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Quick fact. Ready?
An enzyme, known as aromatase, performs conversions of free testosterone to estrogen. This is a common fear among men, in which one experiences higher levels of estrogen activity and affects in the body.


Figured i’d update y'all. Been taking intermittent fasting more seriously. Sitting at 200 flat or just below it. Fat is melting off, supplementing properly, lifting heavy, and trying to keep my protein as adequately high as possible has been helping me keep my size also.

This summer I wanna look like i’m straight outta Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Watch


Full Body Thursday PUSH + Tofu Thursday dinner always means a good day.

Thursday is usually my heaviest day of the week and as expected i’m fluctuating higher than yesterday, but significantly lower than previous Thursdays. I do not assess my results on what the scales say, but it does intrigue me to observe what happens there esp when total weight continues on a downward trajectory after a strategic increase in fueling.

Tbch i’m very pleased with how this years strategy is starting to pay off! If youre serious you should be thinking “this years strategy” not “8 week challenge” or some such nonsense.

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“I am glad about the military development of Europe and the internal states of anarchy. As personal manly virtù regains value, estimation becomes more physical, and nutrition meatier. Beautiful men are once again becoming possible and the palid hypocrisy is over. The barbarian in each of us is affirmed, as is the wild beast. Precisely for that reason, philosophers have a future!”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §127 (edited).

I recently had a pretty big setback during the off month of my diet cycle. I really took it hard at the weigh in, but then I realized, 1 step backwards was still 2 steps farther than I was when I started. That was my off month; now it’s time to get to work and take another 3 or 4 steps forward. Success isn’t a straight line. You work your ass off to lose as much as possible during the on months, so that anything you gain during the off month isn’t that big a deal. 
Let’s put some work into it. See you guys in September.



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McSpirk + Wing!AU. I accidentally pressed published because I’m an idiot. Anyway, here it is: 

  • Jim as a young scientist for this biochemics corporation. He gets assigned to monitor experiments “0013a” and “0013f”. A part of him expects monkeys, rabbits, God knows what. It may be immoral, but experiments on animals happen all the time. What he doesn’t expect is two men. Kind of. Locked up in a cage too small for their own good, both carrying a beautiful set of wings. Jim’s instantly mesmerized.
  • But he can’t call them “Exp. 00013a/f”, so he digs into their initial records to find out their names. Spock looks almost unhuman. With big, raven black wings, pointy ears and a hairdo to match those black wings. Leonard McCoy looks like he used to have the great wings of a bald eagle, but they look pretty broken and unkempt compared to Spock. Jim watches them interact curiously. They’re mostly quiet, or silently whispering to each other. Most of the day they seem to be either sleeping or kept subdued. He watches another scientist walk in and draw blood samples from them. The food they get once a day doesn’t really seem sufficient, and this job quickly gnaws at Jim’s guts.
  • For a few days, Jim does as he’s told. He brings them their food, he monitors their behavior, writes down reports based on the results, he draws blood samples, and chains them up to guide them to some experiment center where other scientists keep them for hours. And Jim doesn’t close an eye at night because this is fucked up.
  • He starts sneaking in better food, and Spock looks immediately confused. “Better start training, boys,” Jim says, crouching down in front of the two of them as he lays out their meal. “I want to take you out of here.” “Why would you do that?” Spock asks, glancing at Jim suspiciously. “Because,” Jim replies, in lieu of a better answer, “this is inhumane.” Leonard scoffs. “The last ones who tried were never seen again.” He says, and that’s a scary thought. Jim stands up straight. “Well, they’ve never dealt with me before.”
  • Jim has no idea what he’s doing. For now, the food he provides the two men is just more nutritional, and a little more than the recommended amount. He alters the report results so it doesn’t look like their health is improving. He sits down and talks with them every day, just wanting to get to know them better. They assure him they can still fly, despite Leonard’s broken-looking wings. That means Jim just needs to get them outside. He could do that. Probably. Hopefully. But not alone.
  • So he gets a hacker. A great one. Chekov is honestly the best Jim knows, and getting into the security system isn’t so hard. In the middle of the night, Jim sneaks back into the office, finding his two angels - he really shouldn’t think of them as such - and he uses his keycard to get the door to their cell open. “Hey, boys. Let’s go.” He says, gently shaking Leonard and Spock awake. “C’mon, I’m gonna get you out of here.”
  • Chekov talks to Jim via an earpiece. “To ze left. Three security near ze front door- woa, those are actual wings!” When Chekov delivers the news that more security is arriving, Jim takes them to the elevator. The roof will do. Chekov tells them exactly where to go, and how to avoid conflict as much as possible. When they do run into security, Leonard uses his wings to knock the men out, and the force coming from them nearly knocks Jim out, too. “That’s awesome,” Jim says, as Spock holds on to him, and he grabs the gun from one of the men. Not that he knows how to use it, but it’s a false sense of security. “Jim, there are at least ten more people heading to you now.” Chekov informs Jim, and Jim nods. “I’m going to distract them.” Jim says. “No, you’re not. No need to play hero now.” Leonard argues as Jim pushes the door to the roof open and guides both men outside. “Please, just. Go.” Jim says, pushing Spock and Leonard outside. “I’m going to make sure they can’t shoot you down. Go find a boy called Pavel Chekov. He’ll look after you.” Jim adds, and he pulls that door shut. 
  • Jim ends up getting shot, though he did see that coming. Jim reckons he probably deserves that, too. He clutches to his stomach, thinks he’s probably inches away from blacking out as he stumbles on to the roof, glad to see it’s empty aside from the security that’s been following him. Cold hands wrap around his neck and Jim gasps for air, reaching out to grab at the arm that’s choking him, while pushing him closer to the edge of the roof. Jim balances on the edge until the hand lets him go and pushes him over the edge. He gasps for air as he falls down. Wind roaring in his ears as he plummets to his death. And suddenly he’s not falling anymore, arms wrapped tightly around him as Spock keeps them both in the air. “You didn’t think we’d actually leave you behind, did you?” He asks, and Jim smiles. He’d enjoy this too, if he wasn’t so hurt. And rather than enjoying the flight, he just passes out in Spock’s arms.
  • Leonard patches Jim up, and he’s gonna live with an ugly scar for the rest of his life, but neither of the two other boys care. They stay in Pavel’s apartment for a while to nurse Jim back to health. Chekov finds the wings fascinating, and offers to keep an eye on any news from the office they were kept, so that they can be a step ahead of the men hunting them down.
  • Next time they fly, it’s to leave the city, and to find a remote place off the grid where they won’t easily be spotted. And this time, Jim is conscious. Arms wrapped around Leonard’s shoulders, and he’s in absolute awe of flying, and the beautiful wings and soft feathers, and he vouches to protect these beautiful weirdos for the rest of his life.

anonymous asked:

do you actually have any scientific or academic credibility? because if you're really promoting health, the kinds of calories you take in DO make a difference in the overall health and energy levels and whatnot of the person. i'm not trying to hate but i just think you should add some sources and take a class or two on nutrition if you're going to be giving lifestyle advice because i'm skeptical that you know what you're talking about

I think you’re probably new to the blog, because that’s what I constantly repeat in our nutrition articles. This one for example ->

“Change your daily calorie intake according to your fitness goals.”

For your information, I’ve been taking classes in nutrition and keep reading books about nutrition and fitness. 

What I provide you is just basic nutrition/workouts advice that is known by every person who practice fitness intensively. I just make it easy for your guys.

If you’re skeptical, I recommend you to use an amazing tool called “google“ and you will find all the information you need. 

Otherwise, have fun using these materials for free in order to achieve your fitness goals ->

anonymous asked:

My boyfriend is about 130 and 5'6 and he's trying to gain weight. What's the best way for him to?

1. The right nutrition plan

2. A good workout routine

3. Make sure to read 1. out loud

You’ve probably heard this before, but nutrition is key. 

How to build muscle, the right way:

anonymous asked:

Hi mate, I'm a 19yo guy and I wanna bulk up and gain muscle but I dunno where to start, like I can't join a gym because I don't have that disposable income, what can I do?

Well, bulking is all about increase your nutrition progressively in order to build lean muscle mass.

If you can’t go to the gym, then invest most of your money in good food and train at home. However, heathy doesn’t mean fancy; you can eat really healthy on a low budget.

How to build muscle without fat:

ldreamzl  asked:

How do I discipline myself to start eating healthy?

You just do it. (progressively)

People tend to get from 70% junk food diet to 0%, it never works.

The real magic when you do fitness, is that you can eat all day. You’re having 3 main meals and 3-4 snacks, it’s amazing!

My only advice are:

  • Reduce your consumption of “bad food” like (burgers, soda …)
  • Prepare a nutrition plan
  • Hit your macros

Men’s nutrition plan