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Dent de Man SS2014 Lookbook

Model: My Panda Shall Fly frontman- Suren Seneviratne | Photographer: Marc Hibbert | Stylist: Thomas C Toth | Set design: Thomas Bird | Set design asst: Joshua T Howell

Contemporary menswear with a modernly unique twist using traditional Indonesian printing techniques.


“What is masculinity?” - An Introduction to The Way of Men

It’s very easy to buy into the mythology of the peaceful Native American and their eternal struggle against the vicious, intolerant, puritanical fanatic White man.

It’s not as easy to accept the historical reality. The idea that the American Indian was not a Noble Savage infant. The idea he was a man, with all of the terrible faults and great glories of men. The reality of tribal conflict, the abductions, the rapes, the massacres and red handed wars that were a part of existence. It’s easy to demonise an early American settler and his deeds until you visualise coming across your brother’s farmstead burned to char, his wife black bones, his children gone, and your brother strung up from a tree by his ankles with his hair missing and his genitals severed and shoved in his mouth.

The frontier was not a kind place. Unkind, unchristian things were done to survive. Don’t insult your ancestors by assuming they simply thrived off horror.

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If I'm reading that last post correctly, DAESH/IS started losing traction because of a condemnation(?) by one cleric? That seems insane, unless I'm missing something.

After the Americans had left Iraq, the nation was left in a period of turmoil, political unrest and an illiberal democratic mess, because of that, DAESH had the opportunity to gain ground, traction and support from local Sunni tribes who felt excluded, Ba’ath (Saddam) loyalists and anti-government supporters as a result of the deteriorating security system after the regime change in 2003 when Saddam (l.a) was overthrown. This led to the people of Iraq being distracted by the government’s failure to provide for its citizens while DAESH started taking over the nation. Cities such as a Mosul, Tikrit and Fallujah fell into DAESH’s hands and the systematic killing and oppression of Shias and minority groups such as Christians and ‘Ezidis became severe. After the persecution of the ‘Ezidis in Ninevah and the Speicher Massacre where DAESH overran a military camp and executed 1600 Shia martyrs after being singled out from the Sunnis and being executed at the Tigris river, the peoples’ concern for Iraq’s future grew as the government failed to counter these militants whose goal was to establish a harsh exclusivist Wahhabi Sunni version of Shari'a as the legislative system in these occupied territories.

Although he avoids the political scene, in June 2014, His excellence, Grand Ayatollah Sistani (h.a), who represents a large amount of Shias around the world, including me, made a fatwa; a single simple statement in response to DAESH’s expansion, especially after the fall of the city of Mosul, calling on all Iraqi citizens to defend the country, its people, the honour of its citizens, and its sacred sites. The call immediately mobilized tens of thousands of volunteers to join the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). The Fatwa has also helped Shia militias, Sunni tribal men and Christian and ‘Ezidis armed groups to be regulated under one umbrella of paramilitary forces called the Popular Mobilization Forces. If it wasn’t for this fatwa, which united the people of Iraq, the nation would’ve fallen into an even darker period. 

Scenario: What if the lights went out in the middle of the RFA Party? Featuring Nightblind!MC

Hallo Hallo! I’m the new Admin Bloo~ I’m very excited to be writing from now on! Please feel free to send us any request for headcannons, imagines, scenarios and what-ifs.  No matter how small or big or whacky XD

Note: Nightblindness is caused from a deficiency in vitamin A. While normally, one’s eyes quickly adjust themselves when suddenly put in a dark situation; a nightblind person takes very long to finally adjust, even to the point where they may not be able to see at all. There you go, now y’all have learned something :3

After its long hiatus, the first RFA fundraising party was looking successful. A wide variety of guests had arrived; from wealthy business men to tribal chieftains to high-level players of LOLOL. The press had finally settled down and had taken to interviewing some of these high profile guests. All of the members of the RFA were working diligently to ensure the event’s success.

Until calamity struck. The lights went out~


  • Poor baby screamed a little when the lights go out.
  • And it probably happens when he is in the middle of ushering some scary powerful businessman as well
  • Tries to find MC, Jaehee or really anyone to find out what to do…
  • …Except I can 100% guarantee you that this boi is nightblind too. He can’t see anything
  • Sure he likes to cook and stuff, but does that mean he’ll eat his carrots? No sirreee
  • He is in SUCH A PANIC and SO MUCH FRENZY that he keps knocking into people.
  • Constantly apologizing to everything he bumps into.
  • When the lights come on, he is seen bowing down to a chair/table and furiously apologizing.


  • As an actor, he probably knows to keep his calm in any setback thrown at him.
  • Add to that, his monstrous healing ability…
  • His eyes probably adjust to the fading moonlight through the windows and people’s dim flashlights in like 3 seconds or something.
  • He quickly excuses himself to see what is going on, and how to fix this.
  • Quickly locates mistatrustfundkid Jumin Han and marches up to him.
  • All that money and you can’t even find a proper venue?
  • This man just loves arguing


  • He probably has the calmest reaction to the blackout.
  • Quietly sips his wine, secretly enjoying that slight chaos that has ensued.
  • Makes a quick call to Jaehee to investigate and fix this problem ASAP.
  • He apologizes for the minor setback, and tells the guests that the problem is being fixed right now and can we continue discussing the cat hotel?
  • When Zen corners him, he simply defends himself by saying that he can not account for every possible mishap.
  • Must he be be blamed for anything that goes wrong? Oh yes, because Zen is never responsible for anything.
  • savageJumin


  • I have a feeling she religiously follows through all of her plans to a tee, and prepares for any setback….
  • EXCEPT this one! Because in no way had she expected such a luxurious party hall to be like this.
  • Whips out her phone to turn on the flashlight Jaehee so smart
  • She quickly apologizes and excuses herself to meet with the other members to discuss what is their next course of action.
  • makes a mental note to give the owners a piece of her mind
  • Power walks around the hall and finds Jumin and Zen arguing.


  • As mentioned before, she can’t see anything, even after a few minutes of standing there.
  • Honestly, she is pissed as well. But let’s try to fix this disaster first MC so Optimistic!
  • She waves her arms around her as she tries to navigate herself around the halls.
  • Although there is a ruckus around her everywhere, she tries to follow the very loud arguing going on somewhere around the corner…
  • It takes her a while, but she finally bumps into Jumin, Zen and Jaehee.
  • Literally bumps into Jumin’s back. (Jumin: “I just collided into something soft”) (MC: “Ow! My nose!”)
  • Very quickly notices that 707 is not in this group and points it out


  • Yup, you guessed it
  • He is behind it all
  • Cackles wildy as he flips the fuses
  • Takes a lot of selfies and probably videoes it all happening.
  • He’ll replay it all in slow-motion when he gets back home.
  • Just as he is about to take off, however, the gang (minus Yoosung) shows up in the room and flashes their flashlight at him.
  • Instead of being cornered properly like a good boy, he just slips away and takes off
  • Zen and MC run after him and try to catch him…
  • …More like it’s just Zen because MC ran face first into a wall (owie…)
  • Jumin quickly calls in an electrician and replaces the sparked fuses
  • When the lights come back on, Jaehee forces 707 to go up on stage and apologize publicly as punishment
  • Nooooo Mary Vanderwood 3rd would kill me~~~~~~

~Admin Bloo