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So these are the new glasses that I ordered 😳 I really like them & find they suit me. Also they remind me of Clow Reed☀🌙 

Also, also, I impulsively bought some Snorlax slippers today 💞


petter is displeased because once again his stupid actions and choices have their consequences and they all come together to make up for the reasons why he won’t be in the finale  - a saga

alternatively titled: me dealing with straight people - the story

Dylan (postgradfrat)

Balancing his time working in medical device sales as well as at Ben Silver in Charleston (and running an amazing blog), it would be hard to say I’ve met many people as passionate about menswear as this gentleman. From his love of Stubbs and Wootton slippers (shown here) and unlined sport coats to his unique take on Anglo-Italian style injected with a strong dose of Southern influence, this guy really knows his stuff. If the world wasn’t small enough already, I found out he grew up in my hometown and went to a rival prep school.

Unknown Cinderella (Part 2)

Henry Mills X Reader

Part 1

“Y/n, Dearie can you come here?” Rumple said as the said girl walked towards him “What is it Granpa?” She asked, Rumple had let her call him Granpa  cause he had already thought of her as his granddaughter. “Do you want to go to the Mayor’s Son’s birthday party tonight?” he asked her as Y/n’s eye light up like fireworks. “I-is it ok?” She asked him as she looked at him. “Me and Belle are also are invited so why not?” he said as the girl smile but soon faded “ What will I wear?” she asked. 

Rumple just chuckled “leave that to me Dearie” he said as Belle came out of a room with a gown. Y/n’s eyes sparkled as she walked towards Belle. “Wow Belle You Look Gorgeous!” She said as belle smiled at her. “Your the only one not ready yet Y/n” Rumple said as she looked back to Rumple who is now wearing a groomed clothes that match Belle’s gown’s Style.Y/n smiled in awe as Belle walked toward Rumple and took his hand. 

“The Party is a Medieval style” Rumple said “And I think I can Help you with that, y/n my Dear” He continued. 

“Are you ready?” He asked y/n as she nodded eagerly. Rumple raised his hand and waved his hand as gold dust came out of his hand and sent towards Y/n.  The Magical gold dust spun around and covered Y/n. Her dust covered maid uniform change in to a sparkly blue gown (Like In the Cinderella Movie and her is like Elsa’s hairstyle in coronation day). 

After the beautiful transformation Belle looked at Y/n in awe. “Oh Y/n you look Beautiful, You look like a princess” She said as Y/n smiled in delight. Y/n walked towards Rumple and Hugged him.“ Thank You” she repeated over and over as Rumple smiled at her “But Dearie Remember your curfew only at Twelve'o'clock.” He said to her “Oh Granpa that is more that enough” she replied. “Wait I wanna do something on your shoes."Rumple said as she took off her shoes and Rumple sent magical blue dust flew out towards the shoes as it turned into a beautiful Icey blue glass slippers.

It sparkled beautifully. Rumple knelt and help Y/n wear the shoes. "It’s so comfy” Y/n said as she looked at it in awe. They head to the Party. Rumple and Belle entered first as Y/n waited for a bit. She took a deep breath and smiled and entered the ballroom. The Ballroom was huge. The people of Storybrooke filled the Room. Henry was currently talking to Violet who is currently trying to flirt with him until his eyes caught sight of Y/n. He met her gaze. They smiled at each other. Y/n smiled at Henry as marveled her figure as they met in the middle of the Dance floor.

The crowd stared in awe at the girl that stood in front Henry. “You came” Henry said as the music began to start. “I promised didn’t I” She replied as they circled with their hands together as they slowly began to dance. “They’re all looking at You” Y/n said nervously with a smile. Henry was amazed at the girl he met a day ago. She was a princess and he was her prince. Henry was smiling widely and replied. “Believe Me They’re all looking at you.” He said. They dance with grace. 

“Who’s She?” Emma asked Regina as Mary, David, Belle, Rumple and Killian walked towards them. “I don’t Know but she is Beautiful"Regina smiled as she and the others looked at the couple on the dance floor. Rumple and Belle smiled at each other secretly. "The young lad has found himself a jewel” Killian said as he stood beside Emma. Y/n and Henry are looking at each other with Love.“You look Beautiful Tonight” he said to her as she smiled at him. “Thanks, Your the birthday boy” She said with a playful look. As the other people began to dance with them on the dance floor. “Come with me” Henry said to Y/n as they left the dance floor. They ran to a beautiful garden that is being shined by the ray of moonlight. “I found this place when I was 10” He said to her. She looked around the garden until she saw a swing full of flowers. “Wow” She said with a smile as Henry Walked towards her. 

She looked him and back to the swing “May I?” She asked as Henry smiled and nodded at her and helped on the swing. He pushed the swing gently.  The didn’t seem to matter to them. They talked and talked. Y/n’s Shoe flew off her foot “Oh my” She said “Allow me” Henry said and picked the shoe up as y/n swung to him slowly as they’re gaze met. Henry looked at the Ice glass shoe “A shoe made of ice” He said in awe and he smiled at her and he place the shoe on her foot. They’re gaze then met.

They both stood and deeply looking at each other’s eyes. The space between the began to close in. Y/n’s Lips had rested on Henry’s. 

Fireworks exploded in his stomach her lips was so soft. They broke away and Y/n place her lips on his ear “Just close your eyes My Prince” She said as Henry obeyed.  She slowly walk away from him with a playful smile ‘Y/n Time to go We’ll be waiting for you outside.’ She heard Rumple’s voice in her head and she looked at Henry who still had his eyes closed. “I had fun "She said and walked towards him and place a kiss on his cheek "But Cinderella’s Time is up My Prince” She said as Henry’s eyes opened and Y/n was gone “wha” he said as he saw a shadow ran pass him “Wait I haven’t caught your name?” .Y/n stood in front of the Ball’s  entrance with Rumple and Belle. She smiled to herself and took her right shoe of and threw it on the stair case as the sound of Henry’s voice got near. And a blink she was gone with Belle and Rumple. 

The figure that Henry was following was gone once he got to the staircase. He Just missed his chance until he caught sight of the a familiar ice glass shoe. He smiled to himself and he picke up the shoe. Killian and David stood beside him panting. “She’s gone lad” Killian said “Did You get her name” David asked “No but I have a way to find her now” He said as the two men looked at the slipper on Henry’s hand.

To be Continued…………