I love playing Enter The Gungeon, so I wanted to make a GIF of my favorite NPCs, the Nurses Patches and Mendy! Their Idle animation is so magnificent, I wanted to try my hand at it as well.

Enter The Gungeon is a magnificent blend of Rogue-like and Bullet Hell, with a dash of Dark Souls with the use of the dodge roll.

I highly recommend checking it out, you won’t be disappointment!

Had a good day with my best friend today. I love being able to express my feelings about racism and appropriation, and she’s one of the few that understands.
I remember how excited I used to get when my auntie would do my mendhi for parties and stuff, and I also remember how nervous I would get when the party was over but the mendhi wasn’t gone. I’d pull my sleeves down, because I was afraid others would see and think my hands were dirty.
I’m not hiding anymore. I’m done with ignorant questions too.

Details of the hand-illustrated sleeve design on our ‘Death Is Not the End’ long sleeve top.

Exclusively limited to 25 pieces. Handcrafted in the USA // Shipped Worldwide


Have been trying Jagua tattoos. The whale is actually on myself. Bottom one is a Mike Adams copy, (favorite tattoos artist) with the gel still on. It remains on the skin for another 2-4 hours, and then you either wash or peel it off. Then the stain develops over then next 48 hours, and stays for a week or two.

knowsnotwatitmeans isabelly1997


EXILE - Believe In Yourself

I didn’t have time to post it last week ;3; But well, it’s here now! I hope you like it ^^