mens fashion appreciation

Something that really gets on my nerves are those posts that say “Men’s fashion then and now….something went terribly wrong” but the then picture is always  vintage business wear and the now photo is always a picture from a recent runway show .. you cant really compare business wear to runway designs … if they put men’s modern business wear up next to it no one would really be insulting it and they would find the now perfectly acceptable and also im sure there are tons of old examples of designer’s show pieces that they would find just as strange as they seem to think modern runway pieces are. 


Another cummerbund outfit. As I’ve told you guys I’ve really been enjoying the cummerbund here lately. Not only does it give visual interest and adds flare, it can also hide the dreadful over blousing/additional material that can often happen with us plussize guys.

In This Outfit

Shirt 18 ½- Calvin Klein by way of Burlington Coat Factory

Blazer 48- Thrifted for $5

Pant xl- these are actually smart joggers. The have the shape of joggers without the elastic at the ankles.

Cummerbund- thrifted for a $2

Shoes 12- H&M

Nacklace- Rugged Warehouse

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