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Let’s Go Play At The Adams’ by Mendal W. Johnson

Surely, it was only a game. In the orderly, pleasant world Barbara inhabited, nice children – and they were nice children – didn’t hold an adult captive.

But what Barbara didn’t count on was the heady effect their new-found freedom would have on the children. Their wealthy parents were away in Europe, and in this rural area of Maryland, the next house was easily a quarter of a mile away. The power of adults was in their hands, and they were tempted by it. They tasted it and toyed with it – their only aim was to test its limits. Each child was consumed by his own individual lust and caught up with the others in sadistic manipulation and passion, until finally, step by step, their grim game strips away the layers of childishness to reveal the vicious psyche, conceived in evil and educated in society’s sophisticated violence, that lies always within civilized men.

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What Amerei Frey, Lancel Lannister’s new wife would wear, J Mendal

Amerei is the eldest daughter of Merrett Frey and Mariya Darry, she is known for her promiscuity, which has earned her the nickname Gatehouse Ami, as “she will raise her portcullis for any knight who passes by”

After the Red Wedding Amerei is married to Lancel Lannister, the new Lord of Darry, in order to ease the change of allegiance of the Freys to the Lannisters. However this is after Lancel decides to become a devout servant of the seven. Lancel shows no interest in either his wife or his lands, or that Amerei is most likely continuing her promiscuous ways even after her marriage.

So pseudo and I were talking about our trollsonas as adults and I was thinking about how Mendal’s horns would grow to be the impressive and impractically large horns adult trolls and ancestors are shown to have and decided the angle of the connected horns wouldn’t grow upwards very well so-

I decided to add tiny little nub horns hidden behind her fins and hair that can finish out her symbol when they’re grown, also because I’ve had occasional problems with bone spurs as is so as a troll I could totally see having really inconvenient nubs and prongs everywhere.