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Name: Victoria

Family name: Putinski

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′5″

Age: 26

Favourite colour: Kelly green, and indigo blue. 

Time right now: 9:24 PM

Hours of sleep: 6-8

Lucky number: 7

Last thing I googled: “floral mens punk t-shirt”

Fav fictional character: Oh God how can I choose one @_@ Hiccup from HTTYD

Blankets I sleep with: a duvet and a wool blanket from Iceland

Favourite artists: blaaah too many to list so I’ll just put my ultimate fave as @maddox-rider <3

Dream trip: Antarctica

Dream job: character animator or background/layout painter at Mercury Filmworks 

What you’re wearing right now: denim overalls over my Tabitha Howlter shirt, with my grey owl jumper on top (I am ultimate phan-trash mode atm)

Follower count: 19,591

Posts: almost 5,870 (that is crazy omg)

What do you post about: my own art, internet support group advice, reblogs of other nice art

Most active followers: @thegraceofebonee, @the-squirrel-queen

When did your blog reach it’s peak: I’m not sure if it’s reached it yet

Why did you make this blog: To share my art and make art friends :)

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Yes

Why did you choose your URL: My primary blog @geomagics used to be “incaseyoucare”, so “incaseyouart” seemed logical. Now I regret it a bit since everyone apparently reads it as “incaseyoghurt” lol (fact: I have a sideblog @incaseyoghurt)

Countries you’ve lived in: Canada

Favourite fandom: Dan & Phil

Languages you speak: English and a bit of French. 

Favourite film: Dragonheart

Last article you read: Earthquake in British Columbia

Last thing you bought online: temporary dragon tattoo, fake piercings, tattoo sleeves, blue hair chalk *cough* can you tell what cosplay I’m doing next 

Last person you dreamt of: My friend Mars

A recurring dream: There is a large, open, grassy field. I am running across it in a panic because I am being chased by some unknown aggressor. I reach the woods at the end of the field, still running. There is a log cabin up ahead, which I smash in to, eager to escape (not sure what). I discover a trap door into a basement. I fall in to complete darkness. I wake up. (I have this dream once every few years, idk why)

Phobias/Fears: Waves (especially the break point along shore), high winds and tornadoes/hurricanes (extremely violent storms in general). 

How would your friends describe you: Person obsessed with those two British guys online

If you had $$$ to spend, what would you buy first: Honestly probably a house, so I didn’t have to keep wasting my money on rent. 

Shuffle your song library- first song that plays: Brave by Riley Pearce

I tag: @gilove2dance, @beeken, @sarafinascomplex, @koneko-manga have fun guys~