Happy New Year! What, I am late to the party? Well I don’t care cause I finally posted a new comic. Side note I don’t care what she says she didn’t win, it was a draw.(I wasn’t drunk, I only drink wine. Any other alcoholic drink is gross to me)

Easy Oral - Hollstein one shot

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Carmilla - student/teacher AU

Rating: P for Porn

Pairing: Hollstein

Wordcount: 3.753

A/N: Soooo to make up for my lack of writing I give you some filthy smut :3 I’m so sorry I haven’t dropped the fics. I am working on them, rather slowly, but I am. So, until then maybe give this a read??? Also sorry if this is highly inappropriate :3

Summary: Laura Hollis, popluar student of the school is failing her classes. She has had an eye on the English/Physics teacher Carmilla Karnstein and she is wondering whether she could get some extra credits from her.

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