mens bathing suit

First shot of my Female Bathingsuit Colossus from ColossalCon 2015!

Photo by Martin Wong
Cosplayer Cendrillon Cosplay

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Do u think its right for women to walk around with no tops n bras on? And why

Yes I do, if a man can then so can women.

Why? Because breasts are not genitalia, and they are not sexual organs. I am 100% on board with the #FreeTheNipple campaign.

Did you know that the social stigma of having shirts on and not exposing nipples was also apart of men?

Today’s #FreeTheNipple movement isn’t all that dissimilar to the original efforts to allow for nipples to be seen in public.

Except at that time, it was guys who wanted to show skin. Yes, up until the mid 1930’s it was illegal to public flaunt the male nipple in public.

That is why men wore bathing suits like this:

The first protests occurred on Coney Island in the early 1930’s, where men gathered to fight for the right to swim and sunbathe in shirtless swim trunks. In 1935, another group of male protesters got themselves arrested in Atlantic City for hitting the beach while baring their torsos. In 1936, these men legally gained the right to show their nipples in public, laying the foundation for existing New York state laws that allow women to be topless wherever a man is legally allowed to be.

The difference, however, is that women can still be charged with public indecency, disturbing the peace, or lewd behavior in many of these places where toplessness is purportedly legal.

I hate double standards, and this is a double standard.

So #FreeTheNipple.


Yesterday was supposed to be my one day off this week, but I was lucky to attend the Queen’s Plate for work instead! (It’s essentially Canada’s Kentucky Derby.)

I had a lot of preconceived notions about horse racing going into the day, all of which were proven wrong. I actually enjoyed watching the races and it was awesome to witness a different horse sport in person. These horses are SO young and the power they have is just incredible. I always thought racehorses were pure profit to their owners, but I saw a lot of rich men in suits bathing their horses on a dirt track yesterday.

I wasn’t sure how close I could get with my media pass. I asked a security guard and he said “How close do you want to be?” I ended up watching the Queen’s Plate while sitting on the edge of the track!

Here are a couple photos I snapped of the winner Holy Helena. (Also my outfit.)

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dkrkfkgj all your talk about jin's pretty body and his tiny waist.......I'm sweating....he would be a beautiful oldtimey 1940s pinup model

OH anon, wouldn’t he though, just wouldn’t he?  Big shoulders big hips big hair a tiny waist some rocket boobs - I picture him looking like Joan in Mad Men, just in those little pencil skirts and silky blouses and little heels and hhhhhh god.  

But for real anon, this Baepsae dance practice video, sure JIn was in a sweatshirt but then he did this….

HHHHHH and HOLY LORD his shape under that sweatshirt…  Just - lets get a bit closer look at his TINY waist (and bonus big beautiful smile) how is he so perfect HOW…

Honestly Jin’s amazing shape is one of those  - lesser known things about Jin almost like - of course he has a good body of COURSE he does, but the fact that he has such a curvy lovely shape…