menona hentan

tS: WhO are yOu and what are yOu dOing in my territOry?
jT: I - I did not me4n to intrude. I w4s simply p4ssing by.
tS: Get Out. NOw.
jT: I would 4ppreci4te it if you could ple4se point those elsewhere. 

I wanted to draw rosesollux’s fantroll and my fantroll (well one of them anyway) hanging out because they both live in cold-ass places but then it turned into a fight. Gan keeps getting in tangles with girls it’s really not great sort yourself out Gan.

(I don’t know if Menona double-wields or if I got her quirk right or what her physical build/face shape/etc. are like so I’m sorry if I got anything wrong. Also I assume her poncho doesn’t technically open at the front but CAPES ARE DYNAMIC OKAY)