“Yes, but most people use the guns and armor analogy: one side gets a better gun, the other side gets better armor, which inspires a still better gun, and so on. The truth is that a better gun inspires a chemical counterweapon, which inspires a telepathic strike, which then brings about an artificial intelligence guiding the weapon. The pressure of war does bring about growth, but it is never the neat, linear growth that you learn about in the classroom.”

-Arcturus Mengsk, StarCraft: Liberty’s Crusade by Jeff Grubb

Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 3 "The Coronation"

Quick summary review

Korra is in the swamp to train in the ways of the force…. Er Avatar.

Toph is a pessimism/sadist/the original Bei Fong!!

King Wu of the Wu Tang clan gets out staged by Führur Kuvira.

Kuvira sends rebels to death camps - did I say death camps? I mean happy camps.

Eska approves of Kuvira.

Bolin is an easy to manipulate, but still lovable puppet.

Mako finally has something to say.

Korra has led in her bones. Literally.

And Verrick has found the spiritual version of the theory of relativity.

Another great episode. Loved how King GWB aka Wu gets a harsh talking to. One too many side stories though. Kuvira is just plain evil, and might do a better time marrying Acturus Mengsk.

Final Verdict: 9.5/10


E già che ci siamo…

warcraft 3+the frozen throne probably have my favorite rts single player campaign ever and in sc2 it seems like blizzard saw that players like it when the campaign has scenarios that do not play like a normal rts match and even go into diablo-esque territory and while i like the sc2 campaign i feel like they went too far in that direction with the rpg system bc one of the best parts of the wc3 campaigns is the way you could explore multiple story perspectives like you play with and against illidan and stuff that was cool and in sc2 there are lots of people that think nova and mengsk are interesting but you never really get to play from their pov (siding with nova in that one scenario doesnt really feel like it has real story consequences other than not seeing tosh anymore)

like the wc3 thing was cool because it you got to help all of the major factions (in the storyline sense) win and it made it more engrossing and stuff whereas in sc2 the dominion and whatever the evil protoss are called end up feeling like Cobra Commander like theyre ostensibly a big threat but every time theyre encountered its in the context of getting beaten up

Deinfested (Au)

It had been three weeks since Char, three weeks since the once dangerous Queen of Blades had been deinfested by the Xel’naga artifact and returned to her human state. Though she did not remember much of the first few days of being Sarah Kerrigan once again as the artifact doing it’s job had left her in rough shape.

Three weeks she had spent at Umojan Protectorate Facility  brought here by Valerian Mengsk. She wouldn’t have had a problem with that had it not been that during the three weeks  Valerian and his team   had run nearly every test under the sun on her, it reminded her of her days back in the Ghost Facility a time and place she had purposely left behind her.

She hated being here but above all else she growing to hate herself,  all this work for her. Had Jim really gone through all this trouble just to bring her back? The dreams were also hard she wanted Arcturus Mengsk dead she knew that but why did she still dream of the Swarm.

“Kerrigan. Valerian would like you  in the testing room in fifteen, don’t be late.” an orderly said upon entering the room.

Sarah sighed three weeks and she hadn’t seen Jim once, she wanted out and she was getting to the point where if Valerian didn’t let her out she would make him.  She was lead to the room by two orderlies both of which keep a slight distance from the former Zerg Queen, despite the fact that all tests had cleared that only a small amount of Zerg Mutagen remained within her and certainly not enough to be threatening to her or anyone around her.  She could hear their thoughts , the uncertainties they had about her did they not realise that should she so desire she could kill them both right now, she was still a former ghost.

Through the Plasma barrier she could see Valerian and his team as always but there was one extra, Jim.

“Just one more test, then she goes free I promise Jim.” Valerian said to the Rebel loud enough for the women beyond the barrier to hear as well.


in heart of the swarm one of my favorite cinematics is when you hear mengsk’s speech in the background while staring at a zergling’s eyes and it’s this very powerful moment between kerrigan and the zergling (and thus the swarm) i really enjoyed it

Starcraft: The Terran Campaign

One o’ me good mates, sent me an email recently with a rather chortle-worthy summary of the HumanTerran plot of Starcraft I. Without further ado:

Raynor: Oh shit, nasty alien things with big teeth. Let’s put our faith in the supremely experienced commander who will save us (after I teach him how to build a command center, barracks and use the ‘repair’ button).


Zergling: Grrrrowl! Yummm!

Raynor: (shoots gun from his cool looking vulture bike)

Zergling: Gah! (dies)

Duke: Raynor. You’re a bad bad man. Why did you kill that cute little Zergling?

Raynor: It tried to eat me.

Duke: Well, tough. You should’ve asked me permission first because I’m the big boss of the Confedration and on one can take a shit unless I say so. Off to prison with you!

Raynor: Help! Get me outa here!

Mengsk: I’ll help! (opens the door) Hi. I’ve got this terrorist label but actually I’m a nice guy. The Confederation are the REAL baddies. Just to prove it, let me introduce you to my hot babe assistant. Remember, only good guys have hot babe assistants.

Kerrigan: Hi!

Raynor: …

Kerrigan: Wha! you perv!


Raynor: Huh what? How did you you know that I was thinking about having hot monkey sex with you up against the side of my bike whilst wearing a ballerina’s tutu?


Mengsk: She’s a telepath.

Kerrigan: Well, yes. And you’re staring at my tits.

Duke: Erm… fellas? Sorry to bother you… my ship sorta crashed in the middle of all these Zerg and they want to eat me. 


Raynor: Suck ass!


Mengsk: I’ll save you.


Raynor: WHAT!?!?


Mengsk: Well… Raynor will save you.


Raynow: WHAT!?!?! Oh… ok. (saves Duke)


Duke: Mengsk? YOU! I hate you with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. I teach children to eat the liver of your dogs. You are a blight on all humanity and the scourge of the universe. The Confederation will never rest until we destroy you entirely!


Mengsk: Join me!

Duke: Ok.

Mengsk: Cool… Duke, what’s say you and I go kill all your former buddies in the Confederation.


Duke: Ok.


Raynor: uh… what about the Zerg?

Mengsk: No no. Much more important to kill Confederates.


Raynor / Kerrigan: uh… why?


Mengsk: Just do as you’re told.


Tassadar: Hey guys. We Protoss honour, respect and revere all sentient life. Therefore, we’re going to incinerate your planet. 


Mengsk: Oh shit. That means we don’t get to kill Confederates. Kerrigan, go kill the Protoss so that I can use this Psi-transmitter gadget to lure Zerg to kill Confederates. 


Kerrigan / Raynor: Erm… is this making any sense?

Kerrigan: I must do as I’m told because I’m a hot babe assistant. Ok, off I go to kill Protoss and lure Zerg and plant this Psi thingy.

Zerg Overmind: Who’s the hot chick in the catsuit. She’d look even cooler with green blood. I”m going to infest her… this will be fun. (infests Kerrigan) (Then Zerg go on to kill all Confederates)

Mengsk: YAY! All the Confederates died!

Raynor: You suck Mengsk. You too Duke. I’m leaving and coming back in a later chapter filled with vengenace to whomp your sorry asses. I’ll probably fall in love with Kerrigan since I’m the obvious hero and she’s the obvious heroine, but she’s infested with Zerg blood now… but I’ll use love to reach into the depths of her heart and rescue her and turn her back to the light side.

Andrew, please finish the Zerg and Protoss campaigns soon; we’d love to hear more.