Based in @artistefish​ Inukag au, I asked her if she could lend me her au to  do the other Rumic couples and she said yes. 

Urusei Yatsura: Lum and Ataru were captured by some hidden group  called “The future is the best tomorrow”  when they were in a trip with mendou and Shinobou, surprising them when  lum and ataru were alone in one of the streets, the people who captured  them felt attracted of the idea of how a woman could have so much electricity in her body, and how Ataru Moroboshi could survive her electric shock for so many years, and they discover that the shocks didn’t made scars or fatal damage, they discover that his body is like a human cockroach so they decide to put him in studies too, to know the origin of his inhuman resistance, the force of the studies are so strong for him that this causes him to go in a temporal coma,  6 months later Ataru wakes up  but pretends to still being in coma until he reunites every information of lum’s whereabouts and after studying and hearing everything the people that hold him cautive say, he  breaks free of the facility in a certain day when they don’t study him, using his ninja habilities making his scape of his facility smoothly and his plan to save lum is the first priority, after some problems and obstacles, he founds Lum’s facility’s, when he opens her room, she was in  bed, he takes her in his arms, but his shock is strong when he notices her neck and legs with a extrange metal mechanism that  after a certain amount of time  drains her electricity, making her very weak, Ataru knows that they need to get out of there inmediately.

Kyoukai no Rinne: Rinne and Sakura were the target of the “Paranormal and Co. studies” , they have been studying their extrange behavior with highly possibility’s of encounters with specters or how Rinne dissapears  in a blink on eye in the city camera’s, this association abducted them after their class finished, when they arrived with them in a secret building unknown for the goverment  they place them in separate rooms in a after putting them to sleep with a strange substance, later on they discover Rinne abnormal Blood, the only 25% of his adn appears to be human when the  other %75 is unknown, making him a lot of studies with his body while Sakura is being  analized for her eyes, her strange hability to see ghost makes her a great  “base” to create this unusual habilty for the sake of their investigation, then  sakura begins to call the spirits every day, developing a new hability after 3 months, her connection with the spirits make it possible that in one day the power goes down thanks to the spectral friends she made , Sakura uses this opportunity to search Rinne’s Room and she founds him alive but still unconscious with a lot of cables in his chest, she tears them down and helps Rinne to stand in his feet, she knows that the scientifics will be there in  no time but  she doesn’t care, she will hide in some of the unused rooms with Rinne until he wakes up.

Ranma ½: Akane’s searching for Ranma after she knows that he’s kidnapped in his travel training, she begings to investigate where he last was saw thanks to the people of the mountain, she discovers a strange industry close to where his camping was, it was called “BioLife”, then someone hits her head and she lost conciousness, when she wakes up people are surprised to see her awake in a Room where she’s now, The people with white cloaths  tells her that she’s been  out in 4 months thanks to the liquid they been injecting her, this liquid  is for no use anymore thanks to akane  Immunological  system who in the recents days made the effect fade, they told her that they  kept her because  they discovered that she was the  weak point of the rare specimen they found, a rebel boy who transforms in girl after the cold water touchs him, when they told to the young boy about the girl who was caught he was scared and decided to do as they please to him if that could mean to keep akane save,Akane’s horrified and decide’s to escape, after recovering her body strength she plays the good girl role, letting her be awake in her room, making them think that they don’t need to drug her again, that she could be docile about her fate, days passed and she unites pieces of  where Ranma is thanks to what the people describes somethings about him, always vague but still true,  in a holiday day, she knows there was few people in that day and the plan begins to walk, when she was about to have her dinner, she knocks out her guardian with a single punch and goes to save Ranma, when she opens Ranma’s room she discovers him chained in  a glass container. a recent scar in his face, his clothes are a little torn apart and with a little of his hair red, she brokes the glass with one of her legs and breaks his chains, she hugs him tight thinking  of what they possibly done to him, horrified she starts to cry and Ranma wakes up, He was so glad to saw her, he tells her that if  he escaped of the room the people with white cloats always used Akane’s live as a way to keep him chain, if he  escapes she dies, they have a warm reunion and then decide to escape the industry, both of them being stealthy.

saintandintellectual  asked:

Any Ataru x Lum married life headcanons?

Ah yes!

  • They both have jobs( Lum’s a preschool teacher while Ataru works for Mendou)
  • Ataru does the cooking!
  • Sometimes they go out to dinner on weekends. 

  • Lum uses the yellow ribbon when sleeping with Ataru (At first Aatru didn’t want her to use it since it brought up bad memories. )
  • After having kids, they tell their kids all of their wacky adventures they used to have when they were teens. ( Mostly as bedtime stories )
  • Ataru refuses to tell his kids about how he used to act back in those times.(Running gag- whenever someone tries to bring it up around them, depending on the person Ataru will either send them flying or do something to interrupt.)
  • By this time, Ataru has matured of course; he still acts like an idiot though.
  • Lum doesn’t electrocute Ataru anymore since she really has no reason to since they’re married. ( Ataru doesn’t flirt anymore so *jazz hands* )
  • They have movie nights in the living room. (They let the kids choose the movie when it’s a family movie night )
  • When it’s just Ataru and Lum they take turns choosing the movie. (Lum chooses horror most of the time because she knows Ataru will cling on her during the jumpscares ) (( Ataru chooses comedy most of the time because he loves to laugh ))
  • **Angst alert** Sometimes Ataru doubts his capabilities as a husband and father.
  • …BUT of course the family reminds him he’s doing just fine : D
  • Ataru and Lum rarely have arguments, but when they do, the kids ( through classic rumic shenanigans) help them to make up. 
Servamp CharaCD Vol. 1 Translation and Romaji

hatmirror here! The first of Servamp’s charasong CD series features our main characters Mahiru and Kuro, the Sloth pair. I’ve translated the duet version, their solo versions, and the mini-drama, all in this post! Romaji of the songs are also included.

Many thanks to kairei-chan for providing me with the audio and scans! We will not be sharing the audio until further notice; requests for it will be refused. Please support Servamp’s creator Tanaka Strike-sensei by buying her works and merchandise!

This is a non-professional translation, so any corrections you’d like made, send them in as you please.

Somewhere  I wanted to be understood
Not by “someone”  But by you

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glimmerclouddragon  asked:


1: sexuality headcanon: I think she’d lean towards bisexual, mostly because Ryuunosuke would be pushing her most of the way there simply by herself.

2: otp: I don’t doubt that RyuuShino wouldn’t be anything other than this for me.

3: brotp: Usually Lum, because they go together so well.

4: notp: Ataru, Mendou and Soban.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Shinobu likes reading fantasy novels and fanfiction. She’s a secret geek, but she’d dare not tell anyone about it. 

6: favorite line from this character: “Were you born with no pride, or did you have it removed?”

7: one way in which I relate to this character: Sometimes I relate with the loneliness and melancholy that she often has, especially when she’s by herself.

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: Nothing much, really.

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Cinnamon roll!