mendelson shape


So, real talk. 

I’ve read a lot of books in my day, but Abarat is probably the first book series that I’ve really, obnoxiously nerded out over. To like Harry Potter fan levels. If merchandise existed I’d probably own everything and I’d wind up on a buzzfeed video about “this ultimate fan who owns every single Abarat action figure what is her problem.” If there was an actual midnight opening for the upcoming book I’d probably be first in line. If Hot Topic sold Abarat t-shirts I would wear them. 

Fortunately none of that exists so I can maintain some level of sanity. 

But anyways thank you Clive Barker for making a book series I can finally get behind. Your welcome. Please release Kry Rising. 


Abarat Re-read: Part 1

This isn’t going to be an in-depth analysis or going-over of theories or anything. it’s just some of my thoughts re: Part 1 of Abarat. Under the cut for spoilers.

(There was going to be MORE art but I forgot how long it takes me to draw smth and I ran out of time. But here’s a couple of drawings based on scenes from part 1: first, Candy and John Mischief meet for the first time, second, scary Mendelson Shape) 

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