“Yes, but most people use the guns and armor analogy: one side gets a better gun, the other side gets better armor, which inspires a still better gun, and so on. The truth is that a better gun inspires a chemical counterweapon, which inspires a telepathic strike, which then brings about an artificial intelligence guiding the weapon. The pressure of war does bring about growth, but it is never the neat, linear growth that you learn about in the classroom.”

-Arcturus Mengsk, StarCraft: Liberty’s Crusade by Jeff Grubb

Legend of Korra Season 4 Episode 3 "The Coronation"

Quick summary review

Korra is in the swamp to train in the ways of the force…. Er Avatar.

Toph is a pessimism/sadist/the original Bei Fong!!

King Wu of the Wu Tang clan gets out staged by Führur Kuvira.

Kuvira sends rebels to death camps - did I say death camps? I mean happy camps.

Eska approves of Kuvira.

Bolin is an easy to manipulate, but still lovable puppet.

Mako finally has something to say.

Korra has led in her bones. Literally.

And Verrick has found the spiritual version of the theory of relativity.

Another great episode. Loved how King GWB aka Wu gets a harsh talking to. One too many side stories though. Kuvira is just plain evil, and might do a better time marrying Acturus Mengsk.

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

The Bounty Hunter [starter with blessedsamus]

Frederick grunted.  He was being deployed via Drop Pod onto a planet to secure it for the Dominion.  The locals were in open rebellion against the crown, and while Frederick didn’t always agree with Mengsk’s policies, he still had a duty to uphold.

When he landed, the pod self-destructed and he began heading through the field to meet up with some Bounty Hunter the Dominion hired for this op.  Why couldn’t they have just used a Ghost for this?

Eventually, Frederick found the Bounty Hunter.  Though he stood a lot taller than her (mostly thanks to his armor), he could tell she was a lot better armed…and was that a gun for an arm?

“You the bounty hunter the Dominion hired?” Frederick asked.  “Name of Samus Aran?”

“Wha- What the hell are you?” The marine stumbles back in shock.

“Me?” The woman smirks. “I’m not someone to be f**ked with.” She sweeps around the marine and jabs her hand in a spinal joint of the armor forcing the marine on his knees.

He groans in pain dropping his gun.

Rei rushes and extends the bayonet. First breaking the visor with the butt of the gun, she flips the gun around and slices the marine’s neck.

 She drops the gun and walks off.

“I gotta find my way off world. Mengsk is going to pay.”