mens look

so when sebastian stan looks absolutely dead at the camera because bucky was brainwashed it’s peak acting and deserves an oscar, but when brie larson (an actual oscar winning actress) looks dead at the camera because carol was brainwashed it’s bad acting and it shows that she has no range?

double standards a little much? stop applauding men for doing the bare minimum. just say that you’re misogynist and go.

Sodi.ii, 24

“My exterior is comprised of a CLIO vest, Lord & Taylor faux leather pants, Vans, and a blue apatite atone. Everything was thrifted except the stone, which derives from Brazil and was wrapped by yours truly. My style is merely the material manifestation of what occurs inside of my head. This is one of the multiple ways that I know how to convert the invisible into the seen, alongside creating music and conversations. I’m really in love with Isse Miyake and Dries Van Noten. Though when I select clothes, I don’t have these brands in mind. I purchase items based on the mood that I am in; from the colors that I choose, to the patterns that are present. As I become more seated within myself, my style continues to become more daring.”

Aug 26, 2018 ∙ Afropunk