid we have to admit, she knows what she wants.” Cora: Yes. She certainly does.”, Mary: “We can’t leave all the moral high ground to Sybil. She might get lonely there.”, “But I am sure! How many times do I have to say it?”, Anna: “Aren’t I as strong as Lady Sybil?”, Mary: “Sybil’s the strong one. She really doesn’t care what people think, but I’m afraid I do.”, Branson: “There aren’t many as free as my Sybil.”). She’s sensitive and quick to take offence at indirect or implied criticism (“What do you want from me? Am I to see if Sir Richard Carlisle has a younger brother? One who’s even richer than he is?”, “Appropriate for whom?”, “I don’t deserve to be told off. Not by her or by you.”, “Perhaps. But we do have feelings and don’t make the mistake of thinking we don’t.”). As she always gives 100% of herself into something, she desires the same whole-heartedness from others (“Then be on my side!”).

Ne: Sybil enjoys the idea of something (“I think it’s romantic.”, “Why, Granny, you’re a romantic.”) and has no trouble in seeing possibilities everywhere, which she often uses to cheer other people up (“Then we must be ready by tomorrow, mustn’t we?”, “You’ll see. We’re not giving up. No one hits the bull’s eye with the first arrow.”, “Then I’m a fool for I’m a long way from being beaten yet.”, “Then that’s why we must stick together. Your dream is my dream now, and I’ll make it come true.”, “But have you filled the post yet? Because I know just the woman.”, “Trust me, you have a talent that none of the rest of us have. Just find out what it is and use it.”, “But you believed in him, whoever he was, and that’s worth something.”). She’s often frustrated at other people being unable to think outside the box (“Women must get the vote, mustn’t they, Branson? Why does the prime minister resist the inevitable?”, “Why will we only have officers? Surely all wounded men need to convalesce.”, Mary: “The chauffeur? Branson?” Sybil: “Oh, how disappointing of you.”, “But I’m not giving up my world! They want to give me up. That’s their affair. I’m perfectly happy to carry on being friends with everyone.”). She usually believes the best of people (“I expect Mary was just showing the duke the house, weren’t you?”) and isn’t prejudiced against them because of social rules (for example, she tries to defend Matthew from her sisters when he first arrives). She is excited with new ideas that are congruent with her values (Fi-Ne), seen in her enthusiasm to help Gwen (“I think it’s terrific that people make their own lives, especially women.”), her interest in politics and feminism, even in her love for Tom Branson (“That I’m ready to travel…and you are my ticket.”). They also help her when she’s feeling down (for example when Isobel cheers her up by suggesting to train as a nurse and learn new things, like cooking.) She often challenges the status quo and doing things in a certain way just because it is done like that (“But nobody learns anything from a governess apart from French and how to curtsy.”, “I don’t know why we bother with corsets. Men don’t wear them and they look perfectly normal in their clothes.”). She takes her inspirations from the world around her and is constantly comparing situations and ideas in her head (for example she has the idea for Gwen to fake being ill in order to go to her interview from Anna having been ill the day before, and she is inspired to give Tom her final answer by Matthew and Lavinia announcing their marriage.). Since she seeks meaning in everything, she doesn’t value things without seeing a point to them (Ne-Te) (“But what is the point of Mama’s soirees? What are they for?”).

Si: Though fascinated by new ideas, Sybil prefers to mix novelty with the familiar, and in details – for example with her “new frock” (“Can it be my choice this time?“, Edith: “What do you want her to make?” Sybil: “Something new and exciting.”, “Is there anything more thrilling than a new frock?”). She knows her family well enough to not expect support in her political interests (“I knew you wouldn’t approve.”), and thus keeps her visiting political events a secret. She is also bitter about them wanting to return to the state of things before the war (Sybil always is completely immersed in the present: Branson: “So you wouldn’t go back? To your life before the war?” Sybil: “No. No, I can never go back to that.”, “But I just can’t think about it all until the war is over. It won’t be long now. So, will you wait?”, “They were sighing for the old days at dinner, but all I could do was think about how much more I want from life now than I did then.”, “I don’t want to get used to it.”). She pretends not to feel the parting when she goes to train as a nurse, but once she is alone in the car, she starts to cry, and she tells Branson that it’s hard for her to let go (“It’ll be hard to let you go, my last link with home.”). She also admits to him that she finds it hard to break away from her old world (“You say I’m a free spirit, and I hope I am. But you’re asking me to give up my whole world and everyone in it.”), and her meditation on whether or not she loves Branson takes two years. After her hasty decision to elope with him, she is quickly persuaded by Mary and Edith to return to Downton and to pursue a more open and gradual (Fi-Si) way of change (“I don’t like deceit and our parents don’t deserve it. So, I’ll go back with them.”). She also gets suddenly uncomfortable when Branson enters the drawing-room to let them know about their engagement (“I don’t think this is such a good idea. We mustn’t worry Granny.”). She’s also uncomfortable with Branson causing conflict after their return to Downton and tries to smooth things over (“Please don’t talk about Ireland all the time. I just want to make things easier for you.”).

Te: Seen in her need to take action in order to help others (as with Gwen), and later explored in her growing need for “real” work (“I want to do a real job. Real work.”, “I know what it is to work now. To have a full day, to be tired in a good way. I don’t want to start dress fittings or paying calls or standing behind the guns.”), Sybil is always searching for a task in order to feel useful and to have a purpose (“I just feel so useless.”, “but I feel useful for the first time in my life, and that must be a good thing.”). She also advises Edith to seek work as a remedy for her low spirits (“It’s doing nothing that’s the enemy.”). She is soft-spoken and kind, but she gets blunt and outspoken when it comes to her opinions and decisions. She is unapologetic about her values (“If you mean do I think women should have the vote, of course I do.”, “But I don’t acknowledge it. You want me to give up the man I love for a system I don’t believe in. Where’s the sense in that?”), and when really angry, she gets aggressive and tends to be harsh and extreme (“If you punish Branson, I’ll never speak to you again, never!”, “But if I find tomorrow that Branson is missing, I’ll run away, I warn you.” […] “Well, I can’t think now, but I will go, and you’ll be sorry.”, “I don’t want any money and you can hardly lock me up until I die!”). She longs to live her feelings and values, finding satisfaction in an “all or nothing”-attitude (“It is drastic. There’s no going back once I’ve done it, but that’s what I want. No going back.”, Branson: “You won’t mind burning your bridges?”, Sybil: “Mind? Fetch me the matches!”). She also has a streak of sarcasm (“Well, bully for that.”, “Am I so weak you believe I could be talked out of giving my heart in five minutes flat?”) and sass (“Then she can jolly well wait.” (about Violet), “Hear, hear!” (to Anna’s opinion on suffragettes), “Good evening, everyone.” (showing off her trousers), “Really, Branson, I thought I gave the orders.”, Edith: “I shan’t sleep a wink.” Sybil: “Tonight or tomorrow.” Violet: “Sybil, vulgarity is no substitute for wit.” Sybil: “Well, you started it.”). Since Te is her inferior function, it makes her prone to precipitous action (seen for example in her elopement with Branson, or “Everyone knows that [how to fill a kettle]).

Damn Corset

A/N: Hey y’all I’m back! And with a fic! Happy New Year’s!!!! (ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME I POSTED A FIC) (this is my longest fic so far!)

Request: (anon) 691 with Alexander please?

Prompt: 691:  “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Warnings: Fainting? Historical Inaccuracy? (most likely)

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton X Reader (and brother Thomas Jefferson because I had to)

Word Count:1,673 (HOLY IM SORRY)

AU: Historical 

You stood in your bedroom as the servants stood at your side, helping you to pick an outfit. Today was the day you were going with your brother, Thomas Jefferson, to a cabinet meeting against a man he speaks so poorly of, Alexander Hamilton. All that seemed to flow out of your brothers’ mouth was about that man.

You still don’t get why you agreed to come to a cabinet meeting. Was it simply out of pity? It seemed so, considering right after you said yes you instantly regretted your descision. 

Scanning the choices of dresses you had scattered before you, your servant, (who is also your best friend) Josephine spoke to you of things your brother has done. This was a conversation the two of you had on a daily basis, assuring that your brother was being the best he could be to the servants and not treating them poorly in any way.

You eventually chose a beautiful magenta dress that you knew would match your brother. He has always been so tacky, although you would never tell him that to his face. 

Josephine picked up the dress carefully and laid it out on your bed as she began to put the other dresses back into the wardrobe. She grabbed a corset out of the wardrobe and placed it atop the dress. You groaned internally at the sight of the dreaded corset. You could barely breath in the damn thing, yet it was the norm. A norm you have always tried to refuse. Josephine always somehow got you to wear the corset without a fight as she was your best friend.

Josephine allowed you to undress and you took the corset and put it around your waist. You called for Josephine to help you tighten it. She walked over and took the strings in the back of the corset, pulling them lightly at first. The next time she pulled much tighter making you tense up and inhale sharply. “Relax. It is not that bad Miss.” Josephine said sweetly in an attempt to calm you down.

“Easy for you to say.” You breathed out as she continued tightening the corset. You squeezed your eyes shut to eliminate some of the pain. After what felt like forever, Josephine was finally finished tightening the corset and began tying it in the back. You were visibly pale and could barely breath, pain in your stomach shooting through your body.

Josephine walked in front of you and saw how pale you were getting. She loosened the corset slightly, helping you to breath. What she did not know was that it didn’t help much.

You walked around the room as Josephine made sure the dress had no visible wrinkles. You could walk in the corset, you just had to try with everything you had.

When finshed tending to the dress, Josephine helped you to pull on the dress over your body. The dress’s silk danced on your skin as it moved up your arms to cover your shoulders. The dress had longer sleeves that reached to your elbows. It was a longer dress, reaching at least your ankles. It was a lighter magenta color than what your brother usually wore, giving the two of you some diversity.

You immediately began to put on the boots Josephine had ready for you. They were smaller boots with a heel, the brown color not very vibrant. As you tied the boots laces, Josephine walked over to the corner and grabbed the small mirror you own. She brought it to you and showed you how beautiful you looked, making you smile.

“You look amazing Miss.” Josephine smiled at you. You stood up and smiled back at her.

“Only because I had help from the very best!” You smiled before turning to the door and taking a deep breath. “Well Josephine. I must take my leave. I assume my brother is in his study?” You asked.

“Yes he is. Have fun Miss!” Josephine smiled sweetly before she walked out of your room, down to the servants quarters. You inhaled sharply, your corset hurting your stomach and squeezing much tighter than you wished.

You walked over to your brother’s study and knocked on the door. It immediately swung open to reveal your slightly disheveled brother. “Hey Y/N.” Thomas smiled. He looked tired. Like he had been working for hours on end.

“Hello Thomas. When will we be taking our leave dear brother?” You smiled back, keeping your breathing as steady and consistent as possible.

Thomas immediately smirked back. “Very soon. Are you excited to see your big brother beat Hamilton’s fat a-” He began before getting cut off by your voice.

“Now now Thomas. Play nice. I may judge Hamilton when I meet the man. I am sure he is not as terrible as you say.” You smirked back, watching his smirk completely disappear from his face.

“True. He is more terrible than I say!” Thomas said, pouting like a child. You giggled before patting his cheek softly.

You and Thomas finally got into the carriage taking you to the cabinet meeting. Thomas was pouring the whole ride, slightly annoyed that you said that Hamilton was not terrible, basically saying that Thomas was wrong. And Thomas hated being wrong.

Arriving at the cabinet meeting location you practically jumped out of the car making your brother laugh.

Standing upright again forced you to remember the demon that was your corset. Your breathing got slightly unsteady but you shook it off, walking inside, arm in arm with your brother.

As you walked inside, your brother was smiling and waving at multiple people before his face turned sour at a certain face. You immediately knew who he was looking at, judging by his expression. Alexander Hamilton.

Your gaze turned to him and you noticed that he was walking over to you and your brother.

He arrived where you were standing and finally spoke up. “Jefferson.” Alexander spoke sourly before turning to face you. He took hold of your hand and kissed the back of your hand causing you to blush. “And who might you be Miss?” Alexander asked.

“Y/N Jefferson. Secretary Jefferson is my brother.” You spoke kindly. Alexander immediately smirked, winking at you before turning back to your brother.

“Ah. Well, Thomas. I see I have caught your sisters eye. And she truly has mine.” Alexander smirked, obviously trying to instigate an argument between the men. You stood to the side of the men, breathing unsteady. Your corset only felt as if it was getting tighter over time.

“Ha! Like my sister would ever have eyes for you, Hamilton!” Thomas said angrily, getting in Alexander’s face.

Your face was pale and your vision was becoming spotty and unclear. Your breathing was ragged and unsteady. The men continued arguing as sweat trickled down your forehead.

Before you knew it you came close to hitting the floor, instead falling into someone’s arms. Everything went black and you had passed out. Shouts could be heard around you as you drifted, slipping out of consciousness.

As you awoke you noticed yourself in your bed. You told yourself that everything that had just happened was a dream, although when Josephine walked in to assure you were alright everything came together. Joesphine immediately let out a sigh of relief that you had woken up.

You noticed that your corset was no longer on, and instead you were wearing….. Alexander Hamilton’s coat? Josephine ran out of the room and went to get your brother. When Alexander Hamilton ran in rather than you brother, you were confused. “You’re okay!” Alexander exclaimed, smiling.

“Yes. I am rather fine.” You smiled back. “If I may ask, what did happen exactly? And why am I wearing your coat.” You asked, playing witht the sleeve of the green coat.

Alexander blushed profusely at your comment before speaking. “You fainted… straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.” Alexander smirked. You giggled and blushed softly. “And you’re wearing my coat simply because I didn’t want to see you undressed. Not yet that is.” Alexander smirked even wider, winking, making you blush even redder.

“Mhm. Thank you Mr. Hamilton.” You smiled, sitting up. Alexander walked to your side, taking a seat on your bed beside you. He grabbed hold of your hand like he did at the cabinet meeting and intertwined your fingers.

“Please. It’s simply Alexander.” Alexander smiled. You returned the smile. Eventually you both found yourselves staring at each other. Alexander eventually leaned in and before you knew it the two of you were kissing.

You were interrupted by a loud gasp and clearing of throat. You both jumped away from each toher and Alexander jumped up, standing on his feet. You were both blushing profusely as you turned to a slightly angry Thomas.

“Uhh. Hey Tommy.” You smiled nervously. Thomas’ face lit up and he brought you into a tight hug.

“Thank God you’re alright Y/N!” Thomas said happily before pulling away with a serious expression. “You’re alright but Hamilton won’t be! Why were you kissing my sister, Hamilton?!” Thomas said angrily.

“Thomas! Calm down!” You said, smiling. “I like him. Can I keep him?” You smirked. Alexander walked back over to you and spoke

“And if I have Jefferson’s permission.” Alexander said, rolling his eyes at Thomas. “May I have the honor of courting you Y/N?” Alexander asked. Your face lit up and Thomas sighed.

“Fine. But only because she likes you, Hamilton. But if you hurt her I will kick your fat a-” Thomas began before you cut him off with a death stare. Thomas left the room and left you and Alex alone together.

Thomas always fought with Alexander after that point. He argued with him at Alexander and your wedding. Argued when you gave birth to your first child. And argued in many more years after that but Thomas was happy for you. For once you were thankful for that damn corset.


Another day, another kick of party for a festival I deeply love and support.

Corset is from Timeless Trends,
Tie knot is a Trinity Knot,
And a Mr. Ghosts’s Significantly Fancy Undead Appreciation Pin makes a return, which you can get from the ever lovely Evil Supply Co. Seriously. Check them out. They have a wonderful array of badges, pins, stickers and stationary.

birdiethebibliophile  asked:

So I have a very important question for you: in a Rhycien Cinderella AU, which I am certainly not writing, would Cinderella!Lucien wear a suit (poet shirt, knee high boots, etc.) or a beautiful gown to the ball?

1) YESSSSSSS 2) ok so “how much gender presentation fuckery do you like with your Rhycien” the answer is Medium. lucien’s not quite wearing a dress, there’s pants and boots somewhere under there, but he is wearing a corset (MEN IN CORSETS AS A CONCEPT IS SO SLEPT ON) and some kind of flowing ruffly stuff is happening and there are probably some kinda cutouts to show a lil skin ?? somewhere ??

also jewlery

 please take this compilation of inspiration because i became very invested in this

soilrockslove  asked:

Re: the male corsets thing, a big shift in fashion (especially for men) happened in the 1850's (or even 1860's depending on what country you were in). Which among other things included a change in waistcoats and in men's clothing becoming a lot less colorful and shapely. Basically a result of the intersection between mass-production becoming more of a thing than hand tailoring, militarization, and increase in polarized gender roles (including in clothing.)

The “ditto suit” kind of makes a good example of a lot of the stuff that was going on then.  Basically, a style where the waistcoat, overcoat, and pants all were made of matching fabric became popular.  It was also less fitted because with machine-made you can’t tailor to the individual person’s form.  (However given that corsets already were made with buckles or laces in the back for fine-tuning, I suspect people could have worked around that if it weren’t for the military + gender bs. Thanks.)            

> . <  Anyway, less fitted in general tends to go with less corsets.  And I mentioned gender polarization… so this was also when men’s and women’s clothes went from echoing eachother and swapping back and forth ideas on how to look more interesting, and started being deliberately different, so any given aesthetic piece tended to go towards being more of a “men’s” or “woman’s” thing.  This also happened with perfumes and scents. : /       

There’s a reason why I sometimes ask “Why 1850’s, what did we ever do to you??” and my friends who know me well enough just ignore me at this point. Because they’ve heard it before. :P            

end of rant.

Thank you so much! :) I suspected the timeline was something like that (i.e., men stopped wearing corsets in the middle of the century) but I had no idea about the details, and I am very pleased to know! I really want to know more about nineteenth-century fashion, especially men’s.