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Hey I got a question and I'm embarrassed to ask but how do I found my foot size in woman if I was born a male

For anyone in need of shoe conversion sizes


Check out my new kicks. :-)

The colors might not show up correctly on all monitors, but these are some Converse All Stars in the bi-colors: Pink, Blue, and Purple. They were custom ordered–you might say “bispoke”–for me by my fantastic wife (Fierce Ally ™) and given to me as one of the best surprise Christmas presents I’ve ever gotten. I’ve had to resist the urge to wear them everywhere, with everything. (They’re not suitable for the weather this time of year in Boston, nor for every outfit or occasion.) But I’m wearing them as much as I can.

Including to the SuperCuts the other day, where the stylist noticed them and in the middle of the full store, said to me, “Oh, those are awesome. What do the colors mean?”

I had a split second to decide if I was going to “out” myself to an entire store full of strangers.

I went for it. “Oh, they’re the bisexual colors. I’m bisexual, and my wife got me these as a Christmas present.”

The stylist said, “That’s fantastic. They’re great.” The dude in the chair across from me swiveled around saying, “You have bisexual sneakers? I have to see them….” and seemed totally chill as well as admiring of them. A few other people within earshot just chuckled. Only one, who had been looking at them and listening, was noticeably silent and suddenly found her magazine very interesting.

My heart was racing. These little moments, unexpected, when we need to claim our identities in public, in front of strangers, still throw me more than anything else. But I figured if I was going to wear these shoes, well….I’d better be willing to walk the walk. And I was happy to do it looking so cool.

Warm trousers and comfortable sneakers.


holy shit i cant believe i finished these in time

its like half an hour before i have to leave im so happy holy fuck

there are wips here and here in you wanna see them