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Figured i’d update y'all. Been taking intermittent fasting more seriously. Sitting at 200 flat or just below it. Fat is melting off, supplementing properly, lifting heavy, and trying to keep my protein as adequately high as possible has been helping me keep my size also.

This summer I wanna look like i’m straight outta Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Watch

I recently had a pretty big setback during the off month of my diet cycle. I really took it hard at the weigh in, but then I realized, 1 step backwards was still 2 steps farther than I was when I started. That was my off month; now it’s time to get to work and take another 3 or 4 steps forward. Success isn’t a straight line. You work your ass off to lose as much as possible during the on months, so that anything you gain during the off month isn’t that big a deal. 
Let’s put some work into it. See you guys in September.

“I am glad about the military development of Europe and the internal states of anarchy. As personal manly virtù regains value, estimation becomes more physical, and nutrition meatier. Beautiful men are once again becoming possible and the palid hypocrisy is over. The barbarian in each of us is affirmed, as is the wild beast. Precisely for that reason, philosophers have a future!”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §127 (edited).



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