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Decans Series(Venus) Epsiode Four🌑🌑🌑(Cancer)

Cancer decan one(moon): these natives are very deeply sensitive and have a seemingly infinite reservoir of intensity hiding beneath there more quiet demeanor. They aren’t the most easily expressive when it comes to their emotions despite the moons more definitive influence here. They actually tend to be quite cool in the early stages of romance but can transform into an entirely different beast once they’ve made the decision to place claim upon you. They can be extremely protective and in a sense demanding-not necessarily in a unreasonable sense but they have a tendency to demand total emotional devotion from their partner at times to an unreasonable extent(not to say this isn’t rightfully so as they do take a great deal of time to fall in love in the first place) due to the moons power tidal wave nature. They are also the moodiest of the cancer venus decans and since the moon is the only ruler the “root” of this moodiness is as turbulent as the moon cycles. Men and women with this venus can fly between emotional extremes and I must say this decan can at times be even more emotionally intense then most Scorpio venus. In a relationship they tend to be highly protective and nurturing! Sex is all about the “mood” and they can be more likely to want more eye contact and intimate moments during and after sex.

Dress style: surprisingly modest! They can lean toward more conservative and or traditional outfits and both men and women here may like the classy/sportsy look. Can have watery eyes! That can look very sharp no matter what color they are. Plush lips.

🌔Delilah Love you so

🌔lianne la havas don’t wake me up

🌔Selah sue fade away

Cancer decan two(moon+Pluto): they feel like scorched air burning through your throat both figuratively and literally. There is an almost tangible heavy energy about them. They are extremely perceptive of the motives and intent of others-which makes it hard to fool them or get close to them for that matter. Not to say they’re harsh purposely but they do tend to have a black and white view on intimacy and any relationship for that matter. Albeit they’re deeply emotionally driven and sympathetic to the feelings of those they love-the Plutonian influence in their nature simultaneously urges them to keep defenses up at all times. They are more so doing this out of fear than out of a need to play games. They are very vulnerable and more so than the other decans they don’t have a “fall back” once they let someone in so it can be devastating losing someone they love as they deeply cling to someone who’s touched their heart. They have a almost prolific intensity about them-added to the moons influence which makes them come across as moody and unapproachable even when they’re not actually upset. In a relationship they are very high in libido and can crave sex constantly. Due to the more emotional nature of the moon though sex here will never under any circumstances be merely for “recreational” purposes.

Dress style: there’s a tendency for darker makeup and a little bit of the velvet look for men and women. There’s a desire to show skin in both sexes and the chest is usually what they like to expose. Their hair is noticeably dark in some cases and the eyes can have a eagle like look to them!

🌔Alex Clare relax my beloved

🌔Alex Clare get real

🌔Alex Clare gotta get up

Cancer decan three(moon+Neptune): of course the third decan of each sign being the more ending energy they tend to take on a more detached and in a sense “old soul” energy about them. Cancer venus in its last decan is no different, but there is a noticeable difference here and that would be Neptune’s influence on this decan and how it touches the moon. These natives are completely apart from the normal context of “feeling” when it comes to their emotions and can easily lose themselves in them. The beauty in them is their profound compassion and genuine sensitivity to the world around them and especially those whom they’ve fallen for. There is a tendency to idolize lovers and in a sense inflate a relationship to a dreamlike representation of what it really is. They can be very giving in their partnerships and aren’t nearly as reserved as most when it comes to romance albeit they’re still shy like a normal cancer venus. They don’t mind taking a leap of faith if it’s someone they truly care for. Because Neptune causes the moons natural inward waves to flux in a sort of spread, there is a tendency for them to attach emotions and feelings to situations rather than a person. They seek a deep intimacy and at times this can overwhelm potential lovers because of the karmic level of intensity they emit. When in a partnership sexually they tend to be passive and are aroused whenever there partner is-they go with the flow so to speak.

Dress style: loose and sort of cardigan wear. They like old and vintage wear and at times clothing that hides them. Anything like trench coats and more softer fabrics like ponchos or baggy long sleeves. Men and women here have soft features and can look very innocent. The hair is often windswept and has a natural messy look to it like a little child.

🌔lil Silva on your own

🌔yellow days hurt in love

🌔Sonder Feel

Venus in cancer v1(vibe they give off)

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Venus in cancer v2(vibe they give off)

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Venus in cancer v3(vibe they give off)

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