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Want Tip: How to Dress for Business in the Heat

When temperatures suddenly make you feel like you’re smack dab in the middle of a desert, the last thing you want to do is wear a heavy suit to work. But as much as you may want to rock t-shirt and shorts to the office, you just can’t escape that professional uniform. Don’t fry like an egg under the sun; use these hot weather business style hacks to keep you looking like a pro without breaking a sweat.

The Issue:

Hot days and tailored suits are a recipe for sweaty, sometimes dizzying, work days. You might have AC in the office, but once you step out of that building for lunch or a business meeting you know that heat is targeting you. Don’t be a sweaty fashion victim!

The Tip:

The trick to dressing for business for hot days is to go for a professional look comprised of menswear pieces that repel heat and let air circulate your body. Depending on the fashion standards of your office, here are three different business menswear styles to keep you cool while working with the heat:

1) Strict with the 2 Piece

When you have no choice but to show up to work in 2-piece suits, you can keep the effect of the sun to a minimum by going for materials like cotton, linen and seersucker; these natural materials are breathable. Instead of wearing a dark suit that absorbs a lot of heat, go for lighter varieties of grey, tan and navy.

Todd Snyder Grey Metallic Cotton Suit

J.Crew Ludlow Suit Jacket in Italian Cotton Piqué

2) Sans-Jacket

Lucky enough to go to work without a mandatory suit jacket? Make sure the shirt you’re wearing is tailored and fits your body well. Stay away from shirts that have baggy arm holes and excess fabric by the waist. Whether or not you choose long- or short-sleeve is up to you, but tucked-in short-sleeve shirts generally look better for guys with more muscular physique. When you’re expecting the weather to get cooler later in the day, you can wear a lightweight vest with your outfit.

ASOS Smart Shirt in Short Sleeves

John Varvatos Star USA 5B Peak Vest

3) Pushing it with Polos

Polos definitely fall under the more casual end of the business dressing spectrum, but tucking them in gives a cleaner, more professional look. Look for modern fit polos that have more tailored sleeves. Remember: keep polos that hit the hip untucked, and tuck-in polos that hit well below the hip.

ASOS Mini Button Down Collar Pique Polo

Hugo Boss Forli Slim Stretch Cotton Polo Shirt

The Gear:

Besides the menswear pieces mentioned above for the different looks, here are some other hot-weather menswear accessories you should consider (again, depends on your office fashion norms):

Expose your ankles to help keep your body cool, while keeping a barrier between your feet and your dress shoes’ leather: Falke Step Invisible Cotton-Blend Socks

Adding another layer like an undershirt will make you feel warmer, but if you’re really must wear one because you’re conscious of showing sweat through your dress shirt, make sure you go for a v-neck to keep it hidden under the shirt: Calvin Klein Underwear V Neck Undershirt

Carry a handkerchief with you so when you inevitably start sweating, you have something to wipe off the sweat on your face besides carelessly using your sleeves: Forever 21 Geo Handkerchief

What other style techniques do you use to stay as cool as possible while dressing for work? Share your style knowledge with us!

Denim for All: 6 Styles to Take You into Spring

Make denim your own by styling a favorite pair of jeans with a killer jean jacket. Try out the denim look-a-like fabric, chambray, which is lighter and softer in all sorts of accessories and lived-in looks. The best part about wearing denim? When you find something that’s so comfortable you can sleep in it. 

1) Topman Denim Jacket with Detachable Hood

2) Cheap Monday Four Blue Denim (ON SALE!)

3) Diesel Black & Blue Coated Denim Chantayer Baseball Cap

4) Vince Chambray Shirt

5) The Hillside and J. Crew Japanese Selvedge Chambray Tie

6) Nudie Jeans Perry Organic Washed-Denim Jacket

To search for fashion head over to where you can check out what’s available across over 100 stores all in one place. Woot!

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The New Way to Wear Tweed

4 ways to make tweed blazers look modern and stylish

Tweed can sometimes look a bit too conservative and preppy. But with our four new ways to wear tweed below, you can now look stylish and modern with a classic twist. From updating your tweed blazer collection to finding the perfect pairings, read on for our expert advice on tweed and shop the best products below. 

Update Your Tweed

If you want to look current, one of the easiest ways to do so is by getting rid of your old rags. Pass them down to a friend or donate them to a second hand store, and buy a new tweed blazer in a modern cut and slim fit.

Harris Tweed Blue Skinny Fit Blazer

ASOS Slim Fit Suit Jacket In Tweed

Classic Tweed Blazer

Pair Tweed With Prints

Instead of pairing you tweed with a simple button-down in pale blue or white, try something a bit more fun. For an added new twist to your tweed outfit, stripes or polka-dots work great.

Only & Sons Stripe Shirt With Button Down Collar

Slim-Fit Polka-Dot Corduroy Shirt

Sketched-Stripe Cotton Oxford Shirt

Knit Ties for Texture

For added texture, add a knit tie to your button-down. This is the perfect way to dress up you look without looking overdressed. 

Solid Knit Silk Tie

Cotton Knit Necktie

ASOS Knitted Tie

Just Add Jeans

To make your look less conservative, wear jeans with you tweed blazer instead of slacks. For an edgier approach, try black skinny jeans or for a more classic look stick with slim-fit denim. 

Cheap Monday Tight Stretch Black Skinny Jean

G-Star RAW 3301 Slim Straight Jean

Levi’s Vintage Jeans 1966 501 Selvage Customised Slim Tapered New Rinse