mens button ups

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Fuck managers story. Our store switched form company issued Tshirts to button ups that we had to buy ourselves. These shirts had to be long enough to tuck in, which shirts designed for women never are. So All the women working in the store began buying men's button ups, which either meant that the shirts were too baggy, or were way too small in the chest area. So the managers began STAPLING our shirts closed over our chests where the fabric gapped between buttons, even if we wore an undershirt.


Whether it’s a bad dysphoria day or you just wanna dude out here are some little things you can do to feel more masculine.

• Grow your leg hair out | Grow out your armpit hair

• Use Men’s body wash, deodorant and/or shampoo (Dove Men, Axe, Old Spice)

• Fill in your eyebrows with a little mascara to make them darker and thicker.

• Wear a beanie or hat and tuck your hair into it

• Buy some mens clothes ( A shirt, button up, flannel, some baggy dude jeans)

• Wear Boxers or Briefs

• Picture yourself as who you truly are

• Talk to other trans men

• Do a quick workout 

• Use a men’s razor

• If you haven’t already, ask your friends to use your preferred pronoun

• Buy a new hoodie 

• Practice voice training techniques and speaking in a lower voice

• Cut your hair

- Kyle