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Francis Bacon :: Enlarged contact sheet of two men wrestling, New York, from the studio of Francis Bacon, circa 1975. From: ‘The Image as Question: An Exhibition of Evidential Photography’ at Michael Hoppen Gallery / src: theGuardian

“An enlarged contact sheet of two men wrestling in swimming trunks and caps, originally taken by Francis Bacon in New York in 1975, nestled for years in a bin bag in the attic of a Mr Robertson from Surrey, who turned out to be the artist’s electrician. (Other bin bags given to him for safekeeping included personal diaries, cashed cheques, letters and holidays snaps.) The photographs highlighted in red were used by Bacon as models for painting particular body parts in motion. They echo another exhibit, a 17-frame series of a nude man walking by Etienne Jules-Marey, whose motion studies preceded those of the better-known Eadweard Muybridge.” (quoted from source)

waterpark adventures.

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» minhyuk x reader
» LIFEGUARDS!AU; fluff; cursing
» 2.991 words
» summary: public pools were tragic, even more so during summer periods, much more for someone that worked in there.

soundtrack: losing myself by state champs

Public pools were tragic, to say the least, even more so during summer period. It was insane, like staying under the scorching sun for hours and getting a sunburn at the end of the day were not enough. Kids were either crying their lungs out or running around the pools so close to the edges they could slip and crack their heads any moment. Mothers were complaining about every single, from the deckchairs, to the supposedly bad ice cream of the bar. Middle aged men with floral swim trunks directly taken from the 80s always trying to flirt with teenagers.

And you had always thought that being a lifeguard was not supposed to be that hard, especially in a pool. You could not have been more wrong. People rarely listened to lifeguards and if the lifeguard happened to be a girl, they were even more inclined to ignoring. And you, well, you were a lifeguard in a public pool and a girl. Just the perfect combination.

It was a rather hot day of the middle of July, and you were toying with your whistle’s string while sitting on the lifeguard chair. You would occasionally shout to running kids to slow it down when they got too close to the pool edge. They would always run away screaming something unintelligible and you would just flop back on your chair, trying not to curse out loud. Why was so difficult to parents to control those screaming creatures?

You were dwelling on it, about how much tiring it would’ve been for you to run around all day like that when kid slipped right in front of your eyes. He fell near the pool edge and almost hit his head on the tiled ground. You quickly got up and blew in your whistle.

“Come on, you can’t run around like that, it’s dangerous” you said, in the most sweet and motherly tone you could muster in yourself.

The kids silently exchanged looks and you thought you had convinced them for once, but then they started laughing, like you had just said the funniest joke ever and you were so close to lose it.

“Hello, I see you are having fun” Minhyuk cheerily steeped in sporting his thousand watts smile, he crouched down to the kids level “But it would be really bad if one of you got hurt while having fun, right?” the kids all nodded solemnly at his words, entranced by whatever strange kind of magic Minhyuk was performing on them “Then it is better not to run around, right? You can hurt yourself really bad if you fall” Minhyuk smiled when the kids nodded and then patted their head one by one. Your frown only deepened when the kids walked away and settled down to play in the kids pool, without screaming or running around whatsoever.

Minhyuk turned to look at you with so much smugness you wanted to slap him. He was always like that you, showing off just how good he was at doing his job and how easy it was while you struggled around every single day. You snarled at him and Minhyuk chuckled.

“You should at least thank me, you were clearly going to curse at them in front of their parents” the boy stated, impertinence heavy in his tone. You rolled your eyes, not wanting to start bickering with him one bit, and sat back on your chair under the lifeguard umbrella.

Minhyuk shrugged and clicked his tongue, giving up on trying to get a reaction out of you. He walked away, probably to go nag Kihyun in his side of the park.

You threw him a frowning look just when you knew he was not looking. You really did not understand how someone could manage to do what he had just done. Both adults and kids respected him and listened to his admonishment. It was unbelievable how people just seethed down when he was talking and you hated it. Minhyuk was always so cheerful, every single day, every single week, during his shift and his breaks, it was like nothing could stop him from smiling and playing around and joking with everyone. Mothers loved him, kids adored him. Flocks of girls swarmed around him the whole summer, giggling and squealing when he took off the staff shirt because it was hot or to go dive in because some idiot had breathed underwater.

But what irked you to no end was he had the rights to show you where you did wrong eve if you did not like it, he was good at being a lifeguard, he liked his job and knew how to deal with people, he was smart and diligent. If that was not enough, like he was not already perfect just like that, he had been blessed with such good looks the first time you saw him you had stuttered so hard you had to introduce yourself twice.

You were so deep in your thoughts, trying to convince yourself that you did not have a huge crush on Minhyuk, that Changkyun had to shook your shoulder to get your attention.

“When are you going to stop pretend that you hate Minhyuk?” he asked, grinning ear to ear. Changkyun was your best friend and probably knew you better than yourself. He had noticed since the first day your crush on Minhyuk and did not waste a single chance to make admit it. You, on the other hand, were trying not to commit to reality for as long as you could.

“Don’t you have towels to fold or something?”

“You are so funny. I’m on break” Changkyun leaned over your chair and then raised his eyebrows “You should really stop trying to seem mad at him. The sexual tension is kinda embarrassing actually, even Hyunwoo knows you are crushing so hard-“

“Shut up, Changkyun”

“Keep on denying but the longer you wait, the fewer chances you have to get him” Changkyun nodded to the other part of the pool and you quickly looked over, silently cursing yourself for looking so damn desperate. Minhyuk was leaning over a waterslide, one of his most dazzling smiles painted on his plush lips, shamelessly flirting with a cute girl in a pink bikini. You frowned and your thoughts wandered to your white staff shirt and your black single piece swimsuit. You found yourself wishing you were half as cute as that girl.

“As if he would ever look at me like that. Because he hates me”

“Sure he does” Changkyun rolled his eyes dramatically and with a last pat on your shoulder, leaving you to drown back in your thoughts.

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