Star-Trek-esque “Tricorders” Are Nearly Here!

There’ve been lots of great innovations in mobile technologies, expanding the possibilities of smart-phones, but I gotta say, this one is pretty damn impressive.

A new invention may be able to turn smartphones into powerful hyperspectral sensors, capable of identifying the chemical components of objects from a distance…

“A long list of fields stand to gain from this new technology,” said Prof. Mendlovic. “We predict hyperspectral imaging will play a major role in consumer electronics, the automotive industry, biotechnology, and homeland security.”…

Every material object has a hyperspectral signature, its own distinctive chemical fingerprint. Once the camera acquires an image, the data would be further analyzed to extract the hyperspectral content at any location in the image…

What else is hyperspectral imaging used for? Medicine, food processing, geology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, surveillance, and pollution monitoring. That is to say, a lot of people and a lot of fields stand to gain a lot from this.

Bottom-line: You needn’t be a trekkie to be thrilled about this news.

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