Менди - роспись по телу хной. Менди появилось около 5 000 лет назад. Наиболее распространена в арабских странах, Индии, Северной Африке и Индонезии. Многие арабские женщины считают, что менди приносит счастье и защищает от неудач.

Had a good day with my best friend today. I love being able to express my feelings about racism and appropriation, and she’s one of the few that understands.
I remember how excited I used to get when my auntie would do my mendhi for parties and stuff, and I also remember how nervous I would get when the party was over but the mendhi wasn’t gone. I’d pull my sleeves down, because I was afraid others would see and think my hands were dirty.
I’m not hiding anymore. I’m done with ignorant questions too.