relax(✿◠‿◠) // take a bath, read a book, light some candles, and clear your mind. "Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort" - Jane Austen (26 tracks)

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I live with a mime who does impersonator mannequins at one of the casinos in Detroit … like this one. He never told us he did Rick James!!! Usually it’s Elvis or Kid Rock. He can’t do Elvis anymore because he made a comment at a lady on NYE and she threw a fit. SHE was the one who was being a bitch, so he said “Do you really want to get thrown out of here, tonight?” and she huffed & puffed and went on and on about how she’d have HIM thrown out of here!! All the person from the casino told my house-mates manager was “No more Elvis!” so he can’t be Elvis anymore.

I tell you though, he should be impersonating Bruce Campbell because he literally looks exactly like him!!

mymedlifey  asked:

I don't wanna study, tell me a story...about robots....

Once upon a time there was a robot with an identity crisis. 

He wondered, like many who saw him, who he was. 

Was he a machine or a mennequin?

After all, his parts were made in Japan. 

But he looked like a modern man. 

The robot had a secret, which he had written and hid under a flap in his skin. 

He was at least partly human. His heart, at least. But his blood was boiling molten lava. And his brain was made by IBM. 

Don’t be surprised if you see the robot acting a bit strangely.

He’s a man like you, and he needs someone to keep him from being lonely.

And he needs somewhere to hide. It’s for his own survival. To keep him alive. 

The robot with the identity crisis actually experienced emotions. He wasn’t a cold unfeeling machine like one might think. 

Like many doctors, his life’s purpose was to help others with their problems, so they could be free. 

But hey, he’s not a hero. He’s not a savior like some robots. Forget all you know about robots. 

He’s really just a man whose circumstances got out of control.

And don’t we all need a little control?

So you have the modern man who hides behind a mask of robot-hood so that no one could see his real identity. 

Thank you, Mr. Robot. 

Thank you, you and your robot cousins, for doing jobs that nobody wants to do. You build our computers, wash our cars, and vacuum our houses. 

Thank you, Mr. Robot. 

So as you can see, the problem with Mr. Robot is plain. 

There’s just too much technology. 

Machines save our lives. But at the expense of humanity!

Mr. Robot was fed up. He was sick of hiding behind his robot mask. 

So he threw away his robot mask and revealed his true self: