Quotes from Today's live feed with Senator Durbin, Reid Menendez and DREAMER Tolu

Passing the #dreamact would reduce the deficit by about 2.2 billion dollars - Durbin

“This is not just a piece of legislation. It is a matter of justice.” - Durbin

Passing the Dream act is a move to make our country safe - Reid

We don’t know when there will be a vote on the Dream Act, that’s something we have to work on. - Reid 

Passing the Dream act is a move to make our country safe - Reid

Jose Gutierrez, was not even a permanent resident or citizen when he died for his country in combat. Nothing more patriotic. -Menendez 

“Too many young people like me are carrying burdens that we were never meant to carry.” -Tolu 

Its been ten years since i graduated as an engineer, i have yet to work one day in my field - Tolu Olubunmi #Dreamer #dreamact #stories

we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - Tolu

 Last comment at #DREAMAct press conference, Reid raises possibility of using a House #E-Verify bill to move #DREAMAct.

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