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☎ for Jordan, % for Mengie, and ツ for Agni, @ Pokeri~? 8Vc

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to [cheerful pal]: Wait did you say that you’re lwaving now???? i gota come see you off pls wait a sec!!

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to [heroic swordslady]: How many swords would you say you have? Do you have a favorite?

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Mengy Commission Info - Examples above! Starting price: $25 (shipping is extra)

Every Monday at approx 8am PST, several commission slots will open up for 2” Mengy style amigurumi plushie. The commissions can be any kind of animal, real or fantasy! (No humans, sorry!) Commissions will be made during that week and shipped out on the following Sunday, and then the commission slots will open up again on the next Monday! No 8 week waiting lists! Yay!

Commissions will be accepted only through my Etsy store. Commission slots will be posted as a buyable item in my Etsy store with a deposit of $25. When purchasing the slot, let me know what you would like commissioned. If more details are needed or, if the amigurumi is very detailed (example: 2 headed dragon, white kyurem) , I’ll message you to let you know any extra costs and you can decide if you would like to continue or have the deposit refunded.

Currently I can only accept 2” plushie commissions as I only have yarn in stock for that size.


I’ll announce on tumblr, Etsy and twitter when the commissions slots are opening!

hey lol i finished my mix. sorry 4 the wait but yeah its finally done. it’s basically what i would do if i had a rinse fm show so its like two hours long and i made it downloadable. im gonna try to do one of these every 2-3 months of just tunes that ive discovered recently. big ups @2tqt​ for helping me find out what sounds good and what doesnt and for making the artwork!


  1. Bjork - Violently Happy (Masters At Work Dub)
  2. Moodymann - The Dancer
  3. Adesse Versions - Pride
  4. Shinichiro Yokota - Shake Yours
  5. Hamelmal Abate - Atalelegn (DJ Mengie & DJ XL Yaffet Remix)
  6. Vitas - The Seventh Element
  7. Ordinary People - Baby You Make My Heart Sing
  8. DJ Firmeza - Start Go
  9. DJ Perigoso - Decalee
  10. Nidia Minaj - Pra Fechar
  11. Normal Nada - Nubai (wo lo lol)
  12. KW Griff & Pork Chop - Bring In The Katz
  13. Rizzla - Airlock
  14. Zomby & Wiley - Step 2001
  15. Inkke - Love Song
  16. Kinnel - Beskonechniy Rassvet
  17. DJ Rashad & Gant-Man - Cause I Know U
  18. DJ Taye & DJ Paypal - Go Away
  19. DJ Paypal - Whisper Zone
  20. Bileo - You Can Win
  21. Michael Boothman - Waiting For Your Love
  22. Omar S - Set It Out
  23. Florian Kupfer - SAD001 A
  24. Future - March Madness
  25. DJ Richard - Bane
  26. Adam Oko - The Burrow
  27. Black Sites - Unit 2669
  28. Rudeboyz - Get Down 
  29. Sophie - Just Like We Never Said Goodbye
  30. Elysia Crampton - Axacan
  31. Joanna Newsom - Leaving The City
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Commissions Opening Soon!

Just a reminder that my commissions queue will be opening on Sept 1! I’ll be open to taking any animal related amigurumi! They will be approx 2" and be done in my big head, small body Mengy style! I’ll only be taking commissions for that size, as all my yarn in stock is best to produce the 2" size.

Price will be starting at $25 for most and more complex designs will be more. For example, everything in the above pictures would cost $25. Plus shipping (Although since I already have patterns for everything in the pics, they are available in my Etsy store for $20).

Start thinking about what you want to commission! Beat the Christmas rush!

All commissions will be through my Etsy Store: