mens´s fashion

I normally project onto Enjolras but I just started to think about Trans!Montparnasse…

  • he’s really into men’s fashion. he was even before he realized he was trans, but at that time he thought he just appreciated fashion as a whole
  • when he was first transitioning, he considered growing a beard. grantaire walked up to him, itching his face and said “don’t”
  • he has cheekbones that were sculpted by god himself and when he started T, his chin became more defined. 
  • no one dared to call him out on shopping in the mens section before he looked masculine, he’s always had a death stare that can kill anyone
  • enjolras only accepted him as jehan’s boyfriend after montparnasse defended him from a random asshole. the stranger was treating enj like shit for being trans and montparnasse was the one who stood up for him
  • enjolras still think jehan shouldn’t be dating parnasse but he’s less salty about it now
  • montparnasse starts modeling and feels right at home with the male models, and they make sure he feels at home
  • is a big activist when it comes to men wearing make up/traditionally feminine clothes
  • gets the patron minette to fuck up transphobes houses
  • threatened a transphobe by saying he will claw out their eyes with his matte black nails

just…. trans!parnasse