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🔘massive musical theatre nerd

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🔘more pro-shots of Broadway musicals with the obc to be made publicly available so that I don’t have to resort to shitty-quality illegal bootlegs

treating bi feminist women like they’ve inherently joined some ‘pro-men’ political side of feminism by simply being out and proud about their bisexuality/factually attracted to men is fucked up. stop letting men define women and their politics, no matter what their sexuality.

This situation with Beyoncé really highlights how black women’s pain and emotional abuse is dismissible. Whether Beyoncé has “forgiven him” is not the issue. It’s the fact that Jay-Z has admitted to stripping Beyoncé of her innocence and causing her distress. It’s the significant age gap. But all they can focus on is how much of an idol Jay-Z is for black men for promoting black business. How about treating black women right? Once again pro-blackness equates to pro-black men.


Spunky and sexy; it’s tough to stand out on a good-looking New England Patriots squad, but this wide receiver gets more than his share of looks - on and off the field. Julian Edelman!

Julian Edelman. He’s actually ugly and by ugly I mean hot as hell. He’s also a dork.” - anonymous

“This past season, Julian Edelman has really made a name for himself…on and off the field ;) And there are many more pictures of him that make us go crazyy. Can you do another one of him?” - anonymous

Julian Edelman” - anonymous

Julian Edelman, plz.” - anonymous

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