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Galentine's Day Party

Valentine’s day is meant to be spent with your loved ones, whether it be your significant other, your cat, or your best gal pal. We love this Galentine’s Party spread from {POPSUGAR}.

P.s. Shoutout to Leslie Knope for creating this crazy, wonderful, best day of the year!

I think something's going on between my two friends in American English.

Lol, I’m not the only one too.

Let’s say their names are Bob, and Bobbet

So they only talk to each other, play argue, hit each other, and only work together as opposed to the entire group of friends we have stationed on our side of the class.

Anyway, so today, you know, Bobbet bullshitted her homework just before she was gonna get checked, and she’s all happy and stuff, so she was congratulating herself and she gives a high five to Bob, who slowly raises his hand in confusion and their hi five connected, then they were talking (almost inaudible) while I was paying attention to their hands and she kinda somewhat wrapped her hand around his.


and they’re all “what”

and I’m like “Oh it’s nothing”

Then I told my other friends, and they were like “DUDE, WE KNOW”

Yeah, I think they heard me but I know for a fact they’re gonna hook up.

I know it.

I see it coming.

And if they do.. I get 5 bucks :3333333