“Lu Meng… Your instinct to kill Guan Yu was not necessarily wrong. But you also need to learn to pull back when necessary and manipulate your enemies. You are too guileless. Although, your honesty has made you who you are.

Learn all you can every day. Support the future of Wu.

Yes, surpass me…. and even, one day, Master Zhou Yu.”

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What?!OH MY GOD!!!! When did I say that about you ge  !🙄
I said there are some people who will be like that! And there are some people who won’t be like that!!
Not you ge!😶😶😶
。。。I also heard/learnt it from my mom 。。😗 😗
I’ll call my mom my again to confirm if these words are true or not。。😑😑😑😐

I know that when gege is 90 years old, 100 years old, you’ll still be as YOUNG as you are right now ! Youthful!Because we are He Er Meng, we will not grow old, we will not lose touch, we will not expire! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😉️😉

It’s okay,fear not,if you don’t tag me I’ll tag you ! I really know how to use Weibo now!😎  Come,@何炅  one more time @何炅 , another one? One more time @何炅

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He Jiong’s Reply: He really went out right now to make a phone call (Jackson left to call Mama Wang to ask her about what she said about aging)