ideas for men

An actual male-focused feminism-style movement that was about more than just enacting misogyny would focus on:

  • dismantling toxic masculinity
  • ending the devaluation of femininity that causes 99% of the issues specific to men
  • ending homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, intersexism, and cissexism among men
  • providing resources to young trans, gay, bi, and nonbinary guys
  • ending mental illness stigma among men
  • teaching about consent, abuse, and how to spot it and what to do
  • acting as real allies to feminists by spreading feminist ideals among men

Men: If you want to know what to do since we don’t want you to take leadership positions in feminist spaces, consider this a wakeup call. This is your job.

Bassist Meeting [2014/09/21]

Koudai: It has been decided, let’s have a bassist meeting.
Koudai: Definitely Koichi, haku-san, meimei…
Chamu (Codomo Dragon) > Koudai: Men-men…
Koudai > Chamu: But even if we invited him he definitely wouldn’t come w
Chamu > Koudai: I thought the same but please invite him once. I wonder if he’s able to refuse if he sees our conversation…

It is not the same thing

When will men realize

That they cannot

Be objectified

By women

or anyone.

When the same thing happens to men

it is called a “Male power fantasy”

because it is only meant to appeal to men,

and make them feel powerful.

We dont use men to sell things

or cast them in movies just to ogle them.

Women dont feel compelled to touch them without permission.

And men do not have harsh standards of beauty

Or Characters with barely any armor to show off their bodies

So stop pretending like we just ignore it when it “happens” to men

Men: You cannot be objectified!!!!


The moment when Takemasa is the first one done writing but realizes last second that he has forgotten to write down the name of Kiryu’s bassist Hiyori. The task was, writing all names from Kiryu, Codomo Dragon and Royz members.