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An awesome article by the BBC about the Hombres Tejedores (translated from Spanish).

These men knit in public to try and combat gender stereotypes and inequality. They also raise money to be able to travel and teach others this skill.

“These activities will allow us to continue working for a kinder society, where a job as beautiful as fabric should not only be associated with the feminine gender”

[TRANS] ‘Seventeen’ Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Interview (P2)

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Currently on tour, BTS’ popularity has crossed borders and is spreading around the world!

RAP MONSTER: We came to many countries but Brazil left the most impression on me. I learned for the first that through the local news that they set up tents and stayed outside the concert venue few days ahead to buy our concert tickets.
JIMIN: I was really surprised!
SUGA: We travel around the world but mostly we just stay inside the hotel. I use the remaining time to make music there. That’s why I always carry around music equipment.
RAP MONSTER: You have a pot too. (laughs) He uses an electric pot to boil water and cook ramyeon or instant food he brought from Korea to eat.
J-HOPE: It’s really important. I bring a pillow too. It’s not too firm or too soft and fits my neck perfectly. I don’t have to worry even if the hotel’s pillow doesn’t fit!
JIN: I play guitar which I’m into lately in the hotel. We all do what each of us wants.
V: I bring my favorite book of Gogh and read it.
JUNGKOOK: I’m listening to music on my speaker… But the other members often scold me.
V: They said it’s too noisy. (laughs)
J-HOPE: When we say so he lowers the volume. (laughs) One time Rap Monster scolded him and he turned the volume down, but he couldn’t hear the sound like that so he brought the speaker to his ears to listen. I laughed and asked if he did all of that so he could listen on speaker.
JUNGKOOK: I told you the sound is different!
RAP MONSTER: What does Jimin bring?
JIMIN: I don’t bring anything special. Bringing myself is enough ♡

The real side of each person only the members know.

JIMIN: Our leader Rap Monster-hyung is a clumsy “destruction god”. Not just breaking stuffs, he also loses his phone time to time, tripping when there’s nothing around, or spilling coffee and stain Jin-hyung’s shirt… It happens a lot. (laughs)
SUGA: But he’s really smart. He’s got an excellent language ability and he’s the best at Japanese.
RAP MONSTER: I’m embarrassed~
V: J-hope is the dance leader, he dances the best. He’s also reliable and takes care of us well.
J-HOPE: I’m just doing my job.
JUNGKOOK: Are you being humble? (laughs)
J-HOPE: I’m serious. (laughs)
RAP MONSTER: Jin-hyung - the matnae* - takes care of us well too. He likes food so he cooks for us at the dorm or…
JIN: I’m busy recently so I can’t cook at all. I’m not eating a lot for my diet too.
SUGA: He shares a room with me. I hate when it’s loud so he always stays quiet for my sake. I like quietness and hate when there are too many people.
RAP MONSTER: He suddenly talks about himself when we’re talking about other members. Suga-hyung is really “mypace”**. And he’s always spaced out and lethargic. (laughs)
SUGA: I’m lethargic because I need to prepare my energy for music. Told you it all has a meaning! Jimin is “Slow Jimin”, this one word is enough. J-hope is the fastest and Jimin is the slowest. That’s the daily life of BTS.
JIN: But Jimin works harder than anyone else. He always dances or sings in the waiting room
RAP MONSTER: Is it the result of his effort? He has a cute face and great muscles.
SUGA: But… He’s always late.
ALL: (laugh)
JIMIN: Let’s talk about V next.
JUNGKOOK: He really is an amazing person.
V: I’m not amazing~
JUNGKOOK: He says that but he’s really amazing. (laughs) He talks out of the topic or question, even when everyone else is all “?”, he ignores and continues. And he forcefully makes everyone understand him.
V: I’m working hard on talking to the point too! But what can I do when I can’t think of anything? It’s hard for me too!
J-HOPE: I didn’t know that. (laughs) Our maknae Jungkook, as you can see, he’s perfectly handsome.
V: Is he always handsome like that? Hmh, is he…? When he sleeps… (giggles)
JUNGKOOK: What? (nervous)
J-HOPE: Nothing, you’re handsome when you seep too. It’s okay. (laughs)

*matnae: mathyung (eldest hyung) + maknae
**mypace: living or doing things without being affected by other people’s opinions or actions

The never-ending chatter of men! The close-knitted 7 people. When asked “What boosts your mood up?”, nearly all of them answered “The members”.

JIN: Sometimes we need to go work on our own… I indeed gets bored. It’s the same when we film individual cuts for music videos, if the members aren’t around I feel lonely.
JIMIN: The one who boosts my mood up is our maknae Jungkook. He’s mischievous so he always makes us laugh. But Jungkook said he likes tasty food more than me…
JUNGKOOK: Tasty food makes me happy ♡ If there’s food in front of me, I would take a bite out of happiness. Even if I’m full, it’s fine. I’ll get hungry soon after I sleep for a bit. I can keep eating all the time. (laughs)

For the question “What do you want to have at the moment?”, the answers of these 7 people who are busy everyday are!

RAP MONSTER: Time. I want to have some time with my family. I want to travel with my family. We had a concert in Japan last year and my parents along with my sister went on a trip. I couldn’t go with them… I was really upset.
J-HOPE: I have never had a family trip before too. I want to travel with my family!
JUNGKOOK: I want to travel too. To America or Japan. Who do I want to go with? (glances at J-hope sitting beside) J-hope-hyung ♡
J-HOPE: Wow! I’m happy! Jungkook finally knew how to live in life. (laughs)
V: I want to have time too, but I want to have paintings more. I like Gogh the most. There are around 10 paintings in my room.
JUNGKOOK: Are they real?
J-HOPE: If those are real they would cost hundreds of millions. (laughs)
JIN: I want to have an island. I filmed on some island last time and they said it can be bought with 30 billion.
RAP MONSTER: You don’t need to buy an island. We’re going to Hawaii or Okinawa anyway. (laughs) Oh snap, it’s time to end the interview! Let’s greet properly for the ending.
SUGA: Please listen to our single “Blood, Sweat & Tears” a lot and look forward to our Japan tour too. Please give BTS a lot of love!
RAP MONSTER: Our hearts are always… Seventeen ♡


me: I don’t understand why people always call Four Jews in a Room a useless opening song. It not only introduces the men of the show, it also does an amazing job of introducing the show’s theme of misogyny. The entire point of the song is to clue the audience into the fact that the men of the show all see themselves as major characters but don’t regard Trina in the same light, ergo the reason the song isn’t ‘Five Jews in a Room Bitching’. Throughout the song, Trina’s only function is to play stage hand to the show’s male characters: taking their staffs off stage for them, running the Red Sea across the stage, taking their clothes, setting up the blocks properly while they dance and sing in the foreground. And if that weren’t clear enough, the song also suggests Trina’s low self-esteem and her dependence on the men in her life. The only lines she really has are ‘slavery, slavery’ (a nod to the fact that she’s doing all of their ‘housework’ on stage) and ‘four Jews in a room’, confirming the fact that she doesn’t even recognize herself on the same level as the men. While Tight-Knit Family does a good job of really letting the audience know what’s going on in Marvin’s life, Four Jews is primarily there to introduce some of the show’s key themes and ideas. 
my mom: your soup is getting cold.

game of thrones and misogyny

Okay so everyone and their mothers knows by know that Game of Thrones has a problem with misogyny, there’s been countless essays written about it, but watching the most recent episode 7.06 is making me start to try and pin down the certain type of misogyny, which to summarize think, is that they believe while misogyny in Westeros is real it is a choice to endure it and any woman who doesn’t is unworthy.

This is a problem for….so many reasons, in ASOIAF at least it is quite clear misogyny is a deeply ingrained social aspect of Westeros that causes women a lot of pain, we see how it affects women such as Cersei, Catelyn and Brienne and how it shaped a good portion of their lives and brought with them some very unique pain, for instance most of Cersei’s pain and trauma are deeply rooted in the patriarchal order of both Westeros and her family, and the degree on which she has been indoctrinated into that way of think has completely warped all relationships she has with other women.

“I’m not going to sit by the fire and knit while men die for me” Lyanna Mormont 7.01

“You probably don’t remember you were always inside knitting” Arya Stark 7.06

These two quotes are both very odd to me and reek of misogyny but also the idea that women have some choice in Westeros and are not born to fulfill very specific social roles they are taught to obey from the moment they understand how to, Sansa did not exactly ‘choose’ to say inside and knit while her brother did Cool Boy Stuff which Sansa didn’t want to do because she’s so lame and girly, Sansa would never be educated to fight, she is educated to run a household, which includes mending clothes, it is a skill that all medieval women had and was extremely important, this is the bloody north, do they really think those stylish furs just appear out of thin air?  Blaming Sansa and other women for fulfilling the social role they have all been taught to fill is misogyny plain and simple, it is not a critique that society needs to change it is a critique that any woman who ‘lets’ herself be oppressed by doing Stupid Girl Stuff is bad and not as worthy as the girls who do.

To summarize Arya knowing how to fight Like The Boys is not a story of feminism, it is the idea Arya is a worthy woman because she doesn’t let thing like institutionalized misogyny get in the way of her doing what she wants and therefor all women should do it, it perpetuates the idea that all women ‘choose’ to be victims and don’t have to if they don’t want to, that women abused by men put themselves in that situation and therefor deserve to be belittled and put down by the narratives chosen Good Women.