hey no shade but @ cis men adding “lol jk” to the end of your uncomfortable sexual advances doesn’t make you seem any less creepy.

Dear Feminists,

It’s so funny how you hate on Libertarians. I’m a Libertarian female and fucking proud of it. All I ever see is Feminists ranting about us, saying we’re horrible and deserve to die for not being shitty Liberal statists who do whatever our government commands as if we’re sheep.

If you were really for Women’s rights (I’m not adding men because feminism does nothing for men and is based off a system of hating men) then you would support our party, because it’s what’s best for EVERYONE.

Oh wait.

Everyone includes men.



The Swingster by Puritan, 1949 by Paul Malon


Rachel & Miles Review the X-Men, Episode 72 - Week of February 3, 2016

In which we are pleasantly surprised by Greg Land; Magneto makes some valid fashion choices; Jay has a lot of feelings about universe-splitting; and Worst X-Man Ever ends in the only way it ever could.


  • Uncanny X-Men #3 (00:26)
  • *X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #5 (06:07)

*Pick of the Week (11:33)

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Di Maria, Lucas, Marquinhos and Trapp for the Nivea Men new ad. (source)