mens dorm

TJeff and Mads is my problematic OTP

This is a sketch that got way out of hand. I just wanted to draw Jefferson in sweats ;-;

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Scepter 4 alphabet squad finds Fushimi's stash of knives and attempts to have a knife throwing contest.

Someone would almost die, probably Doumyoji. Maybe there was some kind of issue with the requisitions department and Fushimi’s box of brand new knives gets delivered to the men’s dorm instead of Fushimi’s desk and Hidaka opens it by accident. Akiyama thinks they should just tape the box back up and bring it to Fushimi-san, Doumyoji wants to check out the knives because aren’t they kinda cool looking. Hidaka’s like we probably shouldn’t touch them but they are kinda interesting, which is when Gotou takes one and tries to throw it at like a poster on the wall. He almost hits it and Doumyoji’s like ooh, let me try. Next thing you know half the squad’s trying to see who can hit the poster closest to dead center and the other half is weakly attempting to stop them. Akiyama feels extremely guilty about this but he still takes his turn because Benzai got pretty close and convinced him that he might be able to manage a perfect score (he misses by a wide margin, his sense of duty is too strong). Enomoto does surprisingly well, especially considering he’s nervous about even touching the knives. Doumyoji does poorly and is insisting that he get a second turn when suddenly a knife comes flying out of nowhere, misses his face by a hair and hits the poster dead in the center. Fushimi is standing there behind them and is not amused. The alphabet squad spends the rest of the night removing the knives from the wall, cleaning and polishing them as punishment.