mens vests

💀🗡shoutout to alternative trans men🗡💀

- black/dark skinned trans men who were told their skin is too dark for tattoos
- nonbinary male-aligned enbies who have stereotypical dyed hair and shaved sides
- trans guys with piercings?? what a blessing
- trans men in demin vests and leather jackets
- young trans boys who want piercings and tattoos but aren’t allowed to have any yet
- trans men who wear eyeliner, lipstick and other makeup and have to put up with misgendering because of it
- trans dudes who are afraid to go in the moshpit at concerts
- trans boys who aren’t old enough to go to concerts
- trans men who are in bands
- trans men who want to be in bands but are afraid their voices are too feminine
- trans men who can’t afford doc martens and just wear cheap fake leather boots
- alternative trans men period. i love all of you

You all look handsome and really hardcore today ♥

My James, Your Bucky (One Shot)

You’ve had it way too sweet and fluffy from me for a while now, so I’m gonna bring you right back to the pit of despair and angst with this one shot.

Something tells me this is something @sebbys-girl would particularly enjoy;)

Summary: You and Bucky live together in Bucharest. One day you come home to find your flat completely trashed.

Word count: 2.3k

Warnings: angst, aggressive behaviour.

Originally posted by blackinjustice

It was shaping out to be a great day – it was still pre-noon and you had an extra spring in your step as you walked through the cobbled streets of Bucharest. The city you fell in love with, it had it all – alleys lined with tall brick townhouses and red roofs, atmospheric cafes and bars, an impressive market square – where you stopped to pick up a box of plums from ‘your guy’. That’s how you wanted to celebrate, with a cheeky nod to how you two first met.

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