mens clothes

You know, sometimes I regret making that response, it must have been over a year ago, to that post about men in dresses being something to do with hating femininity.

I phrased it badly, and I could have gone into more detail, but I stand by it. 

I still think the main reason people don’t like men in dresses is because they don’t look good in clothes that were not made for their body shape. I never said in that post that society has NOTHING to do with people’s opinions on men’s clothes, I just said that people’s opinions and restrictions on men’s clothing, to me, does not seem to reflect a distaste for femininity. 

I never said that I don’t want men to wear dresses, or that men should never wear dresses, I said that they look ridiculous in them - meaning - I personally think most men do not look good in women’s dresses. 

And the reason I minimised the ‘patriarchy’ or society’s influence over that opinion is because I like unconventional things about men, and its odd that society would have allowed me to not be bothered at all by men in makeup, or in skirts, or in kilts, or in feminine colours or prints, or in tribal clothes that look like dresses, but has conditioned me to specifically not like men in women’s dresses. 

It just seems very convenient. 

I’ve made the decision to no longer respond to that post because its just a waste of time. I’ve made my point 100 times now.