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I’ve had a lot of people asking for prints of these X-Men portraits, and I aim to please! $20 each plus shipping (usually $6-10 depending on weight), or the full set of 9 shipped for $150! They’re 12x12 inches, with a ½ inch white border around them, making their full size 13x13 inches.

These will start going out beginning August 7, 2015, so send your order to and get ready to have the most x-cellent wall in all of Westchester!

Mohawk Storm will be coming soon as a special limited edition print, so stay tuned!

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do you have anyways to look/feel more masculine? i'm a trans guy but don't pass well at all :/

Sometimes I darken my eyebrows and put on a suit and go to Starbucks and order in a really deep voice and make sure people notice me go into the men’s room. Going out in public dressed really masculine helps me 100% of the time. Or taking selfies and being like wOW I LOOK HANDSOME. Slouch, practice talking deeper, wear beanies, put shaving cream on your face and shave for no reason. Wear shoes that are a little big on you, darken around your eyes to make your brow come out a little, practice wearing a tie. Being a boy is fun, you got this.

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Do you have any advice on constructing the duelist jackets from Utena? You and Glay's Miki and Kouze were on point!

Hey thank you!! Unfortunately we never took any helpful in-progress photos for those jackets OTL. But a fitted jacket is one of the more challenging things to sew (especially on a cosplay budget and being a beginner at sewing one).

If you’re looking to create a men’s style go with stiff, thick fabrics with NO stretch (or very little). I used white twill and interfaced all the pieces with a medium weight fusing. 

My sis chose a fabric with some lycra (stretchy) fiber content so that she could get the tighter look around curves.

We both started with cheap fabric sewed up into generic bodice measurements and then HEAVILY used our dress form to help shape/mark off where darts and panels should go. 

I used hook & eye tape to as a closure down the front of my Miki jacket. My sis used an invisible zipper for the front of her Kozue jacket (with non-functional clasps that hook on after). 

Shoulder pads are good (you don’t have to go 80′s big) to install especially if you are cross-playing (girl to boy).

Unfortunately we ‘faked’ the welted pockets because of lack of time to practice X’D. So we just cut slits in the shirt and bound the edges with red bias tape. 

Both of us used gold fabric and used heat & bond sheets to put a sticking coating on it, then ironed it on to stiff felt to make Miki/Kozue’s signature epaulettes. 

Men's/Unisex Costume Ideas


  • “Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats”
    • Buy or DIY a kaleidoscope shirt and then wear a coat over it.
    • You could also just use a raindow or tie dye shirt. Anything colorful
  • “Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before”
    • Dress up as Sherlock Holmes
    • Also make a sign with this lyric
  • “The lights are so bright, but they never blind me”
    • Wrap LED/EL Wire around you
    • Wear sunglasses
  • “Welcome to New York”
    • Dress up as an apple, the statue of liberty, Yankees baseball uniform, a taxi cab, etc. 


  • “Magic, madness, heaven, sin”
    • Could be a group of 4 or separate: Magic: Harry Potter. Madness: Mad Hatter, Heaven: Angel, Clouds, etc. Sin: Devil, Monster, etc.
  • “Loves a game, wanna play?”
    • Dress up as any board game/make a sign like a board game
  • “New money, suit and tie”
    • Wear a suit and tie, make a sign like a $100 bill
  • “You’re the king, baby, I’m your queen
    • Dress up as a king, make a sign that says “Taylor’s my queen”
  • “We’re young and we’re reckless”
    • Wear young & reckless merch (sold at pacsun)
  • Music Video
    • The way she cuts the shirt, like in mean girls [x]


  • “You’ve got that James Dean daydream look in your eye”
    • James Dean: Slicked back hair, white T-shirt, moto/leather jacket, jeans
  • “Midnight, come and pick me up, no headlights”
    • Make a sign that looks like a car


  • “You took a polaroid of us”
    • Make a sign like a polaroid 
  • “We were in screaming color” 
    • Wear colorful clothing, DIY tye die, plaint splatter, etc. 
  • "Are we out of the woods yet?”/ “The monsters turned out to be just trees”
    • Dress up as a tree, either a costume or outfit. 
    • Outfit: Brown pants, green shirt. 
  • “Two paper airplanes flying, flying”
    • Draw or sew paper airplanes on your shirt. 
  • “Twenty stitches in the hospital room”
    • Make stitches all over your body, with either SFX makeup or just marker. 
  • “The monsters turned out to be just trees”
    • Dress up as any monster of your choosing


  • “I’ve been picking up the pieces of the mess you made”
    • Dress up as a puzzle piece
  • “Why’d you have to go and lock me out when I let you in”
    • Glue/wrap fake chains to your body. 


  • “Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play”
    • Dress up as your favorite sports player. 
  • “Can’t stop, won’t stop grooving”
    • Dress up like someone from the 70′s, or going to a disco
  • “I’m lightning on my feet”
    • Dress up as The Flash
  • Music Video
    • Recreate some of the dancers outfits


  • “Wish I never hung up the phone like I did”
    • Make a shirt/costume like an old cellphone with a keypad 
  • “You always knew how to push my buttons”
    • Wrap yourself in bubble wrap
  • “…And remember what we were fighting for”
    • Dress up like a knight, a wrestler, a boxer, etc


  • “’Cause baby now we got bad blood”
    • Put fake blood all over your clothes and body
  • “Still got scars on my back from your knife”
    • Glue a fake knife/knife handle on your back or back of your shirt
  • “Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes”
    • use prosthetics/SFX makeup to recreate a bullethole then put 2 bandaids in an X slightly covering them
  • Music Video
    • Buy fake bullet belts and drape them across your shoulder, dress in all black, make a sign with your Bad Blood name


  • “So tall, and handsome as hell”
    • Dress up really fancy and make a sign with these lyrics
  • “Even in your wildest dreams”
    • Wear pajamas with slippers, or maybe footie pajamas
    • Make a sign with a dream bubble and put Taylor in it 
  • “Tangled up with you all night”
    • Dress like Flynn from Tangled


  • “Stand there like a ghost, shaking from the rain”
    • Dress up like a ghost
  • “Broke your heart, I’ll put it back together”
    • Dress up as half of a heart
  • “Pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks”
    • Use a picture frame as a sign and on one side glue/tape a picture of Taylor


  • “Lantern burning, flickered in the night for only you”
    • Dress up as a candle stick with a flame attached to your head
  • “In silent screams…”
    • Dress up like a mime
  • “This love is alive back from the dead”
    • Dress up like a zombie
  • “This love left a permanent mark”
    • Make a costume like a Sharpie
  • “This love is glowing in the dark”
    • Use glow in the dark paint, LED lights, or EL wire to make your outfit glow in the dark!


  • “They are the hunters…”
    • Dress up like a hunter in camo and body paint
  • “…We are the foxes” 
    • Dress up like a fox
  • “Loose lips sink ships all the damn time”
    • Dress up like Jack from Titanic
  • “In the dead of night, your eyes so green”
    • Make a sign looking like eyes and paint the insides with green glow in the dark paint


  • "Sky turned black like a perfect storm”
    • Dress in all black or gradient white-black and make a sign with a rain cloud
  • “Water filled my lungs” 
    • Buy a white T-shirt and draw lungs and color it half way with blue
  • “Gone was any trace of you”
    • Dress up as a ghost, make a sign with these lyrics
  • “Think I’m finally clean”
    • Tape clear balloons all of over you to simulate bubbles
    • Glue loofa’s all over you
    • Come wearing a robe and a shower cap, with a rubber ducky


  • “Fell down a rabbit hole”
    • Dress up as the white rabbit
  • “Didn’t you calm my fears with that Cheshire cat smile?”
    • Dress up as the Cheshire cat smile
  • “It’s all fun and games til somebody loses their mind”
    • Make a costume/sign like a board game
  • “In the end in wonderland, we both went mad”
    • Dress up like The Mad Hatter


  • “Time moved too fast”
    • Dress up like a clock
  • “Buttons on a coat”
    • Glue buttons all over your outfit
  • “Burnt toast, sunday”
    • Dress up as burnt toast
  • “Dancing in a snowglobe round and round”
    • Make a sign like a snowglobe and put fake snow in your hair


  • “I could build a castle”
    • Dress up like a king
  • “Honey, life is just a classroom”
    • Wear uniform/a nerdy outfit
  • “I’m about to play my ace”
    • Glue/tape aces all of your costume or dress up as one. 
    • Dress up as Ace Ventura 
  • “Every day is like a battle”
    • Dress up in armor/a knight with a fake sword

Check out our other costume ideas here. Tag us and let us know if you used any of these ideas so we can reblog them! 

- Callie trechreous


This past weekend, Black Girls Code held its second hackathon of 2015. Eighty young Black girls in Brooklyn teamed up with over 50 mentors to design and code apps related to social justice. At the end of the 3-day event, judges analyzed the apps and awarded $2,000 to the team who created Mana, an app that allows students to study together virtually. The second-place team created an app called BeeU, which offers support to kids who have been bullied. When our tech industry is overwhelmingly dominated by white men, it’s so inspiring to see people create these spaces for young women of color to pursue their passions alongside mentors who they can relate to.

Learn more about Black Girls Code at their site!