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Let Laurent be masculine

Okay but I think people are forgetting that Laurent isn’t a feminine man by any means…he’s actually kind of fuckin manly. He’s built like the statue of David, described to have broad shoulders, a cut body and not to mention the strength to whirl around a 500lb+ horse while cutting down soldiers with one arm.

Damen used to chase after gladiators for crying out loud. You know he’s gotta admire Laurent’s body for how sporty and strong it is. He’s not like this…slight, soft-bellied boy I tend to see around the fandom. The super long hair, the soft body, always making him bottom (did we forget he nearly topped Damen if not for some rude premature climaxing)…

idk I feel like Laurent is being feminized into very boring, stereotypical role where there always has to be “a girl” of the relationship. And I feel like with all the different ways Pacat described him she was very careful about trying to avoid this very thing! Laurent may be a prettyboy but that doesn’t mean he isn’t masculine af too. I just don’t want his awesome character to fall into the same void that nearly every other ‘bottom designated’ gay man gets in any given fandom. 

The X sessions

Dr. Bright: hey are you a slightly creepy/shady authority figure with secrets who works with people with super powers, sometimes goes by their last initial, has a tough relationship with their family, constantly puts the lives of minors at risk and is still trusted to work with them, oh, and has homoerotic tension with your worst enemy/former best friend?

Professor X: yell heah!

Dr. B: besties!

Part one of a lil crossover I had running through my mind


BTS || #New David Gandy and Bianca Balti for D&G #LightBlue Eau Intense by Mario Testino in Capri

This is random but can you imagine being at a party with all those DWTS pros in the room and on the dance floor??? I mean I would be over the moon excited in one sense but then I would be crazy as heck intimidated by their skills too!  Haha So much talent in one place!  Their parties must be INSANE!  Just a thought on the brain tonight ha.

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I just laugh because when you see them out in social settings there over there like…….

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100% Capri @ Bal Harbour

A few days ago I got a chance to visit the luxurious, exquisitely curated Bal Harbour in Miami. Simply put, this shopping Mecca carries one of the most outstanding selection of luxury stores and restaurants I’ve seen to date, set to establish a paramount standard of uniqueness. Within the array of refined labels such as Kiton, Canali, Cucinelli or Loro Piana, there was one in particular that caught my attention: 100% Capri.

Created by Antonino Aiello, the label turns its focus towards one of the most ancient and noble fabrics - linen. Drawing inspiration from the colors, designs and lifestyle of the homonymous Italian island, the label presents a superb collection of breathable, fitted garments perfectly complemented by shoes and accessories. As an unconditional fan of linen, I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and airy, comfortable feel of each garment, which transpire high-end quality and attention to detail.

Unstructured blazers exude a trademark nonchalance with beautiful draping, trousers and shorts have just the right proportions and what to say about the shirts? Outstanding masterpieces such as the tuxedo shirt, or the removable spread collar shirt embellished with small linen diamonds on the front, are truly unique. Featuring light shades such as white, beige and khaki, the color accents are mostly given by the wide range of accessories including suede loafers and slippers, braided belts, scarfs, pocket squares and of course, the outstanding panama hats.

To top it off, the space created by Giachi Architettura e Design is in itself amazing, materializing the collection’s universe and feel through a modern, sophisticated style conveyed by a neutral color palette and use of wooden and leather details throughout. Like the collection, it feels lightweight and appealing while featuring an outstanding use of light, flowers and water to portray a natural ambience. Looking forward to visiting their Firenze store during next Pitti!

Ph: Beyond Fabric

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I mean when you've got long hair, a bun is a pretty efficient way of keeping it outta your face. I am against CALLING it a man bun, because when a woman wears a bun it's not a woman bun it's just a bun and hair isn't specific to a certain gender, but I think people should be allowed to wear 'em. Men wearing buns is totally normal in a lot of places and has been for ages, it only became trendy for a while when white dudes in america started doing it.

Agreed. Manbuns as a fashion choice are as appalling as men wearing capri pants. Manbuns as a practical reality will be allowed to live … for now.