It’s International Men’s Day

and I just want to say to all my men out there

trans men
queer men
neurodivergent men
disabled men
men of color
all men

please take care of yourselves

reminder that you matter, that you are important, that you are loved

if you are struggling with depression, BPD, etc., it’s not shameful or weak to talk to someone, to get some help - psychiatric/psychological assistance doesn’t make you any less of a man

if you are concerned about a physical ailment, gentle reminder to get it checked out, and that nothing is too embarrassing when it comes to your body, because it’s the only one you have

if you are in an abusive relationship, whether it’s familial or partner or some other form of abuse, know that you don’t deserve it, you are not the things they say you are, there are people who are here to support you, and resources to help you if or when you’re ready to take those steps - you are not alone

if you are considering suicide, please know that you matter, you are important, and that the world would be darker and lonelier without you - the situation may be rough now, but if you’re willing to give it a little longer, we will be here to help relieve some of the pain, to lighten the load, to help you breathe a little easier; please keep trying - i believe in you

if you feel like this still doesn’t apply to you

know that i love you, i care, and i want you to be happy

because you deserve that

just like anyone else

It is not the same thing

When will men realize

That they cannot

Be objectified

By women

or anyone.

When the same thing happens to men

it is called a “Male power fantasy”

because it is only meant to appeal to men,

and make them feel powerful.

We dont use men to sell things

or cast them in movies just to ogle them.

Women dont feel compelled to touch them without permission.

And men do not have harsh standards of beauty

Or Characters with barely any armor to show off their bodies

So stop pretending like we just ignore it when it “happens” to men

Men: You cannot be objectified!!!!

Here’s to the boys who have been outcast by masculine culture and thought they could find a place to be themselves on tumblr, only to find constant negativity.

Here’s to

  • neurodivergent men
  • disabled men
  • men of color
  • men who love men
  • trans and nonbinary men
  • aroace men
  • sensitive men
  • feminine men
  • fat men
  • etc

You’re not gross or wrong by virtue of your gender identity!! You are lovely human beings who deserve to be appreciated!!