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It’s Morphin Time!

This designer just sent Power Rangers down The Runway (yes, really) and it’s freaking AWESOME!  Bobby Abley Spotlights the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for Its 2017 Fall/Winter Collection

The best part about watching Wonder Woman was that for the first time in my entire life I felt a sense of connection, of camaraderie, of unity with an entire group of women I didn’t know. There were probably four guys in the theatre (all accompanying one or more women or future women) and I could tell they truly enjoyed the film, but the women…

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house except for the tiny girls too young to feel anything beyond the absolute wonder of seeing their hero on the screen, and those babies were cheering and yelling and being lifted up to fly by their dads and that was darn amazing too. As for the rest of us, every age, race, and body style…down to a surprising number of little round grey-haired southern women (in whose mighty company I will one day stand)…

We were all splotchy faced and red eyed from crying and when we left the theaters and ran into one another in the lobby or the parking lot no one had their head down trying to hide those tears, no, we made eye contact and smiled, some of us mouthed “Wonder Woman” and smiled bigger and nodded, sometimes there was just this knowing, this…hey, you…you were there and we’re here and what a beautiful day it is to be a woman.

I would like to point out Flynn’s very own constructed staircase. Made with wood and bicycle tires. That’s very nice, Flynn. I bet you got an A+ in Croatian shop class.

Oscar Wilde inspired Look Book for Alexander McQueen - Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear Collection - designer: Sarah Burton - photographer: Ethan James Green - stylist: Alister Mackie - art direction: M/M Paris - hair: Matt Mulhall - makeup: Miranda Joyce - casting director: Jess Hallett - model: Tsubasa - location: London

“It’s Oscar Wilde, it’s military, it’s dandy, it’s aristocratic, it’s romantic,”