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Body positivity for fat guys 2016

Because nobody recognizes that there are different male body types.
Because nobody ever talks about how beautiful plus size men are.
Because I have never seen a plus size male model walking down a runway.
Because I have never seen an article about self love for fat guys.
Because I have never seen any sort of representation for larger men when I look through body positivity pages.
Because there really is no support system out there for larger men who are insecure about there bodies.


Mo Vaughn’s MVP collections is finally catering to the underserved plus size man

  • Mo Vaughn, a former baseball player who played for the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets, knows how hard it is to be a big guy shopping for clothes.
  • For years, he’d walk into big and tall sections and be faced with clothes that looked the opposite of modern, all oversized jeans and cheap-looking button downs.
  • After years of being faced with lackluster clothes in his size (he describes himself as a 2XL tall), Vaughn launched a fashion brand of his own called MVP Collections.
  • Rather than sticking to outdated silhouettes and fabrics, MVP, which launched in early August, specializes in trendy premium denim in sizes 38 to 50 in various different fits, as well as premium T-shirts in 1XL to 4XL and velour sweats up to 6XL. 
  • By doing that, they’re tapping into a market of larger men who want trendy, cutting-edge clothes, and maybe want to take risks with their clothes as well. Read more

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Omg Aeries (American Eagle) just released a Body Positive campaign today!!! Makes me proud that I’ve been endorsing for years now!!! 👏👏👏👏👏 Check it out!!

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