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wait are you and ana actually dating now? didnt you have a boyfriend? (sorry i know this isnt the politest but im confused and tired)

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Nah legit tho imma assume this isnt biphobia and more a genuine question.

I broke up w Tom in October or November last year, I don’t post all my personal life on tumblr and generally you won’t see me posting anything negative (unless I’m entertained by my own stress or i think i need help and interaction) cos it doesn’t do me or anyone else any good, so I didn’t mention that anywhere public I don’t think. 

I’m able to work backwards because Ana and I had a chat after a gig I’d been to, so I happen to know we admitted to liking each other on the 27th of November (probs 26th to her, which, Ana, means we can have two days straight of anniversary and we 100% should). There was a lot of slow moving developments then very fast moving and I dunno when it formally happened but yeah dating.  And it’s awesome we’re like 4 months in and I’m super happy all the time and she messages me before I wake up every day and I do the same for her and we skype usually minimum once a week and yeah :D

yo. im fuckin tired of the black woman being hurt...

I am tired of black men taking the side of the non-black women over his racial kin.

Im tired of the black man that calls black women “ratchet” and that he prefers pretty much every woman but a black woman. 

Im fucking tired of black men not having the black woman’s back and giving mufuckas a hand in hurting her. 

Im fucking tired y'all. 

It hurts me to see the black woman hurt. 


It’s not even about “preference” at this point. I know that we “prefer” certain types of people.

HOWEVER, when your preference is HARMFUL in ways that mentally undermine innocent individuals that are already under pressure for looking “ghetto” “ratchet” or “angry” every fucking time she leaves the gotdamn house, yo “preference” is adding fuel to the fire of this  already fucked up society. 

I do realize that you love who you love. I know that. I suffered from that demon called “colorism” when i was a youth as well so i know how damaging this shit is. I’ve been there and I’ve learned. 

I was forced to learn that no one would have my back more than a black woman would. I was called a “nigger” by the women i held on a pedestal over my sistas and i was forced to realize that what i was doing wasn’t going help me in the long run as a black man in America. 

So, black men… I just want you to STOP hurting our sistas. 

They got enough to fuckin deal with. 

Things Boys Have Said To Me In Online Games:

  • you shouldn’t be here, you’re a ‘chick’
  • girls can’t / don’t play computer games
  • I bet you’re rubbish, girls can’t game
  • ‘do u hav a web cam’
  • I’ll go easy on you
  • you must be ugly to be a girl who games
  • fat bitch always online
  • if I let you win will you skype me
  • I don’t want the girl on my team

and of course finally:

  • don’t tell me what I can and can’t say stupid feminist princess don’t come online if you don’t want to be treated this way (legit)

Now I am always one of the first to believe ‘not all men do this, not all men do that’, but the amount of harassment I have received in the world of online gaming is just unreal. Girls should be able to game without being patronized. Girls should be able to game without sex coming into the conversation. Girls should be able to game and not be insulted. Girls should be able to play what they want and do what they want online and not have sexist, objectifying, rude comments hurled at them. It’s not hard to be respectful. Live and let live.


Marvel POC Week : Day 1: Favorite Female POC » Cindy Moon/Silk


For anon…enjoy!

Y/N giggled as Peter sprinted around her in circles. Her hair whipped up along with the grass and dirt. Peter was smirking as he slowed down, gripping her hand in the process. She got to her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. He beamed in response.

Unbeknownst to the pair, both of their fathers were watching from afar. Erik’s lips were pursed in a thin line. Charles watched on with a raised brow.

“I can’t believe it,” Erik muttered.
Charles gave a slight nod. “I don’t quite understand it, but it seems my daughter has fallen in love with your son.”
“This is a problem,” he replied straightening his posture.
“I agree,” the telepath said uncomfortably, “They’re too young.”

The two friends shared a look. Mischief danced in their expression right alongside parental protection. This would prove to be interesting.

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