this is one of the many reasons this show is amazing.

Tbh, feminists do more for men’s rights than so called “meninists” any day.

I have yet to see a “meninist” do anything for:

male rape victims,

transgender men, 

gay men,

men of color. 

All I’ve seen are angry white cishet men complaining about the draft, “friendzone”, and paying child support.

  • Person:*Tries to start a man's domestic violence/abuse shelter*
  • Feminists:Men don't get abused so they don't need a shelter
  • Person:*Tries to start a shelter anyway*
  • Feminists:*send death threats, threaten bombings, kill pets*
  • Later
  • Anti-Feminist:And what is feminism doing about the lack of shelters for violated and/or abused men and husbands?
  • Feminist:The reason there aren't any shelters is because patriarchy makes society think that women are too weak to violate and/or abuse men, so there aren't any shelters for that reason.