Shawn Mendes talking about Karlie at the 2015 VMAs


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shawnmendes Say my name x give me love @camila_cabello

to the one who I love next,
I’ll probably write poetry about you. I’ll turn you into metaphors about how your eyes resemble the sea or the forest or hot coffee on a cold winters day or how your hands feel when I hold them and how they make my heart feel like I’ve gotten into an accident but the only thing I have crashed is my heart straight into yours.
you’ll get me talking about God knows what and I’ll be able to go on for hours and you’ll be stuck listening but I promise you that I’ll listen to your shaky voice when you call me at 5am telling me how nervous you are about tomorrow or how the Suns already coming up or how you’re hungry but you haven’t even slept yet. I’ll listen.
I’ll tell you all about me in hopes you’ll tell me about you because I’m gonna be obsessed with you and you’re gonna occupy my mind just about every hour of the day and I’m gonna text you saying I love you at least twice a day just because I can’t let you fall asleep without knowing it.
I’ll go where you want me to and watch your favorite movie with you five times in a row, I’ll probably fall asleep on your lap but I’ll wake up and pretend I was watching it all along and I’ll say I love it because more than anything I’ll want you to be happy.
I’m gonna ask you question after question about how your mother named you the name she did and about why your dad left you at such a young age or about the game your dad played with you or how your mother ended up in the hospital or why you walk that way. I’m gonna ask about you because I’m interested. I’ll be so interested and I’ll want you to feel so important and trust me, all my friends will know about you too because I’ll get far too excited about you and spill it all to them. but they’ll love you too don’t worry.
I’ll call you at random times and you’ll catch me singing and dancing at inappropriate times but I’ll be too scared to order at the cafe and I’ll really need you to order for me.
and most importantly, I’m going to love you a fucking lot and you’re probably gonna break my heart and I’m still going to love you a fucking lot so please be careful with my heart and honestly, good luck.
—  I love you already // ig writingmyself

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