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Three types of suits.

A modern day gentleman knows what to wear. But does he know what he wears? Here are the 3 types of suits: the Italian, the British, and the American suit.

Italian suit

The Italian suit is probably the most classic suit there is. Elegance is the keyword. It is a slim and very stylish suit, with a sleek silhouette, made of lighter material and containing higher gorge lines and less overall padding. Italian style can be further divided into Neapolitan, Milanese and Roman style, but we will tell you about those in a subsequent article.

The Italian jacket are shorter and fit more tight than common than British and American jackets. They have a clear V-shape. The pockets don’t have any flaps. The pants are tight and snug to the body. The back traditionally has no vents, but these days they sometimes have one or two.

Photos above show examples of the Italian suit 

British suit

The British suit is the most traditional suit. The jacket is cut close to the body and made of more heavy materials, the shoulders are narrower and suited with higher armholes. Also the jacket has more structure than Italian and American suits.

The pants have higher waist and have a tight shape, but not as tight as Italian trousers. The keyword to British suits is fitted. They are most suitable for average built men, for they fit from slim to heavy. The back has traditionally two vents.

Photos above show examples of the Italian suit

American suit

The American suit contains straight lines, and is more boxy than other suits. When tailors developed these popular suits in the 19th century, the suits were even way more boxy, but it became more and more cut to the body through time.

They are more comfortable, for they are single vent in the back, contain soft shoulder padding, high armholes and flap pockets. The coat has two or three buttons. The trousers aren’t slim. The keyword is cut loose.

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