Ever since I fell in love with Star Wars this asshole has always been my favorite. It made me very mad to see him not have a lot if screen time in the Phantom Menance. But when I found out he was still alive, even though he had been sliced in half, I was estatic to see where he would end up. When Maul returned in the Clone Wars animated series he was eveything I wanted him to be. Ruthless, Murderous, and just plain freaking AWESOME. Then Clone Wars was cancelled and I thought that was it 😓. But when Star Wars Rebels came around and I saw the season 2 finale trailer and there he was again. Now as I write this he has offically died. The third season coming to an end next week. As it should have been he died, not at the hands of his once enmy but as a equal, Obi Wan Kenobi. Ironic as it is Maul died in Obi Wans arms. Now I know not alot of people will not read this cause they probably dont care but i am relieved that Maul is finally at peace. I loved him so much and he will always be my favorite. ❤❤❤
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Your headcanon on: how Clone Wars era Darth Maul vs Rebels Formerly-Darth-Now-Just-Maul would react to being in love, or how he's felt about love in these two different stages of his life. Bonus points for Phantom Menace Maul's reaction as well. Sorry about another Maul request but your headcanons are so good I can't resist!

Clone Wars era Darth Maul and Phantom Menace Maul's reaction to being in love:

  • So Phantom Menance Maul falling in love can be found in this headcanon [x]
  • In comparison to Clone Wars era Maul, I feel like CW era Maul would be much more bold and confident with himself.
  • Probably accepts his emotions more readily than PM Maul. 
  • More aggressive too. If he’s feeling jealous, it’ll be pretty obvious. 
  • Much more emotionally driven than PM Maul. PM Maul would be much better at hiding what he’s truly feeling.
  • Tries to show off his power in order to impress you.
  • Actually, probably does a lot to try and impress you, e.g through his fighting skills or Force abilities. 
  • Says “I love you” much more easily then PM Maul.
  • PM Maul would probably be more secretive about his feelings towards you, but CW would make them very well known.
  • Always tries to be close to you.
  • CW Maul is probably the type to just randomly grab you to kiss you in front of a whole bunch of people.


Daddy’s little princess, the adoration of my mother and why not? She looks exactly like my mother but her menancing glaze is like our father, she is a very strong woman with an angelical face, something convenient, people always understimate the beauty.

But beauty is dangerous sometimes make you weak, Narcissa fall in love, she doesn’t disappoint our parents, she married a perfect pureblood but she had a son, the love of a mother is powerful but makes you weak and blind. Bellatrix Lestrange about his sister, Narcissa Malfoy

Lea Seydoux as young Narcissa Black

Gilian Anderson as Narcissa Malfoy 

{Sorry if I wrote something wrong, English is not my native language }

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How do I get the keys to the secret dungeon? I already beat the game and gotten the flying regalia. And also am I able to get to pit-ti-ous?

Congrats on finishing the game!

To get the Menance Beneath Lucis side quest, you’ll need to head to Meldacio Hunter HQ and speak to Ezma (old lady sitting on the chair). She’ll give you the key.

Yes, you can get to the Pitioss Ruins because you have flying Regalia. 

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they're all cowboys for some reason

(This was so much fun to write. I might continue it.Thanks for the prompt.)

Pidge rubs a little dirt on her face before stepping out of the bushes. She holds her gun up in a light grip, one barely tight enough to keep it from falling out of her hand, in a sign of surrender.

In front of her, Lance is bleeding out on the sand, and Shiro has a gun to his head. The Galra smiles, and claps, as if she were performing a trick for his entertainment. “Good, good. I’m sure Lord Zarkon will be pleased to hear that we’ve managed to deal with the menance that has been disruptin’ his business. Now just slide the gun over, and we’ll get this over with.”

His muscle, three white men with bored expressions, watch her carefully as she lowers the gun to the sand. They watch her so intently, they don’t notice Keith and Hunk aiming their guns from the roof of the town’s canteen. Hunk offers her a thumbs up as she straightens up, and she immediately drops back down to the sand. The sun is so bright, it’s hard to see, but the dirt under her eyes help to deflect some of it, giving her a chance to watch as the Galra falls to the ground, a new hole through his skull.

Shiro takes advantage of the confusion to knock away the gun. He headbutts him, and topples him to the ground. Shiro rips the rope tying together his hands, and pummels him into the ground. Lance is still out for the count, and is pretty much defenseless against the other muscle’s attack. One attempts to drag him to their carriage, while the other fires at Hunk and Keith, who are either pinned down, or headed downstairs to join the fight.

Pidge stands up, and grabs her gun from the ground. She dashes across the sand, and fires twice, both shots going wide. It does manage to get the Galra muscle’s attention. He drops Lance onto the sand, and turns. He fires twice, and while one shot does manage to graze her shoulder, he’s relatively unsuccessful. She turns, and fires another volley. Her aim is on point this time, and he falls to the ground, clutching his stomach.

Behind her, the battle has grown silent.

She lifts Lance upright and leans him against the back of the carriage. Shiro walks beside her, his hand resting on the one replaced by the Galra. “Nice work, Pidge.”
She nods in acknowledgement.

Shiro turns back to the group. Keith and Hunk are running up to meet them. Hunk steps over the bodies carefully, while Keith makes a point to kick them as he walks by. Pidge knows that it makes Shiro uncomfortable to watch Keith disrespect the dead like that, but he doesn’t bother to speak out about something so small.

“We’re gonna take Lance back to Allura before heading out again. He needs to be healed before we try to fully secure the town.” Shiro says, helping Pidge to lift Lance into the carriage. It’s much fancier than what they’re used to; probably has less bounce than their rickety wagon, which’ll help Lance from waking up before they get back. She winces at the thought of him being conscious, and able to feel the burns and cuts that cover his body.

They had thought that Bridgetown was safe. It seemed too far out of the way for the Galra to bother; after all, they were focused soley on profit and monopolizing the growing west. Wasting resources to go here was stupid. It was likely that the group had tracked Voltron there, and decided to try their luck. Some luck they had, she thinks, eyes drifting over the newly made corpses.

“Keith and Hunk, you take the wagon back. Pidge and I will ride with Lance.” Shiro orders. Hunk and Keith nod, and start walking back to town to get their horses.

Pidge climbs in beside Lance, as Shiro sits in front to drive.

Voltron: meaning spirit warrior. It was a word from the Altean tribe, a title given to them by Allura. She and Coran were the last of their tribe, one of the last Native peoples in this side of the country. Pidge had never much believed in magic, like a good Christian girl’s supposed to, but she had no other word to describe what they could do. Allura could change her appearance at will, and they possesed the ability to heal wounds at an impossible rate. Lucky for them, she supposed. If they had to wait and heal like normal people did, they’d never be able to resist against the Galra.

Somewhere down the line, Pidge falls asleep and wakes up inside the Castle of Lions. The castle is big, much too big for the seven of them, but Pidge has slowly started to think of it as home. Her bed, or rather, the Altean equivalent, is warm, and she hesitates to leave it. But this mission was supposed to be an inteliigence gathering mission, and they might have some info on the whereabouts of her father and brother.

They had disappeared over a year ago, on a expedition to the furthermost coast to map out the best paths, to and back to the eastern coast. Shiro had been a part of the expedition, but had escaped whatever fate her family had been left to. Of course, he had not escaped without a toll. His arm had been cut off, and replaced with a steam powered contraption that moved like a human hand did. Even though it was an amazing replacement, Shiro hated it. He hated having to supply it with more water, or having to clean the gears that kept it running. Pidge had taken it upon herself to complete these tasks, before anyone else awoke.

Pidge slides out of bed, and pulls on her boots. She always sleeps in her pants (she’s learned to after Allura fell in love with midnight drills.), and her chest bindings, so all she has to do is pull on her shirt and holster before leaving her room. Outside, the halls are still quiet. Lance and Hunk are late sleepers, and while Keith is a fellow early riser, he spends these quiet hours training.

She slips down the hall and into the kitchen, where Shiro and Allura are sitting. Shiro shovels food into his mouth mechanically, as Allura chats animatedly about something or other. Pidge walks in quietly and grabs the cleaning kit from the shelf. She brings it to the table, and gently lifts Shiro’s arm from his lap and onto the table. He nods in acknowledgement, and continues to listen to Allura’s tale.

“…and then Krotor, he fired through the waterfall, and hit the krobosh right in the heart. He would’ve won my hand in marriage then, if I hadn’t have fired after him, right through his arrow.” She beams, and Shiro smiles back. It’s rare to see Shiro smile, and Pidge is glad that Allura can still cause him to.

She pulls a gear from his elbow, and cleans it off before regreasing it and replacing it. She repeats the process for the next joint, and then for his shoulder. When she’s done, she grabs the kettle from over the fire and pours the fire into the spout. His arm responds with a hiss and crackle, Pidge smiles smugly at the finished task and stands, just as the others walk into the kitchen.

“I was going to cook the coshbar this morning.” Coran complains, at the sight of the prepared pot.

Allura smiles apologetically. “I was feeling bored this morning. I haven’t tried my hand at cooking in a while.”

Hunk and Lance exchange excited looks. While Coran is very nice, his food is very bad. At least, it is in comparison to Hunk or Allura’s cooking. They sit down and start to shovel the gruel into their mouths as if it’s their last meal. Shiro slides a bowl in front of Pidge and she nods her thanks before digging in. As everyone starts to eat, Shiro drops his relaxed demeanor and drops an envelope onto the table.

“The document we took yesterday alludes to a forced work camp near the coast. There’s a chance that we could find the Holts there, but we won’t know for sure until we check it out.” He pulls a map from the envelope and spreads it out on the table. He points to several locations on the map. “We’ll hit these on the way there. Each one is either a Galra comtrolled town or a work camp, filled with natives. We’ll get this one today.” He points to one that’s near a two day ride from the Castle.
Lance frowns with a mouth full of gruel. Specs of it fly out fly out as he complains. “But we just got back!”

Keith wrinkles his nose. “Eat with your mouth closed.”

Lance stuffs another spoonful into his mouth. “I’ll do what I wanna, Keith!”

Keith winces more strongly, and glares at him, before sliding his bowl closer to Hunk.

“Be nice.” Shiro warns, as he brings his bowl back to the counter.

It’s close to noon when they leave camp, and Pidge resents the sun that beats heavily on her back. If she didn’t care about the inevitable sunburn, she’d take her shirt off; the heat is so stifling. However, she knows that she’s got this shift until three, so she resists.

In the carriage she drives, she can hear Lance and Keith fighting. She can’t hear much more than their raised voices, but she finds herself smiling anyways. She wishes that they’d just get together, however indecent the idea may be. She knows that Eastern society would never allow it, but out here in the uncontrollable west, no one would know any better. Just like how no one knew that she was a girl.

Well, outsiders anyway. She had told the members of Voltron a month or two ago, and while Lance had been surprised, the others had figured it out. Shiro had known first. Shiro had recalled the sister that Matt had talked about, and it wasn’t hard to connect the dots. After all, with her hair cut short, she looked almost identical to her brother. Outsiders, like those that they rescued, often assumed that she was male.

The fact that she was a girl didn’t defer her from wanting to take her shirt off. She sighed, and continued to drive. She slowed the horses down as a canyon loomed before them. It’s high walls were daunting, and she couldn’t help but think of all the places to hide and wait for an opportunity for an ambush.

“What’s the hold up?” Lance says, his head sticking out of the small conversation window. The last time he did that, he got his head stuck and it took them an hour to get him out.

She points at the looming canyon walls. “I’m not sure that it’s a good idea. Too many places to hide out, and too many opportunities for ambush.”

Keith yells from inside the cabin. “Get yer fat head back into the damn carriage before you get stuck again.”

Lance pulls his head back, as Shiro rides up beside her. “If we go around it, it adds another day to the ride that we just can’t afford. We’ll just have to be careful.”
Pidge nods, and pulls the reigns. The horses start trotting again, and Pidge only keeps half of her attention on steering. The rest of her mind is focused on the walls, and the caves that spot them. They’re halfway through when she lets her guard down. She can see the other side when Keith calls to switch. She climbs out of the seat and stumbles onto the ground. Her legs are asleep, and she decides to walk around the carriage once or twice before getting in to wake them up.

Keith doesn’t get in the driver’s seat right away either. He walks over to Shiro, and says something that she doesn’t hear.

That’s when it all went to hell.

All she can hear is gunfire. Loud and echoing, it seemsto come from everywhere. She’s lost at first, unable to tell where it’s coming from. She finally snaps out of her trance, and runs back to the relative cover of the cart. She pulls her gun from her holster, and looks at the walls across from her. She can just barely see the sun, reflecting off of the barrel of a gun. It’s too large to be owned by a regular civilian; it’s either Galra or military, and seeing as she’s never seen military this far out, she knows it’s Galra.

She fires, and she can’t tell if she hit her mark. The tell-tale reflection is gone, and there is too much gunfire for her to tell if he’s gone. She looks for another, and is focusing so hard, she doesn’t notice the Galra until he’s right on top of her. She takes the brunt of his hit in her back, and for a moment, she can’t even breathe. The stun wears off, just as the Galra is aiming his gun at her, and she rolls out of the way. Pidge aims her gun at him, and fires. It hits his shoulder instead of his head, but he falls nonetheless. She doesn’t want to waste the bullet on an already incapicitated enemy, but it’s another Galra that decides for her.

A bullet flies past her ear, and she swears that she can smell her hair burning.

She turns, and fires, her bullet just missing Keith, whose knife has just crossed the Galra’s neck who had in turn just fired at her. She shoots him an apologetic look before ducking down again. Lance dashes to the side of her, his chest heaving with every breath he takes.

“Cover me. I’ll try to get across to that alcove and cover you from there.” He says before running away. She barely had time to adjust her gun before the first Galra tries to attack.

She shoots one, the bullet going through his throat and into the rock behind him. The second turns and fires at her, realizing that since she’s stationary, she’s an easier target. He thought wrong. She fires and her aim is true. It leaves a hole through his skull.

The battle is over as aruptly as it began.

Gunfire slowly dies out, and they slowly drift back to the carriages to regroup.

“That was fun.” Keith mutters, a hand pressing against a cut on his arm.

Lance runs up beside him, sporting a bloodstain on his thigh and left shoulder. “No kidding.”

Shiro’s arm is steaming, a sure sign of it’s overuse, and Hunk is glaring at the damaged carriage, like it’s to blame for it’s own destruction. Sure, she thinks, she may have just almost died, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lion Guard Episode 1: The Sassy Menance

Despite the Star Wars parody above, this was actually a good episode to kick off a series with.  To most, it might be the kind of episode that makes up for any disappointment that they felt from Return of the Roar.  Mostly from the crowd who felt that it is unfair that hyenas are being portrayed as the bad guys once more.  In a sense, this is Disney’s apology letter to you guys.

The Hyena character in question is Jasiri.  I really like her.  She has great design, very likable personality, and her voice actress did a pretty good job.  But the most interesting about her has to be that the friendship see forms with Kion in this episode was far more believable than I imagined.  While they go through the similar beats of the “not all X are bad buys” plot, it doesn’t feel like something that is cut and pasted.

Jasiri really made this plot work.  She is a nice hyena, sure, but isn’t a paragon of her species.  When Kion and her first met, she was incredibly sassy and less than friendly towards him.  She even goes as far as letting him walk off a cliff for a laugh.  She continues to tease and taunt Kion as she helps him out of the thorn bush he fell in.  It wasn’t until she saw him limping that she shows her sweeter side to the lion cub.  From there, their friendship began to blossom the more as they talked to each other.

The building of this friendship felt natural.  Barely rushed at all.  It helps that Kion and Jasiri really work off each other so well!  Their personalities really gelled together really well as they got closer.  In a platonic sense.  Although… this episode has so much shipping fuel between them that I would not be surprised that ship pics and fan fics were to pop up.  Stepping out Shipper’s Badlands if you will, I felt incredibly satisfied with how this element in the episode had played out.

Now to be a bit more critical.  While a lot of this episode is really great, I still can find some fault to it.  For example, the side story in this episode follows the rest of the Kion’s friends as they try to find the place that Kion to them to meet him at.  The basic rundown of these segments is to emphasis how much better Kion is at leading than each of them.  Except for maybe Ono as he seems to be the only one who hasn’t screwed up in some way.  Ono is practically the Zazu to Kion’s Mufasa right here.  Minus the snootiness.  Overall, the B story here is basically filler compared to the main story.

Another thing to take note in this episode is the hyena hierarchy presented to us.  I am pretty sure you all know by now that hyenas are a female dominated society.  Meaning their packs are led by females.  When Return of the Roar premiered, plenty of people pointed out how odd it is that Janja, a male hyena, is in charge instead of a female.  And some of the confusion can still be seen as Janja and his boys gang up on Jasiri later on in the episode.  The only possible reason I can come up with on while she isn’t bossing them around is that she is just a cub so Janja figures that he can easily bully her compared to a more adult lady hyena.  The other reason could be that Janja is just doing his darnest to rebel against Circle of Life and all of nature’s rules.

Speaking of that scene with Jasiri and the hyenas…  Yowza!  Things got violent!  I mean, as violent as they can get in a children’s cartoon.  But even then, this is a lot more action than what you would expect to find in a Disney Junior show!  Kion and Jasiri totally teamed up and kicked butt.  It is scenes like this that make me question if this show was originally conceived as a cartoon for young children.  Aside from that fight scene, the show itself seems to be very story structured rather than the standard set up in most other Disney Junior shows.  The educational bits are part of the dialouge instead of being something that the characters have to take time to explain to the audience.  Heck!  They actually go about teaching us some Swahili through a musical number!  Kinda like they did with Zuka Zama!

It is really hard for me to judge this as some cartoon for little kids when they put in so much effort to appeal to those outside that demographic.  When negative criticism for the show comes up, the easiest response to it is often, “This is a show made for kids so you shouldn’t take it seriously!”  But that excuse can’t work anymore.  Not after this episode.  Disney has took off the kiddy gloves and slapped it across our faces.  It is only fair that we accept.

…Okay.  You can stop giving Kion the bedroom eyes Jasiri.  Seriously.  Stop.  You are going to flood Tumblr with memes and ships if you keep doing that!  Memers and shippers.  Do you want that?  Cause that is more sisi ni sawa than any of us can handle!

Dad!Iron Man

So we all agree that Tony being a dad to Peter is closer to canon, yes?

That means Tony will witness all of Peter’s struggles. Because Peter is and always has been the universe (writers) chewtoy.

So he’ll see the public’s opinion going through “Spidey yay!” and “Spidey menance!”

He will see Peter struggling through school and bullies. And then see him fight against megalomaniacs with evil science. He’ll be there when Peter loses Gwen. And Harry, and Jean De Wolf and many other friends. He’ll see him getting the Vemon suit and then see how its effecting him and getting rid of it.

And he’ll see Peter make stupid mistakes and sacrifices and then good decisions and how everytime he is knocked down, Peter just picks himself up and keeps going. Because Peter does graduate. He does gain friends and allies. He falls in and out of love. He got married and had a family.

Tony is going to see Peter grow up.