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There’s been debate lately on whether or not trans men’s positivity blogs are male positivity.

Well. Of course they are!

You wouldn’t say a gay male positive blog isn’t a male positivity blog!

You wouldn’t say a blog for fat men or disabled men or autistic men isn’t a male positivity blog!

Trans men are men just like any other! Don’t be ridiculous! They’re just a specific kind of men.


February 18th 2017

What I’m wearing:

  • Maroon H&M Hoodie
  • Grey Gryffindor Crew neck from the WWOHP
  • Jeans Distressed Selvedge denim from ILOVEUGLY
  •  Belt MCM Worldwide
  • Wheat Timberlands

I know its been a while since I’ve posted. I live in Michigan and the weather has been quite unbearable and depressing but today the temp got up to the Mid 60s and sunny…So I took full advantage and enjoyed the nice weather while I could.. and decided today was the perfect to take outfit pics. More to come as the weather remains warmer. So feel free to Reblog, Follow, and catch me on IG BryantDIGITAL