Some more random assorted notes about various monhun characters of mine :D

>  The reason for TP’s small frill size is that while he grew up and got older, his frills didn’t  - causing them to remain more or less the same size as when he was an adolescent jaggi.

>  Mendi the najarala has two assistants -  Genki the gendrome and Yuki the great baggi  -  who use their paralyzing and sleep abilities for certain procedures (Such as reattaching tails or when working on less-than-cooperative monsters). For unknown reasons, Mendi prefers not to use her own paralyzing bite for these operations.

>  Lagiacrus finally accepted the name ‘Agira’ after rejecting numerous suggestions from others. According to him, he only accepted Plessi’s name suggestion to get the others to stop harassing him about being nameless.

>  At the end of the year, the so-called monster’s guild holds a large party at their home. Anyone’s invited to come in and join the festivities, and it’s not too uncommon nowadays to see some of the Moga villagers show up.

>  Plessi still hasn’t been accepted into G-Rank quests, much to his irritation.

>  Harlynx tends to get lonely and fidgety when Blackwing is away for extended periods of time.

>  Antraeol rarely uses his own name due to his being the only alatreon present in most cases.

>  Lagiacrus/Agira developed a fear of heights after Kudora’s group traveled to the Misty Peaks for a vacation, using an airship to travel there.

>  The mizutsune siblings Tama and Mizu joined the monster’s guild and Clinic respectively after meeting the group leaders during their vacation to the Misty Peaks. Mizu disapproves of his younger sister’s growing fondness for Agira the lagiacrus.

>  Harlynx stopped sending Blackwing to Kudora’s so-called monster guild for business meetings after several complaints from Tori.


Менди - роспись по телу хной. Менди появилось около 5 000 лет назад. Наиболее распространена в арабских странах, Индии, Северной Африке и Индонезии. Многие арабские женщины считают, что менди приносит счастье и защищает от неудач.

Had a good day with my best friend today. I love being able to express my feelings about racism and appropriation, and she’s one of the few that understands.
I remember how excited I used to get when my auntie would do my mendhi for parties and stuff, and I also remember how nervous I would get when the party was over but the mendhi wasn’t gone. I’d pull my sleeves down, because I was afraid others would see and think my hands were dirty.
I’m not hiding anymore. I’m done with ignorant questions too.