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170130 Men 400M Relay Cut @ Idol Star Athletics Championship

ok probably my favorite thing from last night:

Mens 4x100 Free Relay Awards Ceremony was actually a slew of emotions between the 2 veterans and 2 rookies

Like look at Natty G

he’s just like “thx u bby jezus 4 this opportunity. ok deep breaths dont cry big guy dont cri”

and then lil baby ryan held:

“omf im at the olympics im at hte olympics im at the olympis we got first i did it i did it omfg mOM” U DID IT RY U DID IT WE’RE ALL SO PROUD.

casual left boob grab from the goat. he’s stood up there 18 times before so its no biggie for him



We’ll Take Care of You

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Flint could hear the commotion before he even reached the room Doctor Howell used for his practice. The man was standing outside the door with blood staining his fingertips a bright red. A soaked rag was held in his fist and his expression betrayed his exhaustion. The Captain gave him a curt nod as he drew closer. Just then the shouting ceased and Billy came out of the room. The moment the door shut something heavy slammed against it. Billy took a deep breath before giving Flint a dark look. “He definitely has your temper,” he noted before pushing past him.

“What seems to be the problem?” Flint asked Howell in hushed tones, nodding towards the room.

“The infection has returned. He refuses to stop wearing the iron boot, even though I have clearly told him numerous times that if the tissue damage spreads, well.. He’s going to lose more of his leg. I was hoping Billy would be able to help, but apparently not.” He gave the Captain a pointed look. “Please talk some sense into him.”

Flint had long noticed that Silver was having difficulty coming to terms with his injury. While he had not been there, the men had relayed how vehement the man had been about not wanting his leg to be removed. Even though the amputation had saved his life, he could understand the bitterness that quelled in his heart. They had gone against his wishes and taken something from him. Flint had never experienced such a loss but he was sure that it weighed heavily on him. After all, he could see it. The quartermaster had changed drastically since the event. Despite the fact that he should be resting the man was obsessed with proving his worth. He was taking on the work of three men. It was no wonder that the injury was agitated.

When Flint entered the room Silver was sitting perched on the table. “Please leave me alone,” he muttered. Flint stooped down to grab the medical text he had apparently thrown after Billy. He returned it to the shelf before looking back at his quartermaster. One hand gripped his leg above the stump while the other reached behind him for the metal boot. The captain moved swiftly and grabbed the prosthetic before he could get his hand on it. Silver gave him a harsh look. “What are you doing?”

“You are not to wear this until your leg has healed.”

What?” Silver seethed.

“You heard Howell. If you are not careful more of your leg will need to be amputated. Is that what he want?” he demanded. “To go through that pain again?!”

Silver just shook his head. “Fuck you.”

Flint’s gaze hardened. He set the prosthetic against a shelf on the far side of the room before moving to stand in front of the man. The look he gave him now was one of utter defiance. “You need to rest.” Flint’s tone was serious.

Silver’s eyes closed as he shook his head. His hand gripped the edge of the table until his knuckles turned white. Part of him wasn’t sure if it was from pain or anger. After a moment the man finally spoke. “Do you know what they said to me?” he asked, his tone now suddenly much softer. “We’ll take care you. I do not want to be taken care of. I do not want to be a burden on this ship.” He shook his head once more, his jaw clenched. “I will earn my place on this crew if it kills me. I will not let the others carry my weight for me.”

Flint’s gaze remained stern. “You will rest,” he said once more, this time the words carrying the tone of an order. “You will use the crutch like you are supposed to so that you can heal. And you will use the rigging we have set in place for you.”

Silver released a trembling breath. “You don’t understand,” he muttered.

“I do understand,” Flint hissed through clenched teeth. “I cannot say that I understand your pain, physical or otherwise, but I do understand your fear. You have finally come to a place where you care about these men. Where you need these men. And now you’re terrified that you will be tossed aside. But listen to me carefully.” He paused until Silver looked up at him. “You need to do as Howell says. If you do not take the time to heal, then you will become a burden. You are the quartermaster now. You need to remain strong, and you cannot do that if you are taking every opportunity to see yourself fail.” Flint could tell that Silver was about to argue and he raised his hand to silence him. “Let yourself regain your strength. Use the crutch for at least a week. If I see you in that boot I will throw it into the ocean. Is that understood?”

Silver glared up at him and Flint leaned closer. “Please,” he urged him, this time with a softer tone. “If this had happened to anyone else, you know you would be giving my same argument.”

The quartermaster’s gaze faltered and he sighed. “Fine,” he resigned meekly. Flint’s features softened and he pressed a light kiss to his forehead. Moving across the room he fetched one of the crutches and leaned it against the table beside him. Flint gave his shoulder a  final reassuring squeeze before leaving the room.

Howell was waiting outside with a curious look and he nodded. “Clean him up and do all you can. He will be staying away from the iron boot for a while,” he assured him.

USA’s J.R. Celski (258) tries to pick up teammate Eduardo Alvarez (256) after a collision with the Korean team in a semifinal of the men’s 5000m short track speed skating relay at the Iceberg Skating Palace. — Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune, Feb. 13, 2014

The Men’s 5000m Heat Relay will air on TV at the 12:05 am (2/14/14) slot on NBC. Catch the action then!


BTS_official Tweet 160119:

[#오늘의방탄] 미니미니 큐피트 듀오, 방탄장사, 달려라 계주왕 그리고 아미밤 지키미..*와 하루종~일 함께 해주셔서 고맙습니다! 최선을 다한 방탄도 박수 (기립) #동서풍이잘못했네


[#Today’sBangtan] MINI MINI Cupid Duo, Bangtan Muscular Men, Run Relay King and also ARMY Bomb Protector-MY.. *Wow Thank you for spending one Whole~Day together (with us)! To Bangtan who did their best, clap (riseup) #East-WestWindWentWrong

MINI MINI = the nickname that Jimin gave for Yoonmin
East-WestWindWentWrong = This tweet should be posted by Yoongi, see his tweet with a video (He was referring to how he didn’t do as well as he did during practice probably because something went wrong with the wind’s direction) (Trans of his tweet here)

Title: Frostbite { CH2 }

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

Summary: All is fair in love and war.
But whoever falls first will deal the greater damage from the other. It’s
always better to be safe than sorry.
Part 1.

Disclaimer: this is part 2 of Frostbite! this story is an AU and is entirely different from Jumin’s route. Jumin Han is not owned by me and is rightfully owned by cheritz. enjoy reading!

update mentions:
@osymbolico ;; 

I used to rule the world,
Seas would rise when I gave the word.
Now in the morning I sleep alone,
Sweep the streets I used to own..

Spotlights and camera flashes were all over you when you entered Park Hyatt Seoul’s grand architectural lobby with the paparazzi following you around like hungry wolves. Of course, being the way that you are, you loved the spotlight yourself, you turned around and flaunted your half-million dollar worth Designer Armani Collezioni low V-neck Diamond Sequined Chiffon Champagne Cocktail Dress. It is expensive so, of course, the name is that long. It fitted the worth of the carefully made designer gown.
You made sure you looked like you’re going to own the night.

You flashed the media a high wattage smile as your least favorite reporter cornered you and started asking annoying questions.

“(Y/N)! You look fab! How was Italy? The industry is in an uproar since you came back! Also, you go long way back with Chairman Han’s eldest son, right? Is he single?? Do you now permit him to date anyone?” The female news anchor laughed in a high pitched tone. “Oh gosh! The Han siblings are so gorgeous! No wonder where they got their genes!”
Fake B. And who cares about knowing where they got their genes?
But you can play along.

And what the hell? That dude is probably dating his cat.

“Oh, my~ Long time no see! Well, of course, you can certainly see the Italy effect on me, yes?” You graced them with a soft grin, showing your perfect whites. “I believe all those years that involved myself studying abroad, culturing my skills and falling in love with Italy itself was truly beneficial for my beauty.”

You two laughed like troubled teenagers who’re fighting for the Queen B spot.
If she’s fake, you can fake it better.
After all, these greedy minions only want a scoop to tell the world. You’re not going to give them the liberty of prying your life.

“I can see the change! Your skin is certainly glowing,” She gushed, scanning you from head to foot. Your braided floral crown hairstyle bobbed against your movements, your gold accent hair accessories shining every time the lights flashed through it. Your smile grew wider when she perfectly pointed out how gorgeous you’ve been despite the years that passed that you weren’t inside the country.

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Olympic!AU Headcanons

I really love the Olympics, and I’m watching a lot of them atm, so this just kind of happened. @kurtwxgners, @jubilationlxee thx for listening to my thirst for Alex Summers in a speedo.

A/N: I’m just putting them all on the same team bc they’re my fave squad and it would hurt my heart to split them up. Also, everyone’s human, bc I can’t see the Olympic committee letting someone with a mutation for super speed compete in track events etc.

  • They all meet at the Olympic flagship training facility for their country, and become good friends despite competing in very different events, because they’ve all been forced into the same high pressure environment and it brings them together
  • They’ve all been there for varying amounts of time but they bond over their overpowering drive to succeed and their love of their sport
  • Kurt competes in Gymnastics
    • He’s a pretty good all-rounder but his best apparatus is definitely rings
    • He competes in rings, vault, horizontal and parallel bars and the team event, and he’s really well liked by basically everyone on the team because he’s such a sweetheart
    • It’s his first Olympics but he’s been considered an up and coming in the gymnastics scene for a while
    • He and Jubilee are the darlings of the team because everyone thinks they’re super, super sweet
    • He loves the sportsmanship of the games, and he really wants to become an ambassador for the sport to children from unprivileged families when he stops competing
    • When he first arrives at the Olympic training complex, he’s really, really nervous, and doesn’t think he’s good enough to deserve to be there but everyone makes sure he gets lots of positive reinforcement to feed his confidence because he wouldn’t be there if he didn’t deserve to be
  • Jubilee is the newest member of the female Gymnastics team
    • She’s the youngest on the team, and an absolute sweetheart and the entire world loves her. She’s the media darling of the entire Olympic team
    • She has explosive strength and excels in the floor events, but competes in all categories
    • She’s a power gymnast, favouring shows of strength and athleticism over artistry but she’s remarkably graceful for a power gymnast and always picks up a lot of points for connections between elements, no matter what apparatus she’s competing on
    • She’s the queen of the team’s social media, coordinating cute selfies, or Q&As with the athletes and she’s so cute and nice about it that everyone goes along with it without complaining
    • She’s famous for never saying anything negative about any of the other competitors, and always says really wonderful things about them in her post competition interviews
    • Her street clothes are the envy of the entire team
  • Peter is a middle distance track runner
    • He’s a relative newcomer, and this is his first Olympics and his first time anywhere near the national team at all, so he’s something of a newcomer to the track and field scene
    • He made waves in the track world by almost beating out an old national favourite for 1st in a national track meet
    • He jumped from regional level coaching to international standard training in the course of about a month and he’s now considered a wild card and someone to watch during the games
    • His strongest event is the 800m, but he also competes the 400m and is frequently a part of the men’s 4x400m relay team
    • He didn’t start formal training till later than most Olympians do, but he’s been running his entire life as a way for him to relax and not think about his problems, so as soon as he figured out he was good enough to go pro, he did
    • His post and pre competition interviews are legendary because he talks A LOT of shit about just about everything
  • Scott is a rower, and his main event is the single scull, but he’s also two seat in the mens 8
    • He tried swimming like Alex when he was young, but it wasn’t for him.
    • He signed up for rowing one year and when he got in the boat so many things just sort of clicked into place for him
    • Something about the structured, repetitive nature of the technique required really helps him focus and relax
    • He always excelled at single scull but once he figured out more about himself and matured a little and learned to work better in a team he became an invaluable member of the mens 8
    • He’s the youngest rower in the 8 but has some of the best technique on the team
    • He has this insane drive and motivation to succeed in his field that translates really well into his sport, pushing him up the world rankings at a remarkable pace
    • Rowing gave him the best ass anyone’s ever seen bar none
  • Jean competes in both steeplechase and hurdles because she’s just really hardcore that way  
    • Her focus and precision is absolutely unmatched in the rest of the track team, but she’s been working at it longest, having started running track when she was pretty young
    • She competes in 3000m Steeplechase and sometimes the 400m hurdles (she likes steeplechase best)
    • She’s basically all leg, and seemingly flies over the obstacles in her path
    • She used to run middle distance and some hurdles, but then in a fit of contrarianism, she decided to take up steeplechase and she was astoundingly good at it
    • She and Ororo are best friends because they’ve been training in and around the Olympic complex for longest and they’re both ambassadors for the same brand.
    • When people see them together at formal events, everyone is intimidated because they’re so powerful and beautiful
    • She’s basically the team’s unofficial mum, mentoring and supporting all the younger team members and making sure everyone gets to the right place on time when they’re overseas
  • Ororo is a judoka and she’s considered one of the strongest gold medalling potentials for this year’s games
    • Her focus and discipline are insane, and she’s the captain of the entire Olympic team
    • Once one of the male judokas made a scathing remark about how she was ‘really good, for a girl’ and she dislocated his elbow
    • She’s been training at the Olympic complex for the longest, having headed to the main training centre when she qualified for the junior Olympics for judo, and she’s basically been training there ever since
    • She and Jean are best friends and have been running in Olympic circles for years, so even though they’re in entirely different events, they see each other all the time
    • The two of them are also sponsored athletes for the same brand, so they get to hang out together for events like that
    • Everyone on the team is in awe of/a little bit terrified of her because she’s so charismatic and intensely focused, and everyone thinks she should go to law school because arguing with her is basically impossible and she’d make one hell of a lawyer
  • Alex is a swimmer
    • He started when he was younger, and the measurable improvement in the pool and the way he could track his progress was therapeutic for him, becoming a way for him to control his anger
    • He likes controlled, technical aspects of the stroke as well as the speed at which he can move and being in the water makes him feel weightless and at peace
    • He’s been swimming his whole life, and he’s always been considered someone to watch in the butterfly events, but lately he’s taken on a freestyle event and not doing too badly in that
    • His best event is the 200m butterfly, but he also competes the 100m butterfly and the 400m freestyle
    • He swims the butterfly length on the mens medley relay teams
    • Everyone in the world immediately wants to jump his bones when they see him on TV in his first big televised meet, because he’s tall and angular and ripped as hell and the defined muscles in his broad shoulders are just b e g g i n g for someone to trace them with their tongue
  • Warren is a pole vaulter
    • The team calls him angel, because goddam can that boy soar. He rolls his eyes at the nickname but secretly loves it because he takes great pride in his pole vaulting abilities
    • He has a ‘bad boy’ rep because of his turbulent past and his propensity to trash talk the other competitors
    • Everyone is highkey in love with him because goddaMN HAVE YOU SEEN HIM
    • He used to do high jump as well, but dropped it before he moved from regional to national level because he liked pole vault better
    • He started the sport because the school guidance councellor told him that if he didn’t start putting all his restless, angry energy someplace productive he’d end up expelled or in juvie so he started competing and got really good
  • Warren, Peter and Jean are an unofficial squad because they all compete track and field events so they train together sometimes
    • The three of them became an internet sensation when Warren posted a vine of Peter trying to do some of Jean’s steeplechase hurdles and running into all of them with Jean losing her shit on the side of the track because Peter looks so ridiculous
    • They all go and support each other at their events if they’re not competing or training at the same time
    • There’s another vine out there somewhere that Warren took of Jean saying ‘hurdles is running with thinking involved’ and then Peter tackles her before the video cuts out
  • Everyone on the team absolutely loves Jubilee and Kurt, because they’re both such sweethearts to everyone else
    • Where possible, everyone gets out to watch their gymnastics competitions because there’s an unspoken team agreement about nurturing and supporting the youngest and most adorable members of the team
    • Also they’re incredible to watch in motion, and everyone on the team can appreciate the strength and athleticism required to perform the elements involved in gymnastics
  • Alex and Warren are the oldest on the team, but Ororo is the team captain because of her focus, discipline and accomplishments in her field
    • She’s been a part of the team for longest, and she’s the best at motivating the others
    • She also hosts a big movie night for the team a few days before they all fly out to the games
    • Alex and Warren are both really protective of the younger members of the team, becoming sort of unofficial parents/mentors to everyone 
    • They’re also really close friends, and they bond over their difficult upbringings and their anger issues, as well as the way they channel their anger into their sport
  • Peter and Scott get along really well, and they kind of take Kurt under their wing, taking it upon themselves to make him get out more
    • The three of them always make a point of sightseeing whenever they’re all someplace international for a competition of some kind 
    • They go out on weekends together when everyone’s at the training facility during the off season for their various sports 
  • It’s almost a religious experience for all of them as they step out into the stadium during the opening ceremony, because so many of them have fractured pasts or never really believed in themselves, but they’re here and they made it and all the time and effort and tears they poured into their sport paid off because they’re actually competing at the Olympics.

Nickel Ashmead, Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell & Yohan Blake win Gold in the Mens 4x100m Athletics Relay. It is Jamaica’s 3rd consecutive Olympic Gold in this event.

Usain Bolt did the “triple triple”, winning the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at 3 Olympics Games (Beijing 2008, London 2012, and now Rio 2016). This gives him a total of 9 Olympic Gold medals, placing him equal-second behind Michael Phelps as the most-awarded Gold medalist ever.

A Bet; Sherlock x Reader x John

Requested by Anon: Hello! Could you please do a sherlock x reader where Sherlock and John fight over your affection and you end up (unknowingly) choosing sherlock. And John is sad until he bumps into Mary and meets her on the street. (Sorry that it’s kind of out of sync.) can you also make it rather long? Thank you!😘😘😘

“Alright boys, I’m headed out. Try to behave I don’t want to visit the hospital again so soon,” you told Sherlock and John as you grabbed your coat.

“No guarantees,” Sherlock said from his chair thinking about a recent case he had just solved.

“John?” you called as a last resort.

“We’ll be fine. In case you’ve forgotten we are two fully grown men,” John relayed with a classic Watson smile.

“Well… you sometimes have self-destructive tendencies and Sherlock’s a sociopath but… sure, fully grown men,” you reassured yourself before walking out the door.

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