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The reason why men’s and women’s shirt buttons are on opposite sides is likely due to the extravagance of the upper class. When buttons were invented around the 13th century, only the wealthy could afford to have them on their clothes, and wealthy women were dressed by their servants, so clothiers started sewing buttons on the other side to make it easier to dress the lady of the house. Source Source 2

DIY Mens Dress Shirt to Tank Top

Make this loose fitting tank top with minimal sewing. This is not a total reconstruction project.

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I rather liked my green Ratio Clothing shirt so I said “thank you sir, may I have another?” But by “another” I meant “two more in summer weight oxford.” Due to the extreme heat we’ve had in KC this summer, I’m regretting the fact that I haven’t always had light-weight oxfords at my disposal.

The blue is a lovely shade called “bay blue” which is slightly lighter than the French blue that was so ubiquitous in the 90s. The other is lavender and it is purple, but light enough purple that we call it lavender. That’s how it works.

I made the special request of making the Fitzgerald collar unlined and added a box pleat. The blue collar feels thicker than the lavender, which is paper thin. Does that mean my blue and green shirts had lined collars? I don’t know, man. Some things just need to remain a mystery.

mercy and pharah both doing that thing where you wear your BFs dress shirt as pajamas, except obviously theres no BF in the picture, they just keep these extra-large mens dress shirts around for that flirty morning look


PorStyle Men’s Slim Fitted Contrast Coloration Dress Shirts

  • 97% COTTON, 3% SPANDEX
  • Men’s Button Down Dress Shirt with Contrast Coloration Point Design
  • Very Soft and Confortable Slim Fit with Sretchable Spandex
  • Button-down collar, Chest Pocket


My husband is interviewing for a full time job with Macy’s this week, which means I have to actually dress him like a grown up and not a cartoon character.

Which means I get to pick out men’s dress shirts in a variety of fabulous colors!!!