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Ryota Katayose (15 years old) and Ryuto Kazuhara (17 years old) were both finalists of the VBA 2, where they became room-mates during the week previous to the finale. HIRO liked the two boys from the start, but they seemed too Young to become members of 3JSB so he decided to start a new project with them.

Ryota (above) and Ryuto (below)

In April 2011, EXPG held an inside audition where the following performers were chosen to become members of this new group: Hayato Komori, Mendy Sekiguchi and Reo Sano. The two members from Gekidan EXILE, Alan Shirahama and Keita Machida were also chosen to become performers of this new Project. The group name would be GENERATIONS, composed of these 5 performers and the 2 vocalists that were discovered during VBA2.

The upcoming debut of this new group was announced on July 19th and on the 23rd they would start their own Musha Shugyo as a way of training and promoting themselves all over the country before debuting. A year after they had started touring all over Japan with their van, a 5 members group of support performers were added into GENERATIONS, getting the role of back-dancers, but without being actual group members.

For almost two years they gave small concerts on the streets, shopping malls and other venues just to get their own fanbase. But during this training process, former member Keita Machida injured one of his legs that pulled him off the group activities for a while. Because of this time he had off from GENERATION’s activities, Machida Keita gave some good thought about his new role as a performer of the unit and his activities on the theatre troupe Gekidan EXILE, and at the end he decided to withdraw from the new project and stay as a Gekidan EXILE member. On February of 2012, GENERATIONS became one member short.

On April 17th it was announced that GENERATIONS would continue their activities as 6 members, getting ready for their upcoming debut and starting to appear on other LDH’s acts concerts. They started a new promotional tour titled Yume-sha Shugyo ~dai-ni shou~,  a second Musha Shugyo to prepare for their debut.

On September 11th the support member Yuta Nakatsuka was promoted to become the new performer of GENERATIONS. It was then announced their debut on November 21st of 2012 with the single BRAVE IT OUT, that would be released with the label Rhythm Zone (AVEX).

GENERATIONS were the first group that debuted containing the label of EXILE TRIBE on their name and first promotional video, but the name of “from EXILE TRIBE” wouldn’t appear on their releases’ covers until the second single, ANIMAL. This single was released on January 30th of 2013, followed on May 15th by the single Love You More. This third single was also the first title track that was a ballad and showed a different side, less fierce and edgy, of the group. Their last single before releasing their first album was the electronic song HOT SHOT (October 9th 2013) that introduced a especial unit from LDH of LED-dancers called SAMURAIZU.

GENERATIONS’ music style is heavily influenced by the UK Urban different genres, such as Dubstep, Trap, Drum’n’Bass as well as the electronic sound of EDM and the bubbly ballads that are more usual of J-Pop teen boy groups. BRAVE IT OUT is written by Jaakko Salovaara, Michelle Leonard and Ryan Scott, with lyrics by TomoMi; ANIMAL, is a song by Erik Lidbom (a songwriter that had already worked with EXILE) and Jon Hallgren, the lyrics are by SUNNY BOY; Love You More, is a mid-tempo ballad written by SKY BEATZ, SHIKATA, Chris Hope and J Faith, with lyrics by Maria Okada; while HOT SHOT is a song by Ricky Hanley, Kevin Charge, Hide Nakamura with lyrics by SUNNY BOY. The other b-side and album tracks feature producers that have already worked with other LDH acts such as Bach Logic (My Eyes On You) or Pochi (Ima, Kaze ni natte).

Their image is more edgy but teen, targeting to younger audiences than EXILE and 3JSB usually aim for.

Their first album was released on November 13th of 2013 GENERATIONS.

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