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Mengies mom for Yana! Jordan for Vilra and Lina!

Yana(declining): (has this kind of cold look to his eye, and a strain in his smile) heh, I’d rather stay out of scaly situations like this if I can help it. You wouldn’t be the first to try this trick.

Yana(accepting);your….your serious arnt you?I (takes a deep breath) I really, really like to marry you, but only if your serious about this ok? no jokes, no tricks, no playing around, just- just completely serious the both of us, right?(once Mengies mom confirms that she’s serious she gets one hell of a hug and a crying yana)

Vilra(declining): Oh dear….Jordan I have a lot of things I need to settle before I can even think about marriage, I’m willing to consider it in the future if you are, but right now is not the best time.

Vilra(accepting);(hands in his face,red as a tomato, just nodding furiously with a big smile on his face)

Lina(declining):(gives jordan a kiss on the forehead and ruffles his hair) thats a kind offer, but im afraid im already spoken for, sorry.

Lina(accepting):(has a big grin on her face and has picked Jordan up)ooooh you better be serious you adorable hunk, cuz I’m not letting go if I can have you. Once you agree thats it, were married and I will do my damnedest to make it a happy marriage weather you like it or not


Mengy Commission Info - Examples above! Starting price: $25 (shipping is extra)

Every Monday at approx 8am PST, several commission slots will open up for 2” Mengy style amigurumi plushie. The commissions can be any kind of animal, real or fantasy! (No humans, sorry!) Commissions will be made during that week and shipped out on the following Sunday, and then the commission slots will open up again on the next Monday! No 8 week waiting lists! Yay!

Commissions will be accepted only through my Etsy store. Commission slots will be posted as a buyable item in my Etsy store with a deposit of $25. When purchasing the slot, let me know what you would like commissioned. If more details are needed or, if the amigurumi is very detailed (example: 2 headed dragon, white kyurem) , I’ll message you to let you know any extra costs and you can decide if you would like to continue or have the deposit refunded.

Currently I can only accept 2” plushie commissions as I only have yarn in stock for that size.


I’ll announce on tumblr, Etsy and twitter when the commissions slots are opening!


Commissions Opening Soon!

Just a reminder that my commissions queue will be opening on Sept 1! I’ll be open to taking any animal related amigurumi! They will be approx 2" and be done in my big head, small body Mengy style! I’ll only be taking commissions for that size, as all my yarn in stock is best to produce the 2" size.

Price will be starting at $25 for most and more complex designs will be more. For example, everything in the above pictures would cost $25. Plus shipping (Although since I already have patterns for everything in the pics, they are available in my Etsy store for $20).

Start thinking about what you want to commission! Beat the Christmas rush!

All commissions will be through my Etsy Store:

Keep your eyes open! ^.^ I’m going to need some help to see if this little baby Charmander will ship in the mail as letter sized. Sometime this weekend (as soon as I have a chance to do a mini photoshoot) I’ll post a contest and I’ll randomly give away baby Charmander to someone! He won’t be available in my Etsy store for a little while!

Shop Closed for a few days :(

I know I’ve been quite for while. I hate to use the age old excuse of “I’ve been busy!”… But I have! Training my horse, wedding planning and me and the fiancee decided to join Kendo a few months ago, have deeply cut into my hooking time! In the summer and after the wedding, I should have a lot more time for hooking and creating new patterns (and commissions too!)

Some bad news is, I’ve had to close my Etsy shop down for a few days. Some of my amigurumi listings got deactivated for copyright infringement. (I had actually thought Nintendo was cool with fan-art… I guess they are taking a no-fuss stance, especially with the new games coming out). So over the weekend I’m going to re-write the descriptions and remove all references to Pokemon, hopefully that will appease everyone. In the meantime if you are DYING to get the patterns or amigurumi, sent me a message and I can always work something out through PayPal. :)

Some good news is I finished this ‘close to life sized’ Glaceon plushie! Photo shoot pics are coming soon. I just need to wait for a nice sunny day (I wish it was still winter so I could go outside and get some pictures in the snow). In the future, I’d like to have these big plushie eeveelutions available for custom order (although they will be pretty expensive, it takes a lot of yarn to make them!)

and that’s all she wrote!

Mengy Photography

Is there any interest on learning how to take product photography, like what I do for all my amigurumi? I’m considering making a tutorial on how I do it. I’ve had training in photography, but the method I use is rather easy and I think anyone with access to a light box (you can make one yourself for under $20… I did in University), digital camera and Photoshop (I hate Photoshop and my skills are average > below average) could do it.