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David Tennant and his collection of Mr. Men shirts

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G U Y S  The thing Warren is wearing is called a ‘Bum Flap’!!

It reduces abrasive wear to pants and provides protection, but they’re often worn as a punk fashion statement :D
2016 GPF - Men's SP Universal HD Full Broadcast
2016 Grand Prix Final - Javier Fernandez, Patrick Chan, Shoma Uno, Nathan Chen, Adam Rippon, Yuzuru Hanyu short programs

If you somehow haven’t watched it yet, here you go - It’s totally worth it! You can skip all the commentary it’s only 6 skaters so it’s not long. The commentator is slightly too talkative for my taste but the filming is above average.

My super-biased commentary about the only stuff I care about:

Patrick Chan: (I’m Canadian. Please give me this guy over JJ any day :P) His movement quality is wonderful but sometimes I am lukewarm on his routines - however, this one was so smooth and pretty and such a goddamn pleasure to watch *_*

Shoma Uno: Aww bb. I am so looking forward to seeing more of him in the future since he definitely likes the drama routines and I also like the drama routines.

Adam Rippon: THIS GUY IS CHRISTOPHE GIACOMETTI. And he owns it. Just. Watch this and tell me that he wouldn’t bring a stripper pole to your gay dance party wedding. :D

Yuzuru Hanyu:  OMFG. *______*  I was lukewarm on this short program when I saw it earlier in the season, it felt like it wasn’t quite his style or he wasn’t quite selling the attitude, but HOLY SHIT was he ever comfortable and fucking killing it this time!!?! He owned it so hard I was pretty blown away even though I was already expecting to be impressed. Especially after having seen it earlier in the year. So much comfort-level improvement! It felt kinda like the difference between ep 3 Eros and ep 8 Eros in terms of “selling the image” improvement. <3 <3 <3