Fall Out Boy Songs for the Signs

ARIES: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today // Breaking hearts has never looked so cool, as when you wrap your car around a tree, your makeup looks so great next to his teeth

TAURUS: Centuries // Until you die for me, as long as there’s a light, my shadow’s over you, cause I am the opposite of amnesia, and you’re a cherry blossom, you’re about to bloom, you look so pretty, but you’re gone so soon

GEMINI: Miss Missing You // I will sing to you every day, if it will take away the pain, oh and I’ve heard you got it, got it so bad, cause I am the best you’ll never have

CANCER: Young and Menance // Oops I, did it again, I forgot what I was losing my mind about, oh, I only wrote this down to make you press rewind, and send a message: I was young and a menace

LEO: Bang the Doldrums // And I cast a spell over the west to make you think of me, the same way I think of you, this is a love song in my own way, happily ever after below the waist

VIRGO: Fame < Infamy // I am God’s gift but why would he bless me with, such wit without a conscience equipped, I’m addicted to the way I feel when I think of you, whoa, “There’s too much green to feel blue”

LIBRA: I’m Like a Lawyer with the Way I’m Always Trying to Get You Off (Me & You) // We’re the new face of failure, prettier and younger but not any better off, bulletproof loneliness at best, at best

SCORPIO: I’ve Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) // We’re the kids who feel like dead ends, and I want to be known for my hits, not just my misses, I took a shot and didn’t even come close, at trust and love and hope, and the poets are just kids who didn’t make it, and never had it at all

SAGITTARIUS: Death Valley // Cause we are alive, here in death valley, but don’t take love off the table yet, cause tonight it’s just fire alarms and losing you, we love a lot so we only lose a little

CAPRICORN: Tiffany Blews // Oh baby, you’re a classic, like a little black dress, you’re a faded moon, stuck on a little hot mess 

AQUARIUS: Hum Hallelujah // I thought I loved you, it was just how you looked in the light, a teenage vow in a parking lot, ‘til tonight do us part, I sing the blues and swallow them too

PISCES: Golden // Tongues on the sockets of electric dreams, where the sewage of youth drowned the spark of my teens, and I knew that the lights of the city were too heavy for me

At His Mercy

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Buckle your seatbelts
Rating: Prepare a towel
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

WARNING: ⚠️PURE DADDY ⚠️ ROUGH DADDY ⚠️ This is not abuse like some people may think, it’s a KINK. ⚠️ DADDY KINK⚠️

Daddy raises his eyebrows, clenches his jaw, and his hands form into fists for a brief moment. This doesn’t look good for you at all. There is no way for you to escape Daddy’s wrath now. The guy that you were with suddenly pokes his head up and sees Jungkook glaring at him. He jumps up and raises his hands as if he’s surrendering. He scrambles around looking for his clothes. Jungkook smirks looking amused for moment at the reaction he provokes.

The guy dashes out the door and Jungkook follows him to close and lock the door behind him. You still sitting on the floor, topless and now wearing a cum stained skirt afraid if you try to stand that your legs will buckle underneath you. You felt paralyzed.

Jungkook turns around to face you and stares at you intently. He stalks over to the living room taking off his business shirt and stands before you.

Jungkook towers over you as you hear that familiar sound of his belt buckle being undone. You look down at the carpet. You know what is going to happen and you also know you deserve whatever punishment Daddy is going to give you.

You hear the leather slide through his pant loops as you sneak a peek up at him. He doubles the belt and makes a snapping sound with it. You jump at the sound with your heart racing and scoot back away from him.

“Stand up.” Daddy whispers deadly. Instead of standing up you scoot back again.

“I said stand up! Don’t make me say it again, princess!” He threatens. You slowly and carefully rose to a stance trembling. Jungkook takes a step forward and you take a step back. You hear him sigh exasperated.

“Princess, don’t make this any harder than it already is. Now I want you to stand behind the couch and bend over. Do it quickly!” Jungkook commands.

You drag yourself behind the couch and bend over. Your face falls in the cushions. Your feet can barely touch the ground except for the tip of your toes. All you can think about as You lean over the couch is; “Why did I let my sweet Daddy down? How did I let it get this far?”

It all started a couple of days ago when the two of you got into an argument over the phone. Jungkook had promised you that the two of you were going to go on a retreat for a week.

Of course, something came up at his office and he had to go fix it. So, instead of going on the retreat to spend much needed time alone with him, he went on another business trip. This isn’t the first time he has had to cancel. You really needed this retreat to spend time with your Daddy. But the conversation escalated and you hung up on him but not before You told him to “Fuck off!”

You had never talked to him like that before. He tried calling you back immediately but you let it go to voice mail. He then tried to text you and you wouldn’t answer any of them. You felt like You weren’t important to Him. That he didn’t have time for you so why should You make time for him? Plus, You also knew he would be angry because of the way You spoke to him.

You needed to blow off some steam so You went out with your girlfriends. You all had dinner at a nice restaurant than went to a popular club. The club is where You met that cute guy. You had no idea that you would hit off so well or things would go as far as they did. It started with an innocent kiss and before You knew it, you were in your living room.

You didn’t plan on Jungkook coming home until the end of the week. Of course, You didn’t plan on having that encounter in your shared living room either. He must have guessed his little girl would have gotten herself into trouble and came home early. Now you’re in a lot more trouble than cursing with him on the phone. Jungkook lifts your skirt folding it over to rub your bare behind.

“I think you know why you’re being punished but just in case you don’t it’s for being a: VERY. DISRESPECTFUL. NAUGHTY. LITTLE. SLUT!!” He angrily announces as he spanks your ass hard with his hand emphasizing each word.

“Daddy pleeeaaasseee, I’m soorr….” You start to say but he interrupts.

“I know you are princess and trust me you will be!” He states calmly.

“Daaaddy!” You begin again but you’re interrupted again.

“I will not allow MY princess to act like a disrespectful little slut. Now stay still!” he commands.

You know you deserve His wrath but you was terrified too. How bad was this going to hurt?

You soon found out after You heard the first swoosh of his belt. His belt lands with a loud crack on your ass.


You yelp as He swings his belt again. He’s relentless with each strike harder than the other. You scream into the couch cushions. You have tears streaming down wetting your face. He has never swung his belt with such quickness or harshness before. Then again You have never disobeyed or disrespected Him as badly before either.

Why did you disrespect him by telling him to fuck off and then hanging up on him? Why didn’t you answer any of his attempts when he tried to contact you? And the biggest question, why did you have to mess around with that guy? You really disobeyed your daddy when you made that guy cum but what was even worse is you allowed him to eat your pussy; correction Your daddy’s pussy.

You deserve to feel every ounce of your Daddy’s fury. You wish you hadn’t let him down like You have. You can still see the rage and the disappointment in his eyes. You are so ashamed of your behavior. You never wanted to hurt your sweet Daddy like You have or disappointed him but You were feeling neglected and unloved.

How very wrong You were to act out like this but you thought it could have been your little secret. It could have been your way of getting back at Daddy for breaking his promise to you.

What were you thinking? You also knew that eventually you would have felt guilty and told him the truth. You can’t keep anything from him no matter how difficult the truth may be.

He ceased his spanking for a moment and rubs your sore behind feeling the heat off your inflamed ass. You put your feet flat on the ground to give yourself a break from balancing but stay bent over the top of the couch.

You turn your head towards Jungkook and he frowns down at you. He gently moves your hair out of your eyes and wipes tears from your face. You stare back at him through your tears and he looks back at you somberly. His forehead was moist with sweat from spanking you with such fierceness.

He continues rubbing your behind using soft strokes. You embrace His touch on your flesh even though your skin stings. That familiar tingling feeling has awakened between your legs and You knew that only Jungkook’s cock can satisfy it. You peek at him and see in his eyes that he isn’t quite ready to forgive you yet or to give you any kind of satisfaction.

There is still a hint of anger in his dark beautiful eyes. You were already on thin ice. You didn’t want to push the issue but that is why you were so surprised by what you did.

You straightened myself up in a standing position, looking Jungkook in the eyes before giving him one of your devious smiles. He looks back at you puzzled. You smirk at him again and before he can say anything you run into the other room.

Jungkook just stands there by the couch dumbfounded. You can tell by his reaction that he cannot believe what you did. You can’t believe what You did either.

Jungkook finally recovers from the shock and smiles at you dangerously. However, he does have a hint of amusement in his eyes. He slowly walks around the couch and over to the dining room to where you were.

“Oh, aren’t we just full of surprises tonight.” He states amused.

You can’t help but grin seeing the amusement in his eyes but you also know it’s very foolish on your part as well.

“So princess, what do you think you can accomplish with this little stunt?” he whispers.

“…I…I don’t know. I just um wanted to talk to you for a minute.” You stammer.

“About what princess? If you think you can talk your way out of your punishment you’re sadly mistaken. You were very naughty girl and you need to respect my rules.” Jungkook states sternly as you begin circling one another around the dining room table.

He leaped and was almost able to grab you but he missed. You ran through the kitchen to the breakfast table. He slowly enters in the kitchen giving you a wicked grin. You ran behind the breakfast table.

“Daddy……I…understand that that I um need to be punished. It’s just…it’s just that you seem so angry. I….um never seen you like this before. You have to know that I um didn’t mean to upset you this badly.” You state sincerely.

“Princess, how can you think that your actions wouldn’t upset me? You know the rules. You know how I feel about you keeping your manners especially, when you’re talking to me. You also know how I feel about you making another guy cum and you REALLY know how I feel about MY PUSSY!”

He stresses the last two words loudly. You can’t answer him because everything he says is true. You know exactly how he feels about everything he mentioned. Like you have said before, there is really no way you can talk your way out of this. At least, you were able to stall and give my behind a break.

“Princess, if you come over to me now I won’t punish you for running away from me!” You heard him say truthfully. You can tell Jungkook is being reasonable but you also knew he was still angry. If you could only get him to calm down a little more before the two of can continue with your punishment and then you would feel better.

“No Daddy, I can’t go with you willingly until I know you’re calmer.” You whisper barely audible.

“Excuse me? I hope I didn’t hear what I thought I heard.” Jungkook states exasperated.

“I didn’t stutter Daddy, you heard me correctly.” You stated bravely. Jungkook looks at you in utter disbelief then smiles at you menancely.

“Oh princess, this really isn’t going to end well for you” he threatens.

You gulp and feel your stomach turn a back flip. You escape out of the breakfast room and ran back into the living room.

Jungkook and you play cat and mouse alternating rooms and each time he gets closer and closer to catching you. your hiding against a wall and peek around the corner. You can’t see him anywhere.

Where in the hell did he go?

You think if you can make it the bedroom You can lock the door and be safe. Then Jungkook can cool off some and you can get some rest. Then the two of you will be able to talk about what happened in the morning. You peer around the other corner and didn’t see him. You glance down the hall towards the bedroom. You only had thirty feet or less to run you pondered. You peer behind you before you make a dash for it.


You slam hard into a solid object.

The wind is almost knocked out of you from running into the object. You were trying to catch your breath when you realize that the hard object was Jungkook. He reached around you grabbing you by the waist and throwing you over his shoulder. You scream and he slaps your already sore behind hard. He marches down the hallway to your shared bedroom not saying a word.

He pushes you down to the foot of your bed as he seizes each of your wrists tying them to opposite sides of the bed. Then takes one of your ankles spreading your legs apart and ties it to one of the bed posts and ties your other ankle to the other post. You can’t move anything but your head. You are completely at Daddy’s mercy.

The both of you were catching your breath from running around the house and having shots of adrenaline shooting through your veins. He smacks you with his belt again using the same rhythm as he did before. He grips a fistful of your hair yanking your head back to look in your eyes as he continues to spank you.

“I need to know something princess” he menancely whispers in your ear, “Who does this pussy belong too?” He asks while swinging his belt. You try to answer but your voice catches because you were sobbing.

“WHO!” he yells jerking your head back.

“You do Daddy!” You yell.

“Then why did I see another man in it? WHY!” He demands as he snaps his belt hard on your ass at the last word.

“I..I.don’t know. It was um it was a mistake. Please Daddy, I’m so sorry. It was a mistake!” You beg.

“You bet your ass it was mistake! One that will NEVER happen again, am I right?” He asks as he rips off your thong making you howl.

“It will never happen again, Daddy! Please Daddy, I’m so sorry!” You plead.

Jungkook takes a few steps back and you feel his leather strike your pubic lips. He swings repeatedly striking your core’s lips and reaching your clit. Your pussy stings and is becoming swollen but at the same time, you were becoming wet, very wet.

Why is your body betraying you like this? Jungkook drops his belt, reaching his hand between your legs and begins working your now swollen pubic lips.

“Feel this? You feel how wet you are? You are a naughty little slut aren’t you?” Jungkook whispers.

He rubs his hard cock against your ass and in between your legs. A moan escapes from your lips and he lets out a low growl. Your pussy is soaked and you can feel your juices drip onto his cock.

You feel yourself pushing back towards him begging him to enter you. Even though your pussy and ass sting from the fierce spanking Jungkook gave you, you need to be fucked by him so badly. Jungkook holds his cock and slowly enters into you. You mewl and he moans. He slams his cock into you deep, bottoming out making you cry out.

He hammers his hard thick cock in your wet swollen core drilling you hard. He grips your hair as he continues pumping into you as he stares intently into your eyes. The head board was thumping against the wall with each powerful thrust. You feel his breath on your neck as he nibbles on your ear then kisses you hard on the lips.

“You like it when Daddy fucks you this hard don’t you my naughty little slut?” You gasp in response as he emphasizes each word with a fierce thrust.

“That’s right, your Daddy’s slut aren’t you? Answer me!” He demands. He yanks your head back more as if he was trying to shake an answer from you.

“Yyyess Daddy, I am your slut only yours!” You say breathlessly.

“That’s right princess, only me. This is my pussy, don’t you ever forget that!” he growls in your ear. You can only nod as you feel your core muscles contract. He can also feel your core walls milk his cock. He knew you were going to cum soon. He keeps pounding into you without remorse.

“Give to me princess, cum for Daddy!” He demands in a low guttural tone.

You came as Jungkook orders you too soaking his cock and balls like a wave from an ocean. You hear him groan in pleasure as you begin to tremble feeling the aftermath of your delicious orgasm. You knew he was close to cumming as well and you waited for him to fill you up with his seed but he had other ideas.

He pulls his dick out and climbs over your resting body. He gets on the bed and kneels in front of your face. He pulls your head up using your hair and forces his pussy-soaked cock into your mouth. As he holds onto your hair with both of his hands, he fucks your mouth. You feel his cock gliding leisurely back in forth in your wet warm mouth.

Jungkook lets out a deep groan as he picks up speed. You can feel the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat. You gag a few times but that doesn’t stop him. He continues to pummel your mouth with his cock until you get used to him in your throat. He sometimes holds your head up to his abdomen with his cock wedging it deeply in your throat cutting off your air supply. He knows how you feel about that.

How paranoid you get about not being able to breathe. He isn’t showing that he cares because each time he holds you there longer and longer. You can hear him groan or growl each time as tears drip from your eyes.

Your hands and legs are tied down so you can’t fight him. The only thing you can do is fully submit to him. He is in complete control. He holds you in place again longer than any other time and you begin to struggle. Yet, you hear him growl, “This is my mouth! It belongs to me! I better never find it on some other guy’s cock, is that clear?”

He releases you as you gasp for air. He jerks your head up using your hair to stare into your eyes. You nodded to respond to his question and he continues thrusting is cock in your mouth. You have tears streaming down your face and you feel him wipe away your tears with his fingers.

You can taste pre-cum from Jungkook’s cock and you knew he was going to cum soon. You were surprised it’s taking him this long. He rams his cock hard in your mouth one more time then holds you still as you felt his hot fluid slide down your throat. He uses one of his hands to stroke his cock to make sure you receive every last drop.

“That’s my good girl, swallow it all!” Jungkook grunts. When he was sure every drop sank down your throat he releases your hair. You take a deep breath, pant softly and as you lay your head on the bed. He wipes away any remaining tears and hair that is on your face. Your ass still stings from the spankings and your pussy stings from the spankings and the brutal fucking Daddy had given you. Your mouth is sore from daddy using it roughly and your exhausted.

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Hi hello I'm sorry I know you have many things to write but what do you think of Spidey's social media accounts? Does he post a lot, how famous is he, what things does he post, what rumours he started accidentally by an unfortunate tweet, etc?

Social media stuff are my favourite, anon. 

  • The Spidey comics confirm that Peter - as Spider-Man - has an Instagram account because he’s 15yo. And his publicity is shit. Peter confirms that they’re SUPER popular.
  • It’s also been confirmed that people ask heroes for selfies and that Peter says yes. In Spidey he’s often seen in the background taking selfies with people. In TASM, while Peter is screaming at Gwen on the phone, you can hear people losing their shit in the background and wondering if they should go ask the hero for a photo or not. Peter Parker can and will take photos with you. He’s a tourist attraction smh
  • Tourist, casually: “So here’s a photo of me in front of the Statue of Liberty, here’s me in Times Square, here’s me with Spider-Man-”
  • He also ends up with a twitter account. He kept stealing Tony’s phone - because he’s a 15 year old shit - and logging into the billionaire’s twitter account and posting random shit (the tweet: “spider-man is so handsome!!!! and cool!!!! and the best hero in nyc!!!!!!” and the subsequent tweet, minutes later: “No, he’s not.” is reposted on a bunch of sites. Everyone thinks its super cute). So Tony gets fed up and just makes the teenager his own account. He gets him verified and everything.
  • Peter’s account is REALLY popular, not just because he’s a hero (and all heroes have stupidly popular accounts) but because he’s witty and cute and everyone kind of loves him?
  • Yes, his bio is “your friendly neighbourhood wall crawler”, he is proud and not taking that down
  • As I mentioned in this post, Johnny and Peter are Menances online. Johnny live-tweets and snapchats their shenanigans (everything from pranking Ben, to the time they were almost killed by pirate-ninjas, to photos of a masked Peter fast asleep in front of gaming consoles, surrounded by junk food, mid-sleepover). They’re everyone’s favourite goobers. Buzzfeed makes an article about them - “Ten Times Human Torch and Spider-Man Were Our Favourite Super-Friends” - and call them ‘too cute to handle’ at one point.
  • He once got into a twitter argument with Jameson that lasted hours. There were caps and emojis and Peter rickrolled him at one stage. It was performative art
  • Listen, the Daily Bugle has no creditability online. Everyone hates Fox News on here. The Bugle is pretty much the same. Its slanderous garbage get made fun of a lot. There’s a lot of posts with the front pages of the Bugle about the ‘’’’Spider-Menace’’’’’’ and how ‘threatening and dangerous’ he is posted side-by-side with a photo of Spider-Man smooching a puppy. Spider-Man high-fiving kids. Spider-Man helping an old lady across the street. The internet is (mostly) on Peter’s side.
  • That being said there are a lot of posts like, “Is… Spider-Man okay? This is awful and he works so hard and I’m worried about this guy.”
  • Listen, Peter’s tweets do not always make sense. He gets tired. He forgets people need context. He posts things such as, “you win this round, tree” and, “clothes not gender. i’m going to fight Gender for you internet. i’m gonna” and, “why are things so Much” 
  • On a related note: Peter should not be allowed to tweet while concussed.
  • Tony tweets, “Are you okay? Are you concussed? You sound concussed. I’ll be right there. Stay put.” And #IronDad trends for the rest of the day

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How would uf, ut sf react to their so being the river person

UF Sans: He heard of the river person. He knew that there was a risk to get strandet in one of the smaller caves, that where only accesible trough water. Or just get thrown into the water, halfway to your destination, because a better customer was spotted by the river person.

He still took the ferry. It was late, he was tired, and he used to much magic to teleport home. So either ferry or walking. And he would rather almost drown then walk. So there you two where, sitting on the boat in awkward silence.

You said something cryptic, something that sounds creepy but doesn’t seem to make sense. Sans groans in annoyance. “doll, please. i’m not in the mood for this kind of bullshit.” You ask if he would have some time for this bullshit, maybe next sunday? He smirks. Yeah, he sure does.

UF Papyrus: Papyrus prefers walking. He is an active skeleton, and has no time to laze around. But after a really rough training with Undyne, he jsut want’s to get home withouth having to step on his bad leg to often. Undyne of course healed him, and apologized in her own way, which is screaming at him to not be such a wimp, but if you know her as good as Papyrus does you would know that it’s an apology. Can’t really get soft and friendly down here after all.

He takes the ferry. You grin to yourself, maybe you should just throw him into the water right before his destination? That’s always fun. You start humming to fill the quiet. Usually people tell you to shut up or just groan annoyed and end up in the water faster then they can blink. What you didn’t expect was to hear him join your song, humming quietly to himself.

Hm…maybe you should actually get him to his destination, dry and safe.

UT Sans: He honestly didn’t knew. He barely ever uses the ferry, after all he got his shortcuts. And the river person is wearing that gigantic cloak, and they never talked to him for some reasone, he never heard their voice. Well it’s hard for you to talk to him, when you have a massive crush on him.

You two met in Snowdin, hung out and started dating. He knew you had a job, but he never asked what exactly you did. So imagine his surprise when he tooke the ferry one day and the river person actually talked to him. “woah, sugar? he. i think i should take the ferry more often from now on.”

You two will definitly make out on the boat.

UT Papyrus: Papyrus took the ferry everytime he got groceries from New home. He was a strong skeleton, but also a smart one. And he knew he couldn’t carry that many bags home withouth accidentally dropping or ripping some of them. Some had egs in them, dropping those wouldn’t be very nice.

So he took the ferry pretty often. And he, beeing an open, friendly skeleton, started talking to you. You two had some awkward conversations, he not really understanding your cryptic way of talking, you not used to small talk. But after some time you go to know each other and….well, the rest is history.

History that involves skeleton kisses in the midles of the river.

SF Sans: He met you in Waterfall, and immideatly liked you. You where….weird. Cryptic. But interesting. You two started talking, both of you going in the same direction and your conversation didn’t stop there. You kept meeting each other across the Underground, keeping in touch.

Sans usually didn’t take the ferry. He was scared to death of drowning, he never went to the places in waterfall where the water was higher then waist high. And he heard of the times the river person shoved people into the water, sometimes holding them below the surface fora few moments, before leaving them there. But you could never avoid things forever. He broke his leg.

It wasn’t to bad, he would be fine in 2 weeks most, monster food really helped with healing this kind of things. But until then he couldn’t really walk all across the Underground. But he had to get to New Home, and Papyurs wasn’t home and not answering his texts. Probably sleeping that lazy bones. And Sans was the terribly magneficient Sans after all, he wouldn’t let some fear hold him back like that.

Imagine his surprise when he sat down in the ferry, just to be greeted by you, smiling at him from under that hood. He was just glad it was you, holding your arm in a steal grip, while you let the boat swim slowly and calmly trough the water.

SF Papyrus: You met when he was taking the ferry back to Snowdin. Well, of course you both have sen each other before, but you never talked, Papyrus taking the ferry rarely since it was a dangerous thing to do. Not everybody reached their destination and some disappeared in the icy water for good.

But he was tired and just done with that day, so he took your ferry. You said something criptic, menancing, like you did to every costumer and he finally had the will and guts to ask, “does anything you say actually mean something, or are you just trying to seem creepy man?” That was a new thing for you,  people usually didn’t talk to you, out of fear or just because they couldn’t stand you.

This could be an interesting thing, maybe you two should keep in touch.

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I saw Andy Mientus as Schmackary's and he threw a cookie at me and told me Evita is his favorite musical

mientus the menance thinks he’s got a shot at the wicked movie

Beginnings and end

Blackkat! So I fed the Competently!Incompetent!Obito (aka the Orange Menance) bunny earlier, and it turned around AND BIT ME! This is for you and your blog and all the anons egging you on. (that’s me)

Uchiha have good eyes. Even without the Sharingan, Uchiha always have good eyes. Good Uchiha don’t need to stoop to using their lesser senses. Their eyes should be the only strength they need. Obito is not a good Uchiha. He taught himself everything he could just to pull himself along. (it’s not enough, it’s never enough, he can’t catch up, he can’t prove himself, he can’t-) His eyes are a failure. (Weak, comes from weak stock. With parents like that how could he amount to anything. The best thing they ever did was to die for the clan. Why couldn’t he-) Obito is a failure, so he taught himself to listen. Even now, running with Guruguru wrapped around him and whispering in his ear, he listens. He’s got his Sharingan (Finally!) and he can see but his first instinct is to listen. He’s out of the cave; the air isn’t stale and dead; and he lets himself fall into the familiar pattern of picking out the words on the wind.

“-kashi!” That’s Rin! (Rin? He loves Rin, he’s known her forever, he wants to know her forever, he wants to always be near, he wants her to be happy, he wants to see her smile, he wants to share her sorrows, he’ll do anything for her. (is this love or is this what family feels like?))

“Stop……..need…run without…” Rin? What’s wrong?

“No!……never………………promised!” Bakashi? He’s strong, that’s good he’s with her. (Kakashi? He’s so annoying. Always a jerk. Always perfect. Always so strong. Why does he have to be so pretty too? Obito died for him anyways, and he’ll do it again in a heartbeat. (He’s the strong one, it’s better if he lives instead.))

Obito can hear barked chatter, the accent different than Konoha. He can hear metal on metal and the footsteps of a squad strong sure footsteps. He’s heard that rhythm before, when ANBU decided to stop caring about noise. That Zetsu had said something about Kiri, right?

He’s almost reached the clearing, at the last rise in the land he could see the break in the trees. (where in the elemental nations is he right now?)

“-‘m………destroy………..can’t………village!” D-destroy?

“………trash! Won’t…………again!” T-tr-trash? (He remembers!)

Obito runs faster. (why is he always late?)

“PLEASE!……don’t………hurt……friends….……KILL ME!” Rin! Rin? Rin, no!

“NO!…………..…promise.” Obito’s never heard Kakashi sound like that before. He’s heard something in his voice besides annoyance, but it took a mountain falling on him.(him! Obito) The sadness then doesn’t compare to the pain he hears now. Is Rin-? Does she-?She wouldn’t. (she would, she would to protect, just like he did)

 The winds that have been carrying their (his friends! his family!) voices shift. The foreign nins’ words gain clarity.



“Bijuu….” Bijuu? He can’t deal with a Tailed Beast, he can’t. Nothing stands a chance, maybe if Sensei (Father? Brother? Family.) were here (he’s not- why is Sensei never here?)

He can hear birds, hundreds at once— it’s been months but he knows that sound.

He can hear impacts and clashes.

The edge of the tree line is right there, and through it he can see two tiny figures. He can see them surrounded by larger others. He can see Kakashi’s fist extended in front of him. He can see the small half-collapsed figure pull herself up to her feet. He can see the way the bright handful of lightning tears through others. And he can see the moment when Kakashi stops; hand outstretched, arm angled up; and he can see

H  e ’ s    t  o  o  —

(He’s running behind, again, but helping out that kid was worth it for the grateful smile he got. The training ground his team is meeting up at is only a short sprint away. He’s been jogging for better part of an hour, but maybe if he pushes himself just a little bit more… He’s almost at the edge of the training ground and the breeze is blowing just right to hear Bakashi say—  



So world building time: 

Obitio’s parents: They died when he was pretty young, leaving him to be raised by the clan. Obito’s dad was dropped off at the gates with a note claiming that he was Uchiha. One of the older, childless, and less important Uchiha raised him. The old man got a lot of crap because there was no solid evidence that the note was true. His heritage was proven when Obito’s dad managed to awaken his Sharingan. He never managed more than one tomoe in each eye though. The old man died and Obito’s dad remained somewhat of an outsider. Obito’s mom was from a ‘lesser’ part of the family. No one in her line had managed to awaken the Sharingan for a couple of generations. That was the only reason she was ‘allowed’ to marry Obito’s potentially weak-blooded dad. Obito is raised in the clan but not by anyone of any importance. He remains an outsider in his own clan due to his heritage. The reason Obito is so fixated on awakening his Sharingan is that a) he’s got a huge case of hero worship when it comes to the ‘greater’ Uchiha and their Sharingan b) he wants to prove his parents weren’t as ‘useless’ as he hears c) he wants the clan to accept him as family. Obito doesn’t consciously know it, but he considers his team as his family (and maybe one of them as something else)

Obito spent a lot of time in the Clan archives when he was younger. He liked to read about the old heroes of the clan. He especially liked reading about the techniques they used. Most of those are incredibly restricted or censored (can’t have idiot baby-nin blowing themselves up) but a description of using chakra and wind to listen over distances was left in the accounts. (mostly because it was used by a defeated enemy nin) Tiny Obito thought that was the coolest thing, and so proceeded to pigheadedly teach himself an incredibly complicated chakra enhancement/control technique. He doesn’t think much of it because he doesn’t think much of himself. 

Obito’s been hearing little bit and pieces of info and things that others don’t know he can for a long time. He’s also used to piecing together the big picture together from little infomation. And because of his ‘simple’ hearing trick he’s got really good internal chakra control. So between what he heard and the chakra he can just barely notice by his heart, he puts together a semblance of the truth. He’s shell-shocked at first but when he starts fighting he fights hard. 

Yeah so, I wrote this in a few hours after I posted the second orange menace ask. I then spent the next few days agonizing over capitalization and punctuation and trying to get over my neurosis over putting my writing on the internet. This is the first piece of writing I’ve published so feel free to critique. Or use it!  I don’t know where the angst came from, I’m actually a pile of fluff in a stylish raincoat. Also, I tried to imitate your style? IDK what’s my style so who knows. I don’t know if I’ll continue this but I figure you would appreciate it. Feel free to use it, half the world-building is your fault anyways : )

Parachutes 7 - The Mission (d)

This AU sees Claire working for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.  She is on her way to France for a special assignment with two Scottish paratroopers in tow…

You can catch up on the other parts here

We walked to the factory arm in arm.  A couple in love.  Except this wasn’t the truth and as much as I could imagine it, I knew, it wasn’t true, couldn’t be with a husband back in Blighty.   Jamie pretended to point out things to me, in the manner of a tour guide, and I feigned interest, stroking the outline of his strong jaw and grabbing at his arm, feigning devotion as best as I could.  To the outside world, we were a newly-married couple.  

I paused to glance into the window of a chocolatier, the display had seen better days I noted grimly.  Despite the promise of delicious treats, inside the packages were now hollow, no more treasures left to bestow.  In that moment, I wondered if that was a wider story for us all knee deep in war.  Faded and hollow.  Yet, in those boxes, promise was still possible.  As terrible as the war was, it had give me a sense of purpose like no other.  It had ignited a passion deep within me and now that fire was lit, I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to go back to my old life.  I had lost track of time and where we were, engrossed I was in my thoughts and before I knew it, Jamie was talking to me.   

‘Remember, I’ll keep the foreman distracted as he takes us around the factory.  You sneak off using the agreed route.  We will rendezvous at the front of the factory 20 minutes afterwards. If you can’t identify the bitter cascara on first go, don’t worry, we’ll come back, don’t go longer than 20 minutes.’  I shot a look of displeasure at him, reminding him of who was the senior in this operation and he glanced back at me sheepishly. ‘I’m sorry to be barking orders at you, I just don’t want anything untoward to happen.’  

I took a long breath, letting it out slowly, all the time looking directly at him.  ‘If anything goes amiss, you will have to just trust me to handle the situation.  But above all, no daring exploits and breakouts.’  I patted him on the arm and led him through the factory gates.

It took no time at all for Jamie to introduce ourselves and the nature of our visit as representatives of his Uncles’ firm.  The owner graciously welcomed us and began the tour of the facilities.  As soon as we were near the easiest point to access the secret factory, I made my excuses and let Jamie carry on with the sales director.  I glanced back and a warm sweetness swept through me.  Physically, it wasn’t hard to see how this tall, broad man could be seen as a leader, but there was far more to it than that.  Jamie had a way with people; he could instinctively give people what they wanted while maintaining a definite sense of himself.  It was charisma itself encapsulated in one rather sweet man.

I turned the corner, and headed through a rather dank and dark underpass.  The entry point to my destination almost in sight when I went head first into a large black mass.  Taking a step back, my eyes widened with shock to come up against the very spit of my husband, Frank Randall.  The shock of seeing someone so closely resembling Frank sent me into a spin.  I felt as if I could not breathe and that the walls were coming down on top of me. I looked back up to see the subtle differences in face.  Still angular but longer, a deeper brow and lines marking down his cheeks to give him a decided air of menance.  It could only be one person.  Jonathan Randall.

‘Madame. Are you lost?’

I filled my lungs as quickly and as fully as possible to give myself time to calm down and looked up at him.

‘My apologies sir.  I got lost after a trip to the toilet and am searching for my husband.  I think he went a little ahead of me. Could you direct me to the reception area? I get hopelessly lost most of the time.’  I attempted a weak smile and made my way back where I had came from but he stopped me and moved, like a cat circling a mouse.  Forcing me to stay still.  The SS uniform sharp and  mass of black from head to toe, given his SS uniform, metal gleaming in the light.  I raised my head, defiant despite how much  I was in turmoil.  I knew some measure of the man, by reputation in the British Army and by the physical evidence I’d seen on Jamie.  As much as I could I wasn’t going to give him an inch.  That seemed to please him and he took a step forward.    

‘There is something… familiar about you.  Have we met before?’

Luckily, we had never met, though I was sure that Frank had written to him around the time of our marriage.  The best bet I had, was to stick close to the truth and to just look stupid.  That I thought, I could do.  So, I shook my head. ‘I don’t think so.’

‘Do you speak English?’  He moved into a languid and sharp English, and I caught him assessing my reaction.  Keep close to the truth Beauchamp.

I replied in French.  ‘My uncle was English.  I am afraid that I am a poor speaker.  Though, if someone speaks slowly enough I can follow it.  I take it from your accent that you yourself are English?’ I paused. ‘How unusual to have an Englishman in the German army.’  

He paused, a chilling smirk slowly appeared on his face.  ‘What an interesting woman you are M. De Freseliere, or is it Beauchamp?  The guard noticed how your identity card didn’t quite match the name your husband gave.’  More statement than question, more threat than musing despite the casual tone he used.  

Bugger, I thought. How to get out of that?  But before I had time to answer him, he continued.‘Please, it has been a long time since I have had the pleasure of the company of a woman such as yourself.  I would be delighted to give you a personal tour of the establishment. Maybe some refreshment?’  Randall’s tone was pleasant but there was no real question that I could refuse his offer,.  The man meant to keep me with him and if I was clever, this was an opportunity to take in as much, if not more than I would have on my own.  I nodded. ‘Lead the way.’

He grabbed a young man walking past. ‘Run off and find M. de Fresliere’s husband. Be so kind as to inform him that his wife will be spending some time with me acquainting herself with our fine establishment.  I shall ensure she is returned to him.  In due course.’

I hoped above all else that he would keep his word.

The man blinked at the order being barked at him.  Randall leaned closer into the private.  ‘Now, lad, or there will be hell to pay’. The man jumped into action

‘Please.’ I added ‘can you let me husband know that I shall be home soon and am in the gracious company of Captain Randall.

And with that I was left alone with the traitor.